Blonde Trend Alert At The Grammys 2014

Blonde Trend Alert At The Grammys 2014

I am not gonna lie, I’m mad! I really wanted to see Kendrick Lamar take home something, tell me I’m not alone!? Kudos to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis *side eye*. Daft punk made history, Bey and Jay did it like married couples do, my girl Lorde sang my favorite song, and Pink, oh Pink, Circus Du Soleil Pink, she did it again but better this time.

All in all it was a great show, it was fun and just when it was getting boring they would do something to peak your interest again. Speaking of boring, sometimes trends can be boring, let me explain.

I wanted to do the typical expose on who had the best hair giving my humble opinions on the various styles and what we were loving on the red carpet, but I couldn’t because everyone wore the same hair or similar versions of the same.

Check out the view, let’s start with Bey in her fabulous Michael Costello Gown since she opened the show and everything…


And then here is it wet, in case you wondered what the style looked like wet…


Then my girl Ciara showing off her baby bump in the custom made Pucci Dress…

Ciara baby bump

Can’t miss Tamar in her Red hot Michael Costello number…

Tamar Braxton

And then Ashanti in the cutest dress ever looking fabulous as always…


Honestly if we were to pick a ‘who wore the hair style best’, Ashanti would probably take home the prize for this trend. However all is not lost on the more interesting side of things, Alicia Keys rocked her regular cropped do, Amber Rose stuck with her traditional pixie cut and Dionne Warwick showed up with Miley Cyrus’s dad, weird!

On ‘who wore the weirdest head piece?’, Pharell took that home with his smokey the Bear slash Arbys ensemble…


And Daft Punk has to be applauded for always staying in character…


There you have it folks, did you watch? And who do you think wore the blonde best?

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Cynthia Wontsettleforless Wallace

Tamar! Definitely

Fracassi Verona

Ashanti definitely

Marquis Bryant

Ashanti beyonce ciara then tamar

Talia Edwards

Ashanti nd Tamar!

DarkskinnHunniee Banks

In these pictures i must say TAMAR

Certified PetiteBoss Ladii

ashanti n cece

Chanel Selena Alvarez

Ashanti and Tamar for sure!

Valarie Mcdonald Norris


Amy Lovinmines

Everybody except Beyonce

Adella Yvonne Bass

yes i agree

Pixie Mitchell

ASHANTI……..hands down!

Tiffany Prettyblack Summers

Ciara ashanti


I agree! was thinking they are for sure the top two..Beyonce is beautiful but that shade of blonde and that cut doesn’t suit her face, Tamar just needs to leave the blonde alone. I think she’ll be better off with a maroonish brown with highlights maybe or none…

Marie Shawntalina

I dont like Beyonce hair style

Janys Perfect

ashanti…. detonou todas!!!!!

Quiana Thompson


Mckalia Johnson

Tamar n ciara

Mariah Michelle Mejias

Ciara then ashanti then bey then tamar

Faith Sade

Tamar and Ashanti!

Wild Cats


Lissa Jones


Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

I hate blonde on black women

Goodman Dacelebrity

Why cuz u can’t pull it off

Ashley Sy

that’s why i ‘m light skinned chicks can pull off everything. UGH!

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

To Goodman Dacelebrity. I bet you feel big and bad behind that computer screen.

Goodman Dacelebrity

How I’m just speaking the truth I see a lot of black women that look good in blonde why u mad?

Goodman Dacelebrity

And @ashley sy why u wana b light skin embrace ur darkskin damn

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

Once again you think you big and bad behind that computer screen I don’t indulge in childish online argument’s.

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

I don’t like black people with blonde hair and that’s were I stand.

Goodman Dacelebrity

So I’m childish cux I said yo ugly ass can’t pull it off u mad bro?????

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

that proves my point right there. getting mad online childish

Tiffany Roberts

nene leakes look good with blonde short hair, it depend on how they rock it

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

And by the way what is a cux?

Goodman Dacelebrity

She mad cuz she ugly in blonde hell u ugly period

Goodman Dacelebrity

Yall picture this thang in blonde

Goodman Dacelebrity

We see why u mad bruh

Khadeejah Pleaseforgivemeallah Jamilah

beautiful black and natural

Goodman Dacelebrity

Those women above are beautiful as well bye felicia

Rosa Gibson

We all know beyonce did not rock that style. Fan or not let’s be honest.

