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I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of Blackhairinformation.com. I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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  1. Nikki DickeyNikki Dickey says

    Idiot…I got relaxer in my eye before…hunni let me tell you how it had me talking in another language. .kmsl…washing it out with water wasn’t enough. .iy burned like hell. Woke up the next morning with a crusty eye..lmbo

    • tammy arroyo says

      Yes you are right, just when you thought you had seen it all, you see this mess. The world has gone krazzzzzy!!

  2. Angie McCormickAngie McCormick says

    Exactly Erica Holloway MrsNewsome. People so quick to judge others but won’t take a critical look at themselves. Its her choice if she wants to perm her eyelashes. Why we so judgemental. Others perm their scalps and their kids scalps.

  3. Alicia GotBeatsAlicia GotBeats says

    Relaxers should have never been used on Black women’s hair and now on the eyelashes this world truly has lost it’s common sense. nothing should be shocking in the world anymore you will continue to see more stupid things as people’s morals and common sense leave their brains. Wake up People.

    • Ade says

      Honestly, I need relaxers. Otherwise, my hair would be unmanageable. Relaxers don’t actually straighten my hair, all they do is make my hair more manageable to deal with. I still have a large afro, and my natural friends constantly comment on the fact that my hair looks like it has no relaxer. If I left my hair in it’s natural state, there would be no combing, no detangling, and no styling of any kind. My hair is thick, incredibly curly, and completely unruly. Please don’t criticize women who DO get relaxers, because not all of our hair is the same. It’s better for me to get a relaxer two or three times a year, than to blow dry and straighten my hair every week. What works for my hair, may not work for your hair, and the same goes in reverse. But you have no right to pass judgement on other women just because they aren’t the exact same as you.

  4. Kalevia LawKalevia Law says

    This dumb ass woman said she put the relaxer on to make it easier to put on false eyelashes. This is the most stupid shit i heard in my life.

  5. Kaysha Kaysh KayKaysha Kaysh Kay says

    I really hope this is fake!! I’m all for weaves perms extensions if that’s what floats ur boat but there’s comes a point where it’s ok to rock what u have! black women it really ain’t that serious

  6. Nadeia FaustinNadeia Faustin says

    If this isn’t fake then she’s just stupid. They’re are other effective ways to straighten/lengthen lashes. It’s called finding the right mascara. SMH

  7. LaTasha PearsonLaTasha Pearson says

    Why in Gods name would someone do this unless they cannot read. Did they not read any directions or cautions? Unbedumbable! Can only.laugh at the stupidity.

  8. Tracey SpruellTracey Spruell says

    Wth? Are you people out of your mind. All you need for straight eyelashes is an eyelashes comb and/or brush. Relaxer should never be used that way and this post should be taken down so no one does it!!!

    • Ade says

      Not really. My eyelashes actually curl into themselves to the point that they actually form a full circle, and putting mascara on them gets it all over my eyelids, and no amount of brushing them does anything to straighten them. Personally i fold a business card, cut a semi circle at the crease, then use a hair straightener on the lowest setting to heat the card for 5 seconds, fold it over my eyelashes, and pull. I tried brushing with just the brush, brushing after heating the brush with a blow dryer, brushing downwards on my eyelashes with mascara, using a normal eyelash curler upside down, and everything else people suggested, but none of it worked. Obviously putting relaxer anywhere NEAR your eyes is dangerous, and no one should do it under any circumstances, but the solution for straight lashes isn’t as simple as brushing them. If that were the case, stuff like what this woman did would be a non-issue.

  9. LaTasha WilliamsonLaTasha Williamson says

    I seriously think people do things just to say they did it. There is no logical reason to do this. There are mascaras that has a straightening effect. Besides it being stupid, it’s just not safe.

  10. Jess LennonJess Lennon says

    The headline was enough for me to read. Whoever practices this is DUMB and just plain out idiotic!!!!!!! Damn just be happy with your eyelashes!!!!!! Smh !!! The stupidity in this world ceases to amaze me.

      • Ade says

        Mascara doesn’t work if your eyelashes are already curly. All it will do is hold the curl at the least, and tighten it at the most. Obviously getting a relaxer on your eyelashes is stupid and shouldn’t be put into practice, but mascara will just make things worse in terms of straightening out your eyelashes.

  11. Bahiyah BeyBahiyah Bey says

    Ok that’s just stupid….risking your sight…putting that dangerous perm to your eyes is ridiculous….just to turn around and still put fake eyelashes on…smh…that’s just sad

  12. LaShawn SmithLaShawn Smith says

    I am a hairstylist and I can’t begin to tell you how dangerous this is when using relaxer on any hair a neutralizing shampoo must be used to to deactivate the relaxer as well as return the ph of the hair back to normal simply washing your face does not work not to mention you could go blind smh

  13. Jaylinn SimoneJaylinn Simone says

    This is a bleeding cry for help! We as African Americans need to change our perceptions on the way society views us. White Americans try to be like us. They tan their skins & pay heavy money to make their straight hair curly or puffy. Racist or not the men are sleeping with blk women ect. Blk women were taught self hatred by slave masters & Willie lynch …to separate hair texture skin color to make us dislike who we are when in fact studies show white men actually love our curves and curly-kinky hair while African Americans are wigging perming straightening what other races call our hair beautiful. Learn to embrace your hair and deal with pretty curly lashes it’s nothing wrong with curly puffy kinky. Learn hair conditioning and hair management. All hair haves it’s unique beauty!!! Jesus help this woman!

