I Haven’t Combed My Natural Hair Hair In 2 Years But It’s Longer Than HIP LENGTH! [Video]

Old video but worth a share

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My hair was tailbone length last time I did a length check a few months a go, I have been natural for 4 years and have type 4 hair. I wanted to share with you a little tip I’ve used over the years that has helped significantly with my hair growth.. FINGER COMBING! So simple yet so effective. Before growing my hair and starting a journey, it was relaxed, hardly ear length and completely damaged but now it’s the total opposite – it’s amazing how a few simple changes have made the biggest difference. I’m super excited to share with you all my tips, how-to’s, tutorials and everything else! If you’re reading this and you want to look after your hair and grow it, YOU WILL DO IT! Regardless of your hair type, I’ll help you 🙂

If you have any requests/suggestions/feedback – I’d love to hear!



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    1. Jordann Alease

      I use wide tooth sometimes but using fingers to detangle really helps prevent breakage. I think cause in the picture her hair appears to be knotted and dry people think that will happen to their hair if they use no combs but really thats just the nature of her texture

    2. Crystal Thomas

      All due respect but Jenny knows what she’s taking about Lmao. Girl’s growing 6 bundles of 24 inch brazillian out her scalp!

  1. Espritlibre Smith

    The lies you tell… By now it should be looking like a sheeps ass.. Now if you’re dreaded… That’s different but besides that… No honey ijs..

  2. Dannay FreeMynds McDaniels

    I wouldn’t go this extreme although her hair actually doesn’t look unhealthy, but black hair is not meant to be combed on a daily basis! Why do you think our hair grows more in braids and locks? You guys can snicker and laugh but it’s the truth, that stuff is not meant for our hair ! That’s why they think we bald head now

  3. Sandra Loudac

    Learn nothing, she shaw us nail color but not hair information.
    Ok I’m French maybe I did not understand well what she said.

    1. Ashley Houston

      She said hers is in the 4 category meaning it is afro textured.

  4. Kemirah Godwin

    Congrads for her but 2 years without combing I would have to cut my hair because it would be a matted mess

  5. Candace J. Brown

    If one isn’t gentle with their hair, especially when it’s wet, using a comb can be very damaging. I rarely use my shower comb and options for conditioners with a lot of slip so I can just finger detangle. May not be the best option for all hair types, and for those with sensory processing disorders. Males and females on the autism spectrum tend to have an aversion to the tugging and pulling that happens when using a comb. That’s why I rarely use one if I’m going to be completely honest.

    1. Shaunna McHenry

      That was very helpful to me with my daughter! Thank you for sharing that info. Do you have any tips for sensory sensitive kiddos? For the past few months I just have her hair in like 10 individual braids and just redo 1-3 at a time, no combs or brushes!

  6. Ava Rollock Little

    Smh… She doesn’t use a comb people… She finger combs and detangles. Do a search on YouTube. A lot of naturals do this. Its less damaging to natural hair.

  7. Leticia Danielle Williams

    I only comb my hair maybe once a week and I stay far away from the brush. The tangles fall out as soon as I wash and condition it. I finger comb first and take a large tooth comb starting from the end to the roots. No hair In the comb hardly ever. Especially, when my ends are trimmed and healthy.

  8. Wendy Jean-Louis

    well she is only doing waht works for her i do not see the bog deal . but in my case, i definitely cannot go without combing my hair start getting natted and rough

  9. Kwana Tawana Mapp

    I like to finger detangle…when I wear my hair in my puff that’s all I do….. The growth part idk everyone’s hair is different

  10. Erica Williams

    I finger comb to remove shed hair and to detangle! I use my wide tooth comb at the very end during wash day! If I’m re moisturizing and refreshing (retwist or braid) my hair I use my fingers only! I have noticed a difference after a month!

  11. Shelly Allen

    That mess is a rats nest you need to comb your hair to remove the dead hair and allow the scalp to breathe and allow blood to circulate.

    1. Jocelind Belmar

      Can I hear hot spots?!?! Lol this is how U get welt on ur head folks…it’s hip length becuase of all that dead hair clinging on lol

  12. Doris Lorraine Woods

    true; i haven’t combed my hair in 5 yrs and my hair is on my back. i have loc’s and all i do is wash and twist my hair monthly and my hair is beautiful 🙂

  13. Victoria Mackie

    The title is misleading. She does comb her hair, but she doesn’t use brushes and such. Here I was thinking she had a head full of shredded dead hair. A lot of people strictly finger comb because it’s so low intensity.

  14. Rae Kirby

    If didn’t comb my hair it would for sure fall out or lock….it happened two years ago

  15. Diamond Nelson

    Whaaaa?! Her hair is beautiful! Women are so critical of each other. Stop being Bitter Bettys! Sistah has gorgeous hair!

  16. Shawntel Singletary

    The best way to retain length. Less manipulation. Another lady I used to watch rarely combs her hair and only like once straightened it and not even all the way. She had very beautiful hair, I think part of the reason she able to grow it so long was because she rarely to never manipulates her hair.

  17. Beady Bead

    i try not to comb my hair. Its a rarity if i do. it only seems to pull out my hair. I’d rather use my fingers.

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