Holiday x NYE Hairstyle




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  1. Brittany L Shepard

    I just saw this lmfao but I don’t have the arm strength for this ???? it’s pretty, I’ll probably end up trying it but for mine to be so slick I’d have to blow dry my hair :/

  2. Maria Thompson

    Once again I been doing this for my daughters hair for a while now it’s Easy and very simple I just don’t use as much hair as this young lady does but to answer all Question that Edge control looks like the same stuff I use its white and you have to Add water to it but it’s called MURRAY’S EDGEWAX EXTREME HOLD

  3. Misses Dunlap

    Rosetta Robinson this looks like something similar to the updo’s you do in your hair. do you like this?

  4. Sharon Kidd

    Beautiful you did really good that is so awesome do some more styles because you are just that good

  5. Marie Porter

    Denise Harris this is how we will achieve the braid in the back for that style you want with the bun on top.

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