Sweet Nature By Eddie Giveaway – 10 Winners! (CLOSED)

Sweet nature by Eddie giveaway

Do you suffer from alopecia, psoriasis, acute dermatitis or dandruff? Well look no further we have just the product line for you. We know that sounds a little like an infomercial (and don’t you just hate those?) but at the risk of sounding cheesy we really do have an awesome giveaway up our sleeves that deals with just those issues and a whole lot more.

Sweet Nature by Eddie was created because at just 20 years old, Eddie suffered from the devastating effects of hair loss due to an allergic reaction to a toxic chemical in a product.

After years of treatments and purchasing a variety of products, she decided it was time to take her condition into her own hands and created a line of exquisite products that are healthy, paraben free, block DHT, nourish the scalp, combat hair loss and stimulate the follicles for longer, stronger, healthier hair!

Sweet Nature by Eddie has been in business since 2007 and since then she has built a solid reputation with some stellar reviews for not only the products themselves but also on the consultations services that she provides. We all know what it is like to have an issue without being able to find a solution. One new customer said:

I can’t believe the difference these products have made with my hair. In 30 days not only was my hair growing in places that it hasn’t grown in forever, but it was so soft and easy to comb. Thanks so much for these products and for all of your help with this process.

We are really excited about this giveaway loves so listen up!

3 lucky winners will receive an 8 oz silk amino protein hair mask each

This mask is packed with lavender and honey which work together to disinfect the scalp, enhance blood circulation and treat scalp psoriasis all the while soothing the scalp and working to fight hair loss. Silk amino protein helps rescue damaged hair while leaving it soft and unbelievably touchable.

3 lucky winners will receive an 8 oz sulfate free moisturizing shampoo each

Paraben Free, Gluten Free & SLS Free, This shampoo will leave the hair clean, but not stripped of all of its natural oils. It is infused with 6 nutrient rich carrier oils and raw honey that will keep the hair hydrated and soft.

3 lucky winners will receive an 8 oz dream cream moisturizer each

This is a super creamy, hydrating moisturizer packed with numerous natural butters and oils as well as organic aloe vera juice. Dream is excellent for relaxed or natural hair and every skin type as it can be used as hydrating and healing body cream too!

1 lucky winner will receive a basic kit

This kit contains an 8 oz Shampoo, Conditioner and the Dream Cream Moisturizer all mentioned above.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Cheri

    I’ve massaged tea tree oil and peppermint oil into my scalp as a dandruff treatment. I found it really effective. Be careful not to use too much tea tree oil, as it can irritate the scalp.

  2. elane

    I use to get bad dandruff until I started using a dandruff shampoo. But now my hair gets extremely dry.

  3. Nesha Bell

    I have had dandruff most if my life and I found that Apple cider vinegar rinsed and rubbing Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my scalp helps a lot.

  4. autumne

    I don’t really have dandruff unless my scalp gets dry enough to flake up, so I just oil it with avocado or olive oil whenever it feels dry.

  5. Natina

    Thank goodness for products like these!

  6. milan

    When I used to get really bad dandruff I started out with a deep conditioner and oils before i washed my hair. I gently rubbed my scalp and added more oil as I saw fit. Also sitting under a warm dryer with the DC before washing helps me

  7. LaWanda S

    When I relaxed my hair and got dandruff I would use sulfur 8 grease, I rarely get it now, if I do I rub tea trea oil on the area.

  8. LaToya Conley

    I just use coconut oil! It makes my hair soft, shiny, and flake-free!

  9. Kimberly K. Robinson

    I have been using black Jamaican castor oil. Its is working pretty well for me.

  10. mickiela christian

    Well i had suffered from dandruffs for about 3 yrs..i used to have this bad habit of washin my hair twice a month or even once a month….i didnt realize that my unhealthy habit was a cause of this and also me not oiling my scalp as often wen i stripped my hair of moisture constantly so wat i do now to keep my dandruff under control is to wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo onxe a month since its so harsh n i deep condition my hair weekly or sometimes biweekly i try to massage it with coconut oil which has anrifungal properties n i try to use gentle hair solutions to sooth ma dandruff problems nowadays am so sensitive about wat goes in my hair n scalp because a healthy scalp contributes to a good hair journey!