  14. Sondra MontgomerySondra Montgomery says

    What the sweet Mary caboose??? I guess someone is in the process of making a hot comb for eyelashes next…smh..folks cheese done slid straight off the cracker #ignoranceatitbest

  15. Elvenlen Harvey says

    If the scalp is sensitive to a relaxer how much more so are your eyeballs if your lashes are be relaxed! The chemical reaction not seen with the eyes i’m sure are even more dangerous. Alot can be said, but to sum it up, i’d rather take a chance with a bald head than to take a chance with some blind bald eyes! #iappreciateeyesight

  16. Cassie HayesCassie Hayes says

    Man these dumb ass people going crazy for real! this is so dangerous, Next somebody gonna be on the news saying that’s the reason they’re blind

  17. Brunetta PaceBrunetta Pace says

    That’s str8 stupid! Then who gon lead them round when they blind themselves? Whatever happened 2 mascara, it’ll do the same job! STUPID! BLIND WARNING!

  18. Mercado NilkaMercado Nilka says

    The media is just trying to change everything making us think that we need to be ,or look a certain way, ( to be beutiful) forget them!! God made us fearful ,and wonderful made were beutiful accept who you are, and just forget the media.

  19. Jadean N. PittsJadean N. Pitts says

    Didn’t know there was a such thing as nappy eye lashes LMBO Really? This is what we come to? Smh some woman kill me lol leave ya damn eyelashes alone damn. I wonder if you perm her eyebrows too…….

  20. LovelyLynn AlexanderLovelyLynn Alexander says

    As a Master Cosmetogist. ….I was advised NEVER to do this!….also never to color Eyebrows and eyelids !…There are SAFETY warnings on the box that objects to this dangerous procedure. ….WOW!…..when THESE idiots wonder why they’ve become blind FOREVER…here come LAWSUITS! …..ny go’ kill yo’self, fool!……

  21. Asha says

    Maybe someone should tell her she can just use her eylash curler backwards to make them straight, you know instead of almost ruining your sight. You can also dip them is warm water to help the manipulation.

  22. Pamela PruiettPamela Pruiett says

    Omg Please don’t do this Wow I can’t even believe someone would do this your eyelashes are not nappy so therefore there is no need to relax them Period!!!!!

  23. Marsha B says

    If I have to go through that just to apply fake eye lashes….you can keep it! I want to see! Wonder what the long term effects of this would be??? Smh just be happy, being nappy!!!!

  24. Chavon CorvetteChavon Corvette says

    And aren’t your eyelashes suppose to curl???? Why would you want straight eyelashes??…smh. Ugh I hope she don’t have a daughter who is watching this madness thinking it’s okay.

  25. Khalilah WaltonKhalilah Walton says

    Well if someone wants to risk blindness……. I figure the same population that perfers to do this,will eventually get naturally selected by their own not – so – bright ideas

  26. Chavon CorvetteChavon Corvette says

    And did y’all hear in the video when she said this will make it easier for her to put on her fake lashes??? So this foolish girl is still going to put fake lashes on after trying to make hers straight……smh.

  27. Danica JohnsonDanica Johnson says

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! I am an Esthetician and we provide eyelash perming which is made to gently and safely CURL the lashes!! If you want to wear lashes but need to straighten your lashes a bit since I too have curly lashes, all you would have to do is turn your eyelash curler UPSIDE DOWN!!! Then apply your lashes and then brush yours in with a mascara!!! DO NOT PUT PERM ON YOUR EYELASHES!!! They will eventually fall out to no neutralizer or conditioning just as it does the same to hair!!!! And ladies another tip for hard to grow eyebrows and eyelashes, just put Jamaican/Haitian black castor oil every night before bed and it will take time but you will see a big difference in growth!!!!!

  28. Fatou MbalaFatou Mbala says

    Pure folie! What do you relax on eyelashes??? do you comb them??? Franchement quoi de plus précieux que la prunelle de tes yeux? prends garde.

  29. Charlene Lakeyshia TownsendCharlene Lakeyshia Townsend says

    I think its crazy, theres no way i would put chemicals that close to my eye, Is beauty really worth all that? eyebrows weren’t made to be straightened/permed. some women will stop at nothing to look like these celebrities. be normal. dnt try to be something you are not. we are all made to stand out and be different, not change ourselves. be satisfied with what God gave you. forget the butt implants, bleach creams and plastic surgery

  30. Julia BennettJulia Bennett says

    So dum…… I seen a man put a relaxer on his chest hair and it burned his azz to dust… so y n tha hell would anybody want this on the lashes….. Jus stupid

  31. Samantha FridaySamantha Friday says

    What kind of foolishness agwarn… so I see one satan ridden fool with his eye dem tattoo tattoo up in black ink, now some dumb women are relaxing eyelashes. Is the bleaching days over then along with the clown drawing off eyebrows.. some people have way too much time on their hands with idleness and are not thinking of the long term damage oh well when blindness bun them a fi your business dat..

  32. Estrella Beth BacotEstrella Beth Bacot says

    Most people WANT a curve in their lashes. They use a lash curler every single day. This chemical shouldn’t really even touch the skin period. On your eyes though? Foolishness.

  33. La Tosha WallsLa Tosha Walls