Holiday x NYE Hairstyle



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Akilah Franklin

I’ll stick with the glitter ponytail Tarik Jones

Jamala Tyler

No not cute

Celica de la Fontaine

Really love the edge control and the hairstyle.. what is the edge control called?

Maria Thompson


Celica de la Fontaine

Thanks..does it have conditioning properties? I use ECO and also it is great the Edgewax is real sharp

Kimberly Richards

That’s not murrays edgewax extreme hold it’s jireh edge control

Hair By Mason

It’s called Jireh Edge Control

Marshieeyy Alice

MzDomo Peavy cute

Holli Griggs

That’s a little to much. But what’s the name of the edge control

Maria Thompson


Dana R Mackey


Tanya Willoughby

No it’s called Jireh!!

Kimberly Richards

The edge control she using in the video is jireh edge control Holli Griggs

Holli Griggs

Thanks ladies!! Thank you for responding!! I love it!!

Nekeia Boone

I need this product!

Brittany L Shepard

I just saw this lmfao but I don’t have the arm strength for this ???? it’s pretty, I’ll probably end up trying it but for mine to be so slick I’d have to blow dry my hair :/

Maria Thompson

Once again I been doing this for my daughters hair for a while now it’s Easy and very simple I just don’t use as much hair as this young lady does but to answer all Question that Edge control looks like the same stuff I use its white and you have to Add water to it but it’s called MURRAY’S EDGEWAX EXTREME HOLD

Jasmine Coe

NO its called JIREH edge control !!!

Chonte Simmons-Boynton

lol it clearly said JIREH on the jar tho. lol.

Mary Bsn Bound

I love it! It looks amazing!

Angela Magras

Natasha Magras ure niece needs her hair like this before she come uppls

Erica Cooper

Heavy and tight =headache

Hair By Mason

It was pretty light, I’m a licensed hair stylist, I’m not for extra tension ❤️

Erica Cooper

Im license as well…just appear to be heavy

Tanya Willoughby

The name of the edge control is called Jireh Edge Control!! 00:29

Misses Dunlap

Rosetta Robinson this looks like something similar to the updo’s you do in your hair. do you like this?

Brittney Stallings

JoMuri’el Allen I actually like this

Tracy Jackson-carrazana

She made this look so easy
Omg great skills

Tonya D Sanders


Sibi Grace Lawson-zankli


Natasha Nicole

Cute for kids

Gabrielle Sheffield

???????????????? too bad I can’t braid to save my life

Meek Daisies

Like the hair

Monica Ledbetter

It’s cute

Antoinette Hill

Luv it

MzDomo Peavy

That’s too cute

Vanessa Carrillo-Banks

She is good

Catherine Wirght

That’s nicr

Octavia Dunn

Qash Doll this style though

Roslyn Richards

I like! Shantel Richards

Kelli Davis-Lewis

I sooooooo want rhis style!!!!!!!

Dana Woods

Gorgeous love lt!

Shaye Nation

nah..that’s tacky

Corie M Benjamin


Andrea Burkett

Too high on head.

Cadidrea Atkinson

Ariana Phelps i can see u doing that to ur hair

Ariana Phelps

I love it

KnuKnu Pink

This is sooo cute!

Ireyana Stanley

Ohh Candice I want !

Latonya Card

Deedee LandonsMom Mays is this is what you was talking about

Deedee LandonsMom Mays

Yea but in the cornrow style

Krystle Neckles

Kayak Chick we should try this

Yolanda Kellum

Jeremiah Irby I might try this

Litest MzTasty Joseph

Its cute

Misty Shade Bass

You’re good. Really cute style. Couldn’t do my own tho.

Tobiloba Aruleba

???????????? so cutee

Marjorie Antwine

I like this Darricca D.

Sharon Kidd

Beautiful you did really good that is so awesome do some more styles because you are just that good

Linda Jones

I love it.,

Thaline Jacquet

I like

Tiffiana Gwen

That’s cute but not for new years

Bee Nice

Tiffiana Gwen I know it’s just a cute style

Catherine Wirght

That’s cute

Amber Hilton

This would be bomb on u Ceirah McCauley

Shay Anderson


Marie Porter

Denise Harris this is how we will achieve the braid in the back for that style you want with the bun on top.

Denise Harris

Cool, that’s cute!!!

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