  11. Celeste Jackman

    It would be nice if more contests open to all residents were posted as this is only for US residents.i live in canada

  12. Yuatinia

    I utilize Black Jamaican Castor Oil as a hot oil treatment . It works very well.

  13. Morgan Payne

    Before my co-wash, I take half apple cider vinegar and half water and put it in a spray bottle, spray it on my scalp, and massage it in. It’s been working well for the past few months and I haven’t been using up a whole lot of shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean without it feeling too dry.

  14. Patrice Buckner

    I use something that my mother always used when I was young, Glover’ s Dandruff Control Medicine. This stuff smells but it works. I use this when I psych myself up to tolerate the smell.

  15. Miesha

    I use mix Black castor Oil and Argan Oil and use it once a day and i spray my hair with rosemary water before i put the oils on.

  16. Brittany

    In the past when I suffered from dandruff, I would use tea tree oil or sulfur 8.

  17. Shonda

    I one time I had dandruff I use my hair butter that contains tea tree oil. It has not been a problem since.

  18. Nya

    To eliminate dandruff I like to wash my hair and use an intense moisturizing deep conditioner or hot oil treatment. Then use a light leave in and massage olive oil or tea tree oil onto my scalp.

  19. Yolanda

    I started washing my hair once a week instead of every two weeks to combat dandruff. Also I started drinking more water.

  20. Autumn

    I did suffer from dandruff but I found out the it only shows up when my hair gets dry so I try to keep it moisturized more then I usually did.

  21. LaToya Johnson

    In the past I would use the special shampoos for dandruff and other treatments. Now I really don’t have a problem with it anymore.

  22. Nadege

    I’ve only ever had dandruff once and it was a few years ago before I started my healthy hair journey. To get it to stop, I washed my hair more often and made sure my scalp was always well treated. Head and Shoulders!

    P.S. The newsletter I got just now about this post has to be a message from God. I woke up this morning and washed my hair, only to notice that the slight bald spot on the right side of my front edges got bigger. I cried for hours! There’s still some hair there, but it’s going and I’ve lost hope. 🙁 I can really use all the help I can get and maybe this is it.

    Thanks for the chance, and God bless!

  23. LaurenG

    I suffered from dandruff once when I was younger. I hadn’t learned the value of taking care of myself (inside as well as outside). I didn’t drink 8 glasses of water a day, didn’t eat my fruits and veggies, etc. As a result my hair and scalp was as dry as a tumble weed. Finally I learned that all of the dandruff shampoo in the world wasn’t going to help unless I took care of the inside. Once I got on track my dandruff went away. Lesson learned!

  24. Aminah VanArsdale

    I’ve never suffered from dandruff, but when I have an itchy scalp I give myself a nice scalp massage and shampoo to get rid of product build up.

  25. AB

    Although I never had dandruff before, I use peppermint oil and the head & shoulders shampoo to clean my scalp

  26. Zanita Williams

    Switching from shampoos that didn’t help with moisturizing my hair at all and just learning basic knowledge about how my hair works and how i should treat it (especially from this site) has helped drastically.

  27. Kadaja h

    I usually use a combination of either tea tree oil, coconut oil or simplicity hair oil as an effective way to help get rid of dandruff.

  28. Christy Alex

    I have used Sulphur 8 to maintain my dandruff but it has never eliminated it

  29. TRich315

    Sometimes I use Sulfur 8 Fresh Medicated Anti-dandruff oil sheen spray. It has aloe vera and jojoba in it and smells a lot better than the original scent.

  30. Val

    My dandruff iissue was resolved when I started using JBCO. I increased my water intake but really saw a difference in my scalp with the JBCO.

  31. Ashley_Kiara

    I started by washing my hair once a week and adding tea tree oil to my hair oil mixture. It worked wonders and felt great as well. I think the combination of washing more often and the tea tree did the job by adding moisture to my hair and scalp and then locking it in.