Jessica Lynn Jefferson

Everyone but Beyonce her hair looks like a package of wet noodles

Jamillah Davis

She got that Top Ramen? Lol!!

Lynzee A Stacher


Cecia Sheffield

Ashanti’s looks beautiful

Tiona Brandon

They all look great

Carla Colebrook

Beyonce look finish

Lanisha Ladismoke Almond

Ashanti wears it better.

Curtisha Griffin

Ashanti… Beyonce looks weird

Maritza Bethea

she loos very skinny

Kechie Ruth Bridge

everyone except beyonce

Machisia MoniQue Justice

All except Bey!

Loren Small-Teal

Lets talk about the who DIDN’T LOL

Chynese Foxx


Cliick Here

Ashanti nd cece bad ass.

Lynisha Oliver

Ashanti, Tamar, Ciara, Boyonce’. Not feeling this look on B at all.

Kamikaze Buddahbak Champagne

every body but beyonce… and ima need her to stop jacking rhi rhi style

Daiquiri A. Holland

lol please, in the beginning of Rhianna’s career she was jocking the HELL out of Beyonce, and then she started jocking Fefe Dobson, EVERYBODY saw that, right after FeFe left DefJam, RhiRhi was jocking FeFe HARD. Still does, seems like she never came off that. Even copied her tattoos!! Smh. But now Beyonce is jocking Rhianna, Ciara is jocking Beyonce, they ALL like to bite off others and jack, cuz they all some jackasses, LOL hot ass mess, they are, smh.

Kamikaze Buddahbak Champagne

At the end of the day who cares.. Their millionaires and were talking about them like they pay our bills ..,

Nori Young

I think it’s between Ashanti and tamar

Mpho Nontutuzelo Kgomotso Baholo

Tamar Braxton!


Frances Newman

Ashanti ♥

Khalilah Irunthisb Bell

I like Beyonce look i would rock it but Ashanti hands down

Lozette Clemons

Its a tie between Ashanti and Tamar.

Ashley Ariel Love

Ashanti & Tamar 2me!!

Latoya Tate

Ashanti & Tamar …I jus hate a middle part lbs!!!

Latoya Tate

Ashanti & Tamar …I jus hate a middle part lbs!!!

Day Day

None. I wish Black women would embrace their natural beauty and African Roots and stop trying to look like Europeans. Smh. This is a trend that really needs to end.

Rutendo D. Magwenzi

I think your hair colour/style doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t proud of who you are. Being African isn’t about how you wear your hair,but it’s about being proud of who you are as a person. Being natural doesn’t make you any better than any other black/African person. It’s about the content of character,that is what defines you.

Tia Mia

Be careful…Europeans aren’t the only ones with blonde hair. My good friend is fair skinned and HAS NATURALLY BLONDE HAIR. I dig what you are trying to say…but perhaps you need to work on how to word it so that you don’t sound narrow-minded.

Day Day

That is a nice way of putting it. But at the end of the day, Black women and Black people are living this life through the lies of a slave mentality. There is nothing proud about women out here bleaching their skin, wearing blue & green contacts, perming their hair and dying it blonde, etc. It is an insecurity.

Love Dee

AMEN!! You said the truth. No other way to put it, Day Day.

Loyal Bee

So does this apply to Europeans perming their hair to make it curly..people need to stop!!! It has nothing to do with insecurity (at least for most) The bleaching of the skin& fake color eyes, I can see being a problem but everything else who care. Hell whites wear braids and listen to rap more than blacks. Stop with the what we should and should not do crap. We’re all human & come from God & he sees us a one

Deyana Hopkins


Alexandrea Timms

True everyone has a right to their opinions but let’s state the oblivious here Hollywood doesn’t really accept African Americans until they go blonde.. For the past 3 yrs all natural black or brown hair women has gone blonde & their career has shot thru the roof! Yes I’m aware of black history & yes we do have natural born blonde hair black folks. I love color & I’ve rocked every that’s one thing I love being black & versatile but every color doesn’t work for everyone I’ve learned that..

Thembi Sakazi Sibanyoni

iam black not mixed…but my natural is light brownish..not blonde ofcous n nor black

Doris Walkins

I don’t think any if them look like Europeans. A hairstyle is a hairstyle.

