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  1. Ealy Benita N

    How can I do that for my daughter idk what to do with it and I don’t want to put a relaxer on it she’s only ten but I need something I can use to be able to manage it please help

    1. Tericka OctoMum Adair

      If you have a Dominican shop near you they can blow natural hair silky straight without a relaxer. I have my 6 year old Twincesses hair done a about 4 times a year to make it more manageable.

  2. Angel Park

    @daynielleblair….can you read?! I never said there was. I complimented it…smh

  3. Ashantae Williams Groomes

    I’m so happy so many of you appreciate my work. I am a natural stylist who cares only about the health of my clients’ hair. We straighten as a means to check for health, trim as needed and prescribe a regimen for daily hair care to promote growth and length retention. For the few with negative regards, I understand your opinion. I encourage everyone to find a stylist who cares about healthy hair and not just cute hair. The beauty of natural hair is it’s versatility!
    Peace and blessings! 🙂

  4. Consie Tevreden

    Okay, its pretty but i think she’s way to young…. How will she ever appreciate her naturel hair…i dont try to be negative.. dont get me wrong.. im just saying..

    1. Ashley Coleman

      I am very protective of my daugther’s hair. I straighten her hair maybe 2-3 times a year. I do this to her hair because it needs to be trimmed and to see her growth. Trust, coming from her mother who has be natural for 7 years she will have no choice but to RESPECT her natural beauty. .

  5. Joeneyce Cunningham

    The top middle pic looks dry. What do they usually put on the hair before the press? The curls are gorgeous and the hair looks healthy.

    1. Sherrie Tamara

      Regular blow dried hair usually looks dry on the average African American head because of the reflection of light and/or lack of moisturizer. They probably ended up using an oil and or heat protectant.

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