  32. shermara Howard

    when I have to andrews someone to get rid of it I just use sulphur 8 shampoo then i grease my sclap.

  33. LaShonda

    I use Jamaican black caster oil or Amla and my scalp is flake free!

  34. MsKat

    I went to the dermatologist about my flaky scalp, and learned I have sebhorreic dermatitis. I did research, learned that it is an autoimmune reaction to sebum from my scalp along with reaction to any oils I used on my hair. So, to alleviate the problem, I first stopped using oil for several months, might have been a year, and made sure I never went more than a week without shampooing; now I use oil only on my hair shaft, nowhere near my scalp. Stopped the itching and flakiness that has driven me crazy since I was a child! The trade-off is that the texture near my scalp is sometimes a little crazy, but it is still better than scratching until I bleed!

  35. Aeysha Young

    Celeste Jackman u should enter and see if they will send product to u. I have use these products and they are great!!! Ur hair will be so soft.

  36. KP

    I’ve found that using apple cider vinegar with a coconut oil pre-poo works very well for me and helps keeps my hair soft and smelling great.

  37. Sharon

    I generally have not experienced an out of control issue with dandruff. When I do have dandruff Head & Shoulders Dandruff has been my go to product. .A bigger issue for me was damage to my scalp using a product made for us by us “AA”..for thinning hair called My Regrow. My hair has never come back and it caused far more damage beyond my reasons for trying the product. .I was depressed because I can never where my natural hair without covering that area.

  38. Tarsha

    I have poriasis. That dandruff multiplied by 80. I wash my hair every week. I have to use Tgel shampoo or use nizoral shampoo. Ampro gel and wear in a ponytail. I also take benadryl or an antihistamine for the itch.

  39. Naturalgal4u

    I noticed that washing my hair with sulfate-free shampoos once a week, followed by deep conditioning, then using a light cream based moisturizer sealed with a water based leave-in conditioner, and lightly oiling my scalp helped immensely with ridding myself of dandruff. In addition to this, I’ve increased my water intake, started taking hair vitamins, and eat a lot more veggies. I actually use Sweet Nature by Eddie products and one other product line interchangeably and my hair has grown and been the healthiest it’s been in a long time. I’m exited about the opportunity to potentially win some of these products. They really work. I suffer from alopecia and for a long time didn’t believe my bald edges would ever grow back. I have a lot of new growth around my temple and areas where my hair went bald. It’s not 100% restored but I have way more hair than I did for many years just by using these products and hardly any dandruff due to more frequent washes…

  40. Michelle

    I have never really suffered from dandruff. I suffer from poriasis.

  41. Serena Gordon

    I treat my dandruff by using apple cider vinegar and castor oil olive oil mixture.

  42. Lauren Latimer

    I get rid of dandruff by spot treating with witch hazel then using tea tree and peppermint oil.

  43. Lakeesha

    I use tea tree oil and a few others but its only works for a little while. Still searching for a solution.

  44. Chiquita

    When I had a relaxer I suffered from dandruff all the time. Using sulfur 8 hair grease helped, but I also had to wash my hair 3 times a week. Once I went natural the problem ceased altogether, possibly since I use natural oils in my hair care regime ( coconut, olive, jojoba, castor, etc.).

  45. Alana Smith

    For assistance with dandruff I would suggest washing your scalp with baking soda and doing an apple cider vinegar rinse. And also using coconut oil to massage your scalp might help.

  46. Romy

    I was trying different shampoos and conditioners! But then the problem was I wasn’t moisturizing my hair everyday like I should. So now I do and I would use extra olive oil, pure 100% shea butter, coconut oil and WATER of course all together in a spray bottle everyday as my daily moisturizer. It works too! It took me a min, but I got it.

  47. Brandy Eaves

    I have used peppermint oil to get rid of my dandruff.

