Another version of crotchet box braids here

Hey my lovelies! Today I’m here with a tutorial on how I did my crochet box braids. I used just under 7 packs of 24″ small crochet box braid hair for this and it took me about 2.5 hours to do (not including cornrowing my hair). I left out my front edges and did single plaits there so that the style looks undetectable and the parting looks natural. Hope you like!

You can also get crotchet hair on Aliexpress


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Nitaa White

Jaquesha Mcnair watch this

Rosa Tejeda

Valancia Grimes is this a better option since it will be less tension on my edges?

Angie Betty

It’s also a braiding cap where you can sew or crochet the hair on where your edges and whole head will be protected

Rosa Tejeda

Really? That is great to know ????. I love the style but I can’t endure the headache. Thank you.

Elkeshia Fields

Cartori McDonald can I get these?

Elkeshia Fields

You braid my outside

Cartori McDonald


Chrissy L Jeans

My sister just helped me finish my hair like this we followed her steps it came out nice but of course I have a lot of hair and it’s thick so I used 11 and 1/2 packs on my head !

Patreece Pryor

On it like butter on rice ????????????????

Ashley Guidry

I need this

Shontae McCloud

Dreaka King I like!!

Antoinette Little

I like this! ????

Tiearea Robinson

Savanna Fears she favors you. I had to do a double take

Jackie Huggard

You gon do this for me ?

Jazmin Huggard

I can

Jackie Huggard

Don’t play lol

India Noble

Look Ressa Harris Porter

Sheriffa Anderson

Kayan Burrell crazy

Kayan Burrell

Nah wouldn’t try that

Desanzo Ponder

Robyn Johnson I want this please and thank you

JaQuisha Quintrice

Anitra Tatum this how I would want mine

Anitra Tatum

Got you

Jai Lee Strong

Fanxie Fanxie what up wit it…can u do these for me?

Dominique Kay

Tilandra Jones I want some

Tilandra Jones

Ya whole head only take like 2 hours

Dominique Kay

No 5

Briesha Thomas Allen

Look at this Dabeautiful MzMo

Tammy Crawford

That’s what I was talking about

Dena Donnaricephotography Geter

Look Jonne Stephens its a new fake out…

Jonne Stephens

I’m in lol

Dan Dan Badgyol Henry

U want that Shara Brown

Shaunta Brown

I’m try that on K and me

Angela Terry

Ñia Shâuñiçe… I want this

Angela Terry

Gotta find the hair this week though

Betts Duah

Loooool sorry did I tell you I can’t do it Lana Agyei

Diamond Leo Michelle

Neshia Daishawn put these in my hair

Neshia Daishawn

I got you

Kay Michelle Blair

Me next lmao I wanted to try it myself with that puffy hair that looks natural

TaCarra Tensley

Brittney Grady do you have something for late Saturday after 5

Ny Cornelius

I want!! Tiffany Cunningham

Tiffany Cunningham

Yeah that is smoking !! You will look fierce!

Natalie Newman

Erica Antoinette can you do these?

Erica Antoinette


Ciara German

Kiana Harvey can you do my hair like this?

Charelle Brewer

Ooo.. Weeee

Ashley Jones

Ohhh these are gorgeous and I’ve seen so many of her videos.

Nicole Marie

I’m ready

Natalie Patrice

Game changer

Domonique Twin Anderson

Stephanie BrandNew Burchett what are your thoughts?

Stephanie BrandNew Burchett

I love it that’s even better so yaaaassss relli when I get these coins I want it that way????????????????????????????????❤️

Tonice Ware - Durio

I need this Jacquita Brown Twyler M Ware I need it now!!!!!

Seana Latrice Tolbert

Shaterra C. Freeman I want this

Lynda Lili-luv Chris

But do you have to cut it off to take it down?

Unique Carper

No, you just pull the braid back through the loop that you put it through

Aminah Allmon-Spencer

Pretty Pink … Peash??!!

Dabeautiful MzMo

Briesha Thomas Allen that is bomb!!!!! S**t i couldve did that this weekend instead of hours on my individuals but s**t i save alot more money with braiding hair then crochet

Mrrss Sidney

@mary , I like this better

Shannon Robinson


Demetria Brooks

Thts tight I want them s**t it’s hot can meka do this?

Tisha Levene

LiNa Rachel i dont want crochet braids but this style

Shanitra Charles

Domonique Brown I want this

Cecelia Tyler

I thought about it a weekday wouldn’t work

TaCarra Tensley

Where do I find the hair? How much? Lock me in for 6

Brittney Grady

It should be in any beauty supply store. Having really been seeing the crochet braids but let me know if you find some and send me a picture of the bag so I can let you know how many bags you will need

Adriuana Lashae

Shamara Iheartjayda Cooper I need your help with this one 🙂

Shamara Iheartjayda Cooper

This is cute!

Adriuana Lashae

I might get it this weekend. I just need you to braid my hair down for me 🙂

Keke Ambitious McLean

I’ve been wanting to do these!!!