Hair Infusion Extension Technique. [Video] Thoughts?


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Loving MyLife

What kinda s**t is that Never want to see this again

Dee Garrett

So unhealthy for hair! I had fusion hair installed in my full head for 1200 hair included and followed every instruction given to me on up keep. It was supposed to last6 months. Within about 3 weeks, my the fusion along with my hair, starting coming out in chunks. I had to cut all my hair off. I should’ve sued the stylist who did that to me!!!

Robyn VanHorn

I would never!

Tanisha Banks

Not putting glue in my hair. Bump that.

Nyca Anthony

Ummm that’s a never type of situation

Kim Lockett

As a licensed Cosmetologist, I have tried this method on clients before however, not on someone’s hair that was clearly damaged for the start!!! I would have never applied this method on the models head

Joanna Mariee

Not asking in a rude way, I’m asking for actual information lool (you never know on Facebook lool)
How can you tell her hair is damaged? What specific things do you look for to be able to tell?

Chevy Genous

For starters her nape area was broken off.

Tina Waters

It looked like she cuts it to me.

Tsebo Kobbina

Darkness nothing to watch

Christy Thornton

Take care of ur own hair n it will grow.

Tiffany Alisha

Smh no way..noooo way.. That seems all bad.. Her hair is damaged and its gonna be damaged more..

Robyn Blanton

Hot glue guns are for school projects. Not my precious roots.

Cb Sampson

Why dont we learn to love our natural hair Why would you want to put glue near your hair or your scalp we are smarter than this

Lillieann Johnson

I have never seen fusion done this was this is a hot mess

Pamela Smith

Her hair has already taken a beating and lost. Now she’s having hair glued to what’s left of it?? Uhm….that’s a no for me.

MEshell Green

That’s is my thought it bone straight fried now she want to fry it some more.

Nicole Goodman

Nope..not a good idea..seems like you asking for trouble…just seems all bad to me, don’t see a positive outcome with that. It may work for some, but I just don’t see it!

Rita Mysonsaremylife M

My mom attempted that on my hair 15 years or so ago. She was going to do strand by strand but stopped after the third one LMBO! At that time, I didn’t know how to take care of my hair, and neither did she so she was trying anything. A year later I got a relaxer

Mirason M Gts

Too scary… Love my nappy hair just like it is… Tired? I wig it up… Next.

Dolce Vita

Glue on hair??? Omg that’s so not healthy!!! Hell no!!

Tomeka Justice


Tiffany Tiff

Heck no glue on hair doesn’t sound right!!

Drina Phil

Lmao no ma’am

Niolani D Brown

Ok what happen to the finished product? Then I never knew you could use a glue gun on your hair. Ugh what a mess, and how you get this stuff out, without loosing your hair. And what about management, how you comb/brush/wash your hair with this stuff in your hair. Shoot the video just gave me more questions.

Natalya Piper

Glue and your hair doesn’t even sound like it should be next to each other

Nisha Hill

U ain’t gonna have no damn hair after that!

Tracy McCoy

How do you remove the glue from your hair????

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

I’ve had it done with KERATIN “glue” sticks. No issues. *shrugs *

Latoya Aaliyah Small

No thanks! I got mid back length healthy natural hair so I’m good

Felicia Hamilton

A technique that initially was not intended for our hair.

Felicia Hamilton

Lol infusion is old like 90’s old… how do you think celebs weaves looked real in the 90’s… before we perfected the sew in technique?

Sabuddah Jenkins

Looks like a problem.

Nana Akua

Yeah micro wave I used to do it. where I used to work b4 in Croydon.

Vedejah Scroggins

I don’t see how that is better than the extensions you put in individually with the flat iron seems so much more time consuming it’s probably cheaper since that just looked like loose hair

Ahjahla Hayward

Wth are wrong with people her hair is already gone, a hot glue gun to hair that’s worse than track glue

Tina Waters

No thanks!

Tina Waters

How do you take it down???

Kim Lockett

I used to use a moisturizer solution by Lord and cliff… You would apply 3 to 5 minutes keratin glue desolves

Valorie Taylor

Ok. So this is just another way that black women can display fake hair and destroy your own natural God-given hair.

Quish Thomas


MEshell Green

Experiments but some call it beauty. LOL

Shawn Burns

That looks like it’s terrible for the hair, the heat and twisting. I won’t turn my dryer on heat

Viona Elaina Dawkins

Giving major ‘side eye’ round here. Something tells me that woman was doing that with a straight face too – _ –

Adrienne Blanford

Not liking it dont look healthy for hair

Tiffa Owens

Everyone I know got that got bald soon after

Sherry Marie

No, way, I would put that in my hair.