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  1. Domonique Garcia

    A silk press is just a press ‘n’ curl and then wrap it afterwards. We’ve been doing this in southern cali for years, decades, even, because we don’t have humidity here but only 3 times a year! But as a person who’s been natural for over 20 years (and I have 4b hair), I’ve definitely gone the press ‘n’ curl route and all I can say is HEAT DAMAGE! I haven’t had my hair pressed in 4 1/2 years and I still have portions of my ends that won’t revert! The style definitely looks awesome, but if you’re like me and trying to avoid heat damage, this isn’t the way to go….sorry 🙁
    I wish I had an alternative, in fact, I’ve been researching how to straighten my hair without chemicals and without heat damage because I really like the option of doing both!

    1. Jamila Kelly

      but you can’t see it that way. In all honesty, anything can cause damage to your hair. The sun, the wind, water that comes from your shower… but you don’t stop going outside or showing, you work around it (I mean, if you are really that concerned about hair that is) that’s why you just have to use a really good source. In this case, a really good thermal protector. Yeah, it won’t keep your hair from getting damaged completely, but it helps and it makes it easy to do different things and branch out. Just gotta. .. go for it. Hair is hair, it’s not must important thing ^-^

    2. Latisha White

      You are telling the truth. I got my hair flat ironed and continued. Did anothet big chop. My hair hasnt been the same since! Feel like i need to do another chop. My opinion you have to use minimum heat and prep your hair. But that doesnt mean do it over and over again. Mahoganycurls has a video on straightening natural hair

    1. Rae Rae

      Her curl pattern looks unnatural. Don’t get me wrong, the style is beautiful but there is definitely heat damage.

    2. Latisha White

      Yes there is heat damage. Some of her hair is wavy like mine is in my pic. Thats all heat damage in my pic. It sucks too. Not knocking silk press just telling the truth. The bob is everything!!!

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