How To Texlax Hair [Video]



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  1. Onyx Treasure

    She don’t perm her hair bone straight. It’s like a texturizer relaxer. I was wondering the same thing. That’s what made me watch the video.

  2. Chris'ette Millz

    Nothing special….all she’s doing is touch up when you relax…applying it to the base and not the whole hair.

    1. Sherri Cotman

      Basically. And she can still keep the natural look cause her hair is long and the ends would never get touch by the relaxer.

  3. Faye Williams

    I googled, apparently it’s a way of chemically treating your hair to make it manageable, it’s a relaxer that you leave on for less time, smh

  4. Denise Hooks

    Sorry but she is definitely damaging her hair using a box relaxer kit and you should never comb a relaxer through your hair.

  5. Nicole Luster

    That is a relaxer. That is how long you are supposed to keep on a relaxer. If you’re over 20 minutes you are doing to much. I have been doing hair for 14 years and this video is so misleading.

  6. Shanta Watson

    I don’t relax but to each his own is right. I think her hair is still pretty and obviously retaining length… People are going to do what they want

  7. Latoya Aaliyah Small

    No thanks I love my natural curls. If i want straight I’ll flat iron and if I want stretch I use no heat methods. To me personally textlaxing is really ridiculous whoever thought of it failed to realize it’s just as damaging keeping it in less time smh

  8. Michelle Williams

    Hair is hair..Rather it’s natural,relaxed,permed,or braided.If you don’t manage it right! It’s falling out.I have seen a healthy head of relaxed hair.But I also have seen damaged relaxed.The same goes for natural.either it’s healthy,or it’s damaged.

  9. Andrea Meeks

    What she described is what I had been doing when I was using a relaxer for 17 years. I’ll rephrase what I instructed my beautician of 17 years. She used put my relaxer on my new growth (edges last), comb the relax at one time through one time and wash me out. My beautician know you had 15 minutes or less to get that relaxer in my head and out. She was not going to be working with somebody else’s head while I had that chemical in my hair. People are taking an old technique, trying to give it a new name and act like they invented the wheel. SMDH.

  10. Andrea Meeks

    That’s just it. it’s not a new relaxer she’s trying to imply that her technique is new. Like she made some great new discovery. To each his own. More power to her.

  11. Rhonda Lett-Miller

    I did that with my daughter’s hair in 2008, great at first, than it all fail out!! You will have to change up your routine…smh, not worth it! I dreamed I had a perm by accident and had to start over. Nightmare!! Lawd, it was like spiritual warfare!!

  12. Terry Matthews

    I tried this and I was no longer natural. My hair was straight as if I got a relaxer and my natural texture said “bye Felicia “

  13. Jestina Campbell

    If u don’t know what a texlax is look it up on you tube it is a relaxer none the less but it’s damn near a kiddie perm I texlax my hair as I started my hair journey 2yrs and I wish I knew about much sooner I use the texturizer softer from just for me…. it has a bottle of it already measured… I can overlap my hair and it still doesn’t make my hair bone straight or over process

  14. Erica Ransom

    Her hair is gorgeous thick and healthy. She wants manageable roots while still maintaining her curls/waves. It looks good.

  15. Valerie Wilson

    Omg reading is everything. .. she’s just trying to say she relaxes, but leaves texture to hair… just not bone straight. Lawd.

  16. Nina Symone

    A telax is when conditioner and oils are mixed into the relaxer reducing the intensity of a relaxer and leaving it on for a small amount of time leaving the hair with texture hence the name “telax” instead of having bone straight hair

  17. Janissa Bido

    Nobody has died off relaxer or perm as of yet so I’ll say rock anything that won’t kill you and makes you feel good about yourself.
    P.S people always have something to say

    1. Terri

      Damn bunch of haters! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Antonia Robinson

    Ok…nothing special she touched up her new growth like almost everyone did before many of us went natural. Nothing new.. but she has beautiful hair

  19. Johanna Pypcinsky

    I am confused. This did not seem like any kind of a different or unique technique to me. I mean doesn’t everybody have a little bit of curl still to their hair after they relax?

    1. Breanna Quinn

      Not everyone especially if the hair is over processed/ or damaged. The special thing about her is she let her new grow, grow out a while and then only relax that and that’s the only time she relax her hair that’s been relaxed. She’s not a 100% natural but, not a 100% relaxed either.

    1. Nanashata Alama

      Sista my point is.. its absolutely nothing wrong with out hair the way it is..Our brains have been conditioned more than our hair..We all good and don’t believe it.

  20. Shamia Phillips

    I tried this and it was the worst mistake I could have made. Looked good for a minute but my hair became very dry.

  21. Debz Salazar

    I used to texlax my hair for years. My hair was healthy and long. I decided to go completely nature for the volume. It’s all about how you care for your hair.

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