  48. Danielle Smith

    I use head and shoulders to get rid of my dandruff

  49. Lamara

    I suffer from really bad dandruff. . I eliminated by using coconut oil. As a prepoo and an everyday moisturizer

  50. krystel

    i used a product line specally for dandruff then after that i would rub tea tree oil

  51. Lamara

    I’m trying to find new ways to eliminate dandruff

  52. April

    The way I come back dandruff is massaging tea tree oil and coconut oil on my scalp and also doing AVC rinse whenever I wash my hair.

  53. Carollena

    When i had drandruff i used a medicated shampoo and conditioner with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

  54. Nailah G

    I don’t usually suffer from dandruff unless my scalp is dry and in need of a co-wash or a shampoo and some JBCO mix.

  55. CrysTheSagittarius

    Yes I have suffered from dandruff. I had dandruff all the time before because of my unhealthy hair habits (due to lack of knowledge) such as only washing my hair every 2 weeks & using grease as my hair & scalp moisturizer. All of sudden I got a severe itchy scalp problem (probably caused by my unhealthy hair habits) & I had to use a head & shoulders medicated shampoo treatment that completely stripped my fresh relaxer. I hope that pain never comes back again & luckily it hasn’t. From then I finally started to Google my hair problems & I realized how terrible I have been treating my hair & why had so many problems. I haven’t seen dandruff since using the medicated shampoo & don’t think I ever will because of my updated regimen of washing my hair twice a week (shampoo & co-wash) & massaging my scalp with my natural oil blend of rosemary, lavender, tea tree, castor, coconut, eucalyptus, & peppermint. I’m happy to have conquered dandruff but I still have many issues with my hair to fix so its gonna be a long healthy hair journey for me.

  56. Candice B

    I have suffered with dandruff most of my teenage and adult life. Only recently I have found that sulfate shampoos and certain natural oils were in fact irritants to my scalp and aggravated the situation. I now do ACV rinses and use sulfate-free shampoos, and when I apply products to my hair, I try not to get any on my scalp. I’m not 100% dandruff free yet but I have seen significant improvement.

  57. Alice

    i use a dandruff shampoo (head and shoulders)

  58. Chéla

    I used an apple cider vinegar rinse. Haven’t had the issue much anymore.

  59. Olayshia

    My hair stays extremely moisturizer but I still manage to get dandruff after I have a hair style in for 3 weeks or more. I tried dandruff shampoo but it didn’t work for me. Now I moisturize my hair with coconut oil everyone night and deep condition with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar really helped and moisturizing has helped as well.

  60. Jerisha Kennedy

    I used to use head and shoulders shampo and, sulfur 8 grease. I don’t have dandruff now


    I am a Practicing Homeopathic Consultant and Hair Specialist. I love to grow hair from my boyhood. Being a hot country, where I am living, in summer, Dandruff is inescapable phenomena. Being a Homeopath, for a quick results I use Bio-Chemic NATRUM MURIATICUM and KALIUM SULPHURICUM in Medium Potency for oral and a mixture of both in Lower Potency as Hair Wash. I prescription, I follow for the past 15 more years with grand success, only in Simple form of Dandruff. For enormous large scaly Dandruff, CANTHARIS 6c Pills and CALCAREA FLUORICA should be added with the above two. For all Chronic eczema of scalp problems, I prescribe my own family secret oil preparation. In three days time all the scalp related problems will disappear, the hair grows fast with color brilliance. This formula, we successfully follow for several generations. Many hopeless cases which are declared as incurable by other system of Medicine can be treated with this Oil preparation. Being a Hair Specialist and Herbal enthusiast, I deeply appreciate Eddie’s undaunted spirit , not only in overcoming her problem but , can able to help others with her successful formula.

  62. Sandra King

    I use JB Castor Oil. Works great.

  63. Candra Evans

    The only product that has consistently worked for me over the years is the Kera Care Dry and Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Even co-washing with the conditioner only keeps my dandruff under control. I have had major issues with dry scalp since I was a child.

  64. Monie Frank

    I don’t really get dandruff so I do use dandruff shampoo

  65. Chayil

    I have had problems with dandruff all my life, I have found that using all natural products in my hair and wahing my hair every week works.

