Another version of crotchet box braids here

Hey my lovelies! Today I’m here with a tutorial on how I did my crochet box braids. I used just under 7 packs of 24″ small crochet box braid hair for this and it took me about 2.5 hours to do (not including cornrowing my hair). I left out my front edges and did single plaits there so that the style looks undetectable and the parting looks natural. Hope you like!

You can also get crotchet hair on Aliexpress



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    1. Rachel Bethea

      Yeah this is what I was telling you about the other day. Just a little leave out to do the perimeter.

    2. Randi Johnson

      I don’t have that kind of hair though I’m not sure if I ordered it it would be here in time 🙁

    3. Randi Johnson

      I got regular kankelon. Not already braided hair. Her perimeter is all that she box braided. Everything else is crochet braids. It’s pre braided hair.

  1. JewJew Saunders

    I wonder how long this takes. For some like me who can’t go more than 7 days with out a wash, because my scalp smells horrid. I need this. And nope co washing doesn’t help.

    The only way I can co wash is if
    Sun: Shampoo
    Wed:Co wash
    Sun: Shampoo

    Other wise my hair smells like toe jam and bath&body works

    1. Jessica Ely

      I wear crochets all the time and I wash my hair weekly while their installed. I haven’t received any breakage or anything. Try it you might find that you actually like them… Good luck.

    2. JewJew Saunders

      Yea I have breakage in the middle, long on sides due to pulling my hair back into pony’s and buns

      But sadly ???? I can’t do hair

      That’s a lot of money for take down and install every week

    3. Najda Collins

      Have you ever tried dry shampoo? I don’t wash my hair with extensions because I never fully dry them and then it smells even worse. I spray the dry shampoo on my scalp and then rub it in. Then add an oil.

    4. JewJew Saunders

      Yes, one in a red/white/blue can. It smells weird like it may mask smell a little but it smells like product buildup

    5. Kandice Andrews

      I have the same problem. Can’t leave extension in hair pass 4/6days… I sw3at a lot… I wonder how some people does leave there’s for 3 wks to a month

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