Fishtail-Herringbone Goddess Braids Tutorial [Video]



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  1. Latasha Cannon

    This is cute for the summer. She lost me when she said that she braids kind of tight. See the way my head is set up…I needs my edges.

  2. Chyenne Ridge

    I was all in until the end when I saw how tight it looked in the back. Can it be done but not as tight? Or with tree braids?

  3. Ebony Rivers

    it’s a beautiful style but I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older (late 30’s early 40’s) I no longer have the tolerance for tight styles anymore. unfortunately I’ve come to this conclusion the hard way…spending over $100 on braids or a head full of weave and within 2 weeks no being able to take the constant pull on my scalp and taken the style completely out. I don’t even go to a hairstylist any more if I want a style I can’t do with my own hair I’ll find an accompanying wig or buy a wig and style it. So styles like that I admire but I no longer even attempt to get and plus the model looked as though she was visibly uncomfortable with the amount of tension on her scalp so…

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