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  1. Bethany J Thomas

    Or she could have just maintained her hair well and it grew. Get out of here with this Relaxed vs Natural b.s. Done with this page.

    1. Sumetra Grimes Reed

      Yes my hair was not as full while I was relaxed. My natural hair is a lot healthier and fuller with more styling options!

    2. Bethany J Thomas

      I’m entitled to my opinion and to ME it insinuated that relaxed hair can’t be full and healthy. Oh well.

    3. Fefe Fanta Fonzerelli

      Dude she never said chicks with relaxed hair can’t grow healthy hair…NO ONE SAID THAT. She just posted a before and after pic with pure facts. She didn’t even state an opinion. Woow. Butthurt.

  2. Valencia Rawls

    The hair stylists I know state natural hair is more work, so you have to put in the work. Regardless natural or relaxed.

  3. Kaylah Marie Edwards

    Oh ok I’ve been wearing my protective styles because my hair isn’t my desired length yet. … What products did you use and did you do twist outs?

  4. Sarah Vasquez

    My daughter is 12 and her hair is natural but she keeps asking for relaxer . I don’t wanna go that route . What can I do to convince her natural is best . I just don’t wanna burn her hair or cause problems with it . She’s young and I wanna leave it natural til she’s older and decides for her self.

    1. Sumetra Grimes Reed

      There are several straightening kits. I think Motions has one. Ask her to show you some styles that she likes. They maybe things that you can do without putting a relaxer on it. I didn’t relax until I was in junior high preparing to go I to high school and I regret it.

  5. Lumpkin Singers

    Yes mam!! I been natural for a year now!!! A lot of work and hair products are more expensive!!! And u can’t be without the products at all!!!

  6. Theresa Burton- Mullan

    If relaxers work for you, awesome. If natural works equally as awesome. I am 54 and used relaxers all the time… They never worked for me…I have been natural for almost 3 years and my hair is the softest and thickest it has ever been! I would never ever use a relaxer again… And love all the different styles and saving tons of money !

  7. Latrice Pruitt

    I’m going natural been that way for only 5 half months now after 26 year of perming today I pressed my hair out to braid it flat and i see my hair is thin in around edges and in some spot but is really thick in the top and the middle what can I get to thicken my hair all over and bring it back?

  8. Sumetra Grimes Reed

    Latrice, Jamaican black castor oil is good. You have to be patient and consistent with using it. I used it for about 6 months around my edges. Just massage it onto your scalp. Also stay away from heat styling for a while.

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