Crotchet Braids With Marley Hair



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Tamara Hutchinson

Where is the braid in that???

Tan McGill

Thats so PRETTY, but i loced my hair

Anthony Boskilo

No comment too beautiful

MizTrie Glin

This is really pretty, feminine

Meka Pittman

So pretty. Would have guessed it was hers!

Nicole Thompson

It’s so natural looking I like

Akua Bandoh

Yup. My current situation! #crochetbraids

Floyd Johns

Pretty lady ..

Sapphira Hayward

I tried it this past weekend and failed! Install was great but I couldn’t get them to curl how I wanted

Chevon Toler

Mine failed too! They didn’t curl…

Matima Muhammad

How does she get her hair to form like that?

Sumetra Grimes Reed

I used perm rods and dipped them in very hot water.

LaToya Taylor


Sonya Lee-Vidal

How long does this last?

Sumetra Grimes Reed

It can last 3-4 weeks but you may have to re-curl it in a few places.

Jacqueline Johnson

Is this her hair or a wig? I would love this if I could do this

Torie Sizemore

Im loving this style. I would love to know how to curl the Marley Hair?

Tychelle Graham
Stacy Morrison

There’s so much you can do. If they didn’t say crochet you would never know!!

Karen J. Mcpherson

Loved the crochet braids. I had them to transition from relaxed to natural, great protective style!

Porschee IsBuilt FordTough

My current style but with a diff hair…ladies try rodding both ends before installing…absolutely luv & quick to do…

Shamerika Amey

My God we are such a talented race of people, I LOVE this!!!

Sheri I'msofly Taiwo

No, she did regular crochet. I am doing Marley crochet like this on Ify in September but I am not styling it like this. I have to pre treat the hair prior to doing this…

Shaunika Maupin

Done! #easy

Sheena Parker

I need this ohhh soo bad if there is anyone that is willing to come to Toronto to do this for me please

Clemer Holmes


Carnithia Ratliff

Love the hair

Tina White

I love this hair

Charlene Jeffers


Andrea Rose Valentine

Does anyone else notice that none of our questions are being answered -_-

Irene Mpuleng Ramakwati

ohh wow!

Hair world

looking good

Stacie Hart

Where can I have this done at???

Krista Woods

Looked it up on YouTube and it seems easy if you can braid I’m definitely trying this!

Sonya Lee-Vidal

How do you prepare this hair for bed so that you don’t wake up with the hair looking a hot mess? Braid or twist? It’s really cute!

Sumetra Grimes Reed

A large satin bonnet works great!

Clarice H Jones

Soooooo cute

Lumpkin Singers

What brand . Of hair is this

Natalie McFarlin

I like this! It looks just like a twist out!

Jordan Anya

Very cute

Princessi Omon

I love it is it a weavon

Denise Harvey

Aww nice pictrue ‘

Emeci Smith Burroughs

Hello ladies ive done this style several times ! And I love it. I brushed the marley hair out a little and used the white perm rods . There is a technique to wrapping the hair around them. After dipping them in hot water I leave them in until the hair is totally dry to ensure the curls stay . I separated each braid 3 times and at nite I do a pineapple with a bonnet . The style last as long as you take care of it and re curl once a week for freshness:) hope this helps!! And I always use 2.5 to 3 packs!!