  66. eurydice

    Yes I have suffered from dandruff… how I eliminate it? I washed my hair once a week with the Nairobi Shampoo once a week as directed by my hair stylist. I also used the Nairobi Grease on my hair. I did this for two months and the dandruff way gone. Now for maintenance I use the L= liquid leave-in C= cream moisturizer O= oil like coconut oil method on my hair as my regimen every day and I still wash my hair once a week the most every two weeks. This has worked for the past two years. 🙂

  67. danyell

    My 12 daughter had dandruff I did not know what to do until I found sweet naturals by eddie through blackhair information on fb I ordered products and began to use them and she is doing so much better. She going natural in transition wearing braids thank you so much

  68. princess

    I try to keep my hair moist and oiled so that my scalp doesn’t get dry.

  69. Meeks

    To combat my dandruff I mixed organic Shea butter, avocado butter, tea tree, yarrow & peppermint oil.. Which I apply after washing my hair.. I no longer have dandruff & finally found something that works for me so I’m happy

  70. Natoya

    I once had dandruff and eliminated it by switching to cream of nature sulfate free shampoo. Shampooing once per week and applying castor oil or my oil mix which consists of 1 oz each of grapeseed, jojoba, coconut oil and essential oils 6-12 drops each of lavender, rosemary, cedarwood and thyme oil. (And 2 drops of neem oil as an antifungal)

  71. LaKeisha

    My daughter suffers from bad dandruff and eczema, and I suffer from bad dandruff. I haven’t found what work best for our scalp yet.

  72. Natasha Beals

    I got rid of dandruff by drinking flaxseed oil for three times a day, and hot oil treatments and baking soda rinses.

  73. Reeshemah

    I don’t have dandruff. I use apple cider vinegar and anti-fungal oil to prevent it.

  74. Hanifah Allen

    My sister has dandruff and so do I, so this would be great for us both!

  75. Nafisah

    A dandruff shampoo or just a regulate sulfate shampoo to cleanse my hair. Then sulfur 8 on my scalp to help moisturize it.

  76. RuthDyson

    I use Organix Tea Tree Medicated Shampoo for dry, itchy scalp and that helps calm the itchiness. I also made my own Rosemary oil to stop the “itchies” too. It helped so I gave my friend who suffers from dandruff really bad and when she used it the dandruff started diminishing.

  77. Cavorne Rodgers

    yes i did…and i used Dr Miracle Tingling 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and conditioner

  78. Marilyn R Wilbur

    I used tea tree oil everytime before and after I wash my hair. It seems to help at least in the summer time in the winter time it is a whole new story. I still have bad dandruff and I have tried just about everything. I saw some of the comments and I will try some of those and see it they help.

  79. melanie washington

    Ive never had dandruff but I do have a patch of excema that I kept moisturized

  80. shannon barry

    I am unfortunately still suffering from dandruff and I hope to win so I can try these products but tea tree oil usually helps for a short period of time.

  81. Jessie Michel

    I suffer from dandruff and what I do to get rid of it is massaging my scalp with coconut oil and tea tree oil.

  82. sonya lewis

    I’ve always had pretty thick long black hair (that always looked like a wig). Now my pretty black hair is gone. Last summer I used some curly weave in my hair, when removed it I notice my hair was gone on the sides & in the back ND top….. I’m so depressed, discouraged. I’m starting all over from scratch. I’ve waisted alot of money on products that don’t work….

  83. Shumeka Young

    I have not gotten rid of dandruff. I still deal with it from time to time. I have used vinegar and almond oil in the past and changed my diet to reduce the symptoms of dandruff in the past.

  84. Karen

    I have been wearing my 3 C hair natural for the past year but have decided to put a permanent color in eight months ago. But for the past two months my hair was breaking. Can you recommend something to stop the breakage please?

  85. Shawna

    I haven’t actually suffered from bad dandruff since I was a kid. My mother used to use this brown bar soap that smelled terrible to get my hair to stop. I noticed a difference when I stopped using so many grease products and washed my hair regularly that I didn’t really have the dandruff problem anymore.