Savannah Smith

People should just shut up already about what people of a certain race should or shouldn’t do. Not because one woman bleaches her hair blonde due to insecurity means it’s the same reason another woman does it. White people tan their skin all the time. Are they being insecure for wanting to have darker shades? Maybe, maybe not. But who cares? Individual should be left alone with their choices without being TOLD the ‘why’s’ behind making them. Especially by people who do not know them personally. And FYI there are BLACK people with naturally blonde hair…

Mike S. Franks

Black women love to draw the contrast of white women wearing weave to justify doing so. Although, white women merely just rock weaves for more length & it usually blends with their OWN hair, while black women COMPLETELY transform the texture, color & length to look like someone they’re not. Question: How many non-African American women do you see wearing weaves identical to the common texture of Black women? I’ll wait…

Rhonda Alleyne-Smith

yes….some black ppl have naturally blonde hair, but how many black women have STRAIGHT blond hair?

Ashanti Edwards

Better yet, how many black women rockin straight blond hair are even educated enough about who they are to know there are blacks with naturally blond hair?

Angelina Faas

People have the right to look however they want just because a black girl wear a blonde weave it doesnt mean shes trying to be white. It called versatlity and without damage, stop that judgemental stuff, nobody got time that racial stuff, you either except someones style or you don’t.

Jaunza Kurtz

black,white,mixed? whatever- yea ppl need to grow up get a life

She Scott


Theresa Amaker-Brown

And who told you that all European Woman have blonde hair or kinky hair, History People

Shauntol Samuda

Google black ppl, dark skin ppl with naturally blonde hair . You will find many and with blue eyes and they are Black !! Not mixed.

Mike S. Franks

Not only are those physical features NOT a commonality amongst black women but you are clearly missin’ the point. THIS ISN’T THEIR HAIR!! The women you describe are usually of South Pacific origin & they don’t even comprise of a decimal of the population…

Rachel Hall

Its a fad like everything thing else. Get over it. Stop trying to bring color into everything. Its hair color. A grown woman’s hair is her own damn business- A grown woman should be able to wear her hair she want no matter what race she is.

LaKaisha Smith

My son has Blonde hair and green eyes!!!! And he is very light skinned!!! So bring African American we are very blessed never seen two white people have a dark skinned baby!!!! Bleaching skin who cares, heck am light skinned and love when summer comes because I love my darker skin lol!!!!

Shetoria Secrett

African enough for you??? The fact that you think only Europeans have blonde hair says youre the on with the slave mentality.

Mike S. Franks

^^The fact that you had to google search a pic of a black boy with blonde hair only reaffirms my previous point & is sad lol. Post a pic a family member thats hair is NATURALLY like this b/c this is a reach. Willin’ to bet he’s not even American lol…

Mike S. Franks

^^The fact that you had to google search a pic of a black boy with blonde hair only reaffirms my previous point & is sad lol. Post a pic a family member that’s hair is NATURALLY like this…

Nicole Nicola

They look like negropeans second class Europeans

Daiquiri A. Holland

FINALLY!! Your comment is the only one here that makes some damn sense. They all look stupid as hell with those blonde Negropean locks that came from SOMEONE ELSE’S head!!! How about embracing your own beauty. Lauryn Hill was spitting some real shit “Hair weaves like Europeans, fake nails done by Koreans” “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?”

Ashley Campfield

Tamar and Ashanti

Michele Juste

Ashanti and Sierra

Kayla Slade

All of them except beyonce she look like she poored ramen noodles on her head..lolbut bey still pretty though

Be BigTyme Noelus


Virtuous Lawanda D

They all look beautiful, why does everything have to be abt who is the best or who looks the Best. There is plenty of beauty to go around. Dang

Courtney Burks

Ashanti and Tamar! Not feeling Bey wet dog look and Ciara color doesn’t compliment her skin tone

Elsa Noellien


Lashay Crocker

Ashanti … Hands down

Clarissa Ann Chamberlain

Tamar & ciara

MizzBlu Dimondz

Damn. I love me some Beyonce!!!! Love her music!!! But why does she look like she full of the devil? :-/ Maybe I’m seeing things. I love Ciara and Ashanti’s hair.

Faith Snead

Everybody looks better than Beyonce! Real Talk

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