Naturalista Yaya Dacosta Cast To Play Whitney Houston In The Upcoming Lifetime Biopic


The model-turned-actress has been cast to play the legendary singer in the upcoming Lifetime movie which is to be directed by Angela Bassett. It appears that the movie will be set in the late 1980’s when Whitney was 26 so Yaya appears a perfect fit. What say you?



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  1. Robin Shayvon

    She can act!!! Most singers can’t sing so……. Have you seen the Butler she played her role…. Well!!!

  2. Chasity Hood Holland

    I don’t feel that she has enough acting experience to play the part. Many blessings with this difficult task though. LOVE WHITNEY

  3. Bunnywoowoo

    Ummm not sure about that. I watched her in the dance movie with Antonio Banderas and she wasn’t that bad. However being cast as Whitney Houston maybe a tall order. No offence intended. But you never know she may surprise us all. The director must have been blown away by her casting, audition etc, and I’m positive Mr Clive Davis would have had some input. So I think it’s best we give her the benefit of the doubt, she got the role on her own merit, so who are we to judge.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Gerald Martin

    She was Awesome in the Butler. We will see. She’s fine as all get out and Angela did an Awesome job as Tina and she didn’t sing in the movie.

  5. Tarlisha Montgomery

    I love her natural look but i dont think she’s right to play such an iconic part as Whitney Houston. But this is just a Lifetime movie and the family is trying to get the movie stopped so that they can do something better on a big screen level.

  6. Mary Welch

    Nope, who sings like Whitney. I’m sure she doesn’t. Needs to be someone with more acting and singing experience.

    1. Dellasie 'Cocoa' Aning

      Helloooooo she won’t be singing. Or did u not see “what’s love got to do with it” u don’t need to sing to play a role.

  7. Roneisha Monae

    Why would she need to know how to sing? Have you heard of lip synching? They’ve done it in many movies. She just needs to know how to act.

    1. Dellasie 'Cocoa' Aning

      She was close to Whitney tho. She’d be able to emulate her that was her God mother. Doesn’t favor her, but she can act and has an amazing voice just saying.

  8. Chavon Corvette

    Ummmmm you guys she do not need to know how to sing. Angela Bassett wasn’t really singing in Whats Love got to do with it.

  9. Lindra Irele Jackson

    Yaya’s acting is subpar. She’s always over delivering it seems forced and unnatural. Brandi knew Whitney better and would’ve been able to display those little idiosyncrasies that would’ve made it more believable.

  10. Shar Scu

    Anyway like I said a better who can truly sing as well as act would have a huge impact since whitney is considered “the voice!” Lip synching has always been a negative to biopics! MY OPINION AND YOU HAVE YOURS

  11. Shamara Kingston

    She looks like her a little bit. I personally think they should wait about 5 years to start making a Movie about her.

  12. Porter Novelli

    Great casting choice! I’m tired of the same black actress getting all of the roles. Queen Latifah can’t do it all – but she would make a great Pearl Bailey. Love Yaya. She was great in the “The Butler.” Proud of her.

  13. Paul Foley

    Good choice. I’ve seen her in a few small roles. Hey, everybody gotta start from somewhere. Even if she were a great singer, no one should sing Whitney’s songs. It never works.

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