  86. Charley Osborne

    I have never suffered from dandruff but I am learning so much about caring for hair on this site and you tube. Thanks for all the great advise and “how to”. My hair is shedding excessively and I am desperate for a solution. I have tried so many products and nothing helps. The hair on the top of my head is pencil thin and continues to shed. Garlic, onion, sulfur , etc. are doing nothing. I am forced to wear a wig and cry because I want my own hair. I feel doomed. When you lose your hair, you’re in dispair. Please pray for me. Is there anything else I can try?

  87. Angela Gipson

    I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis. On my wash days I do a hot oil treatment with coconut oil, spray my scalp with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and distilled water. Then I just hop in the shower and wash my scalp with T-Sal by Neutrogena. I deep condition, apply leave-in conditioner, and seal my hair with oil. every night I sprits my hair with water and massage my hair with peppermint oil.

  88. sabrina watie

    I had dandruff once and used selsun blue.

  89. Angel

    I made sure to mix ginseng tea with a potent peppermint tea…spray on my scalp and let it sit for 5-10 minutes then washed it out.

  90. Pamela Stephens

    I do not have problems with dandruff, however ever since my doctor increased the dosage of my medicine I have had a serious allergic reaction that has caused severe rash that has gone all over my body and head. I was rushed to the hospital and given medication to reverse the reaction of the prescribed medication. I have recovered from this, but my hair and scalp is still suffering the effects. I have done everything possible from protein treatments, black castor oil, to my coconut/shea butter treatment and I am still having alot of breakage. The right side of my hairline is the spot where y hair has already showing signs of breakage. The itching is constant and now it is continuing around the rest of my hairline. Have no idea what to do now. Would love to try anything that may help from the Sweet Nature by Eddie line.

  91. Marilyn

    I suffer from ecezma. I used Neutrogena – T/gel

  92. Rashonda Boyd

    I add 2 drops of tea tree oil to my shampoo to eliminate dandruff

  93. Renee

    I try to wash my hair every week to stop the dandruff and use light oil, but then it stop working. Never tried anything else because I didnt know what to use. Hopefully I can get some tips from you lovely ladies. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


    I am currently dealing with dandruff now and I use tea tree oil right now and it goes away for about a week. Then I repeat again.

  95. TaYari

    Well I transitioned from Locs (13 years) back to my natural hair in August 2012. I combed my locs out using a rattail comb, olive oil conditioner and 7 loooong days. When this process was complete I haf the worst dry scall/dandruff condition ever. I just recently got it under control after reading your blog on oils (castor oil, coconut oil, etc…) So I combined them all together (castor oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil & olive oil.) Once a week before I wash my hair I saturate my scalp with this blend sit under my dryer for 30 minutes and then was my hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Haven’t had any scalp problems for 2 months now.

  96. Jennifer James

    The way I eliminated dandruff was to co-wash and only shampoo once per month. Before each co-wash I apply castor oil and olive oil to my hair and massage into my scalp and sit under a conditioning cap for 15-20 mins. After the alotted time, I co-wash with my favorite conditioner. This method has worked for me to eliminate dandruff and dry scalp.

  97. Penny

    I currently suffer from dandruff. They can get as “BIG” as corn flakes. I shampoo twice weekly with a sulfate – free shampoo and I also use a dandruff shampoo. I rotate them out and condition with a rinse out conditioner. A leave-in conditioner is also used as well. I have tried the vinegar, hot oil treatments, tea tree, olive and macadamia oil and the oils made the dandruff worse especially the tea tree oil. My scalp really gets bad when it gets cold, but this situation comes and goes no matter what the weather condition. I use a no greasy oil moisturizer every other day and sometimes less than that because I do not like my hair weighed down and oily. I’m hoping one day to find a solution to a much healthier scalp. 🙂

  98. Channell Swain

    I remain dandruff free by washing and conditioning my hair every week.

  99. Gerald Warren

    For dandruff I clean my scalp with Seabreeze and then I apply Tea tree oil or Olive oil to my scalp. Peppermint Oil is good also just be careful with the amount you use-its very very strong!

  100. Angela Bessah

    Loving the give away. I have heard so much about your products and I pray that I have the opportunity to try them…thanks

  101. Francis Grimes

    In order to help with dandruff control and an itchy scalp, I have massaged tea tree oil into my scalp and mixed it in with my shampoo and conditioners. I also do a Witch Hazel Rinse either once a month or once every 2 weeks depending.

  102. Francis Grimes

    In order to help with dandruff control and an itchy scalp, I massage tea tree oil into my scalp and mix it in with my shampoos and my co-wash conditioners as well. I also do a Witch Hazel rinse either once a month or once every 2 weeks depending.

  103. Kris

    I have used tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, peppermint shampoo, and tar shampoo. These methods work for a while. Unfortunately, it always come back.

  104. Kenya

    To control my dandruff I mix jojoba oil, olive oil, caster oil, avocado oil,sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, rose hip seed oil, rosemary oil and vitamin E in a 8 oz. squeeze bottle. I use this daily, just a quarter size in the palm of your hand, rub,and massage scalp and administration to ends of hair.

  105. Carolyn

    I use peppermint oil with coconut oil and apply it to my scalp for dandruff during the week, on my wash day i uses this to mixed with conditioners and let it stay on my hair for about 30 minutes to an hour and rinse out and it leaves my hair and scalp feeling so amazing.

  106. Stephanie

    My dandruff/dry scalp become much less bothersome after I stopped getting relaxers. For the last three years I only see it during the winter months and it’s not as bad as it use to be.

  107. Julie Sullivan

    Growing up I use to suffer from dandruff so bad you would think that I had cradle cap..My grandmother would wait until it would rain and catch rain water in a pot ,then boil the water and wash my hair with sulphur 8 shampoo….After my hair was washed she would use sulphur 8 hair grease on my scalp every other day. I continued the process until I got older and haven’t had any problems with dandruff since..

  108. Chanell

    My dandruff didn’t go away until I found natural products like Sweet Nature by Eddie that promote a healthy scalp. I make sure I keep my scalp clean and I do test for dryness every day by parting the hair and looking for signs of flakes, cracks, or just a rough feeling. The key to combat dandruff for me is balance. I use just enough oils, water and all natural products to keep my hair dandruff free.

  109. Lunye'

    I use tea tree essential oil mixed in my grapeseed oil and also I will grease my scalp as a pre poo to combat my flaky scalp. I also do a final rinse with apple cider vinegar.

  110. Claudia

    I really don’t remember how I got rid of my dandruff. It was during the time of Jeri curld

  111. Brittany

    I suffering from dandruff now. I’ve been natural for almost 2 years and it has gotten better. I’m looking for something to totally get rid of it.

  112. Lauren Satterfield

    I’ve struggled with dandruff since I could remember and sometimes I still do. Rinsing with acv w/ baking soda helps for a week and adds shine to my hair. Also, tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil help out too.

  113. Angela Davis

    I recently started using apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice rub it on my scalp and cover with a plastic bag while I’m taking a bathand I wash my hair and let it air dry which has been working so far

  114. Jedidah

    I just washed and wished it away.

  115. Ambra

    I’ve been using coconut & grapeseed oil along with acv rinse

  116. Natalie Blackwell

    I have always had a dry scalp growing up so my scalp always had to have grease. As an adult at 29 I developed psoriasis from head to toe. The best remedy for me was to stop using perms & to keep my scalp hydrated daily with olive oil & washing my hair once a week. I’ve used alot of products for psoriasis on my scalp but natural oils, exercise, changing my diet, and reducing stress has helped tremendously.

  117. Angel A

    Fortunately once I became natural my dandruff situation ceased. When relaxed once my hair was dried I’d immediatly have flaked from dandruff. After being fully natural all my dandruff went away.

  118. Danielle Williams

    To eliminate dandruff, I make sure to wash my hair once and week, during the week I maintain moisture in my hair and scalp with leave in conditioner and organic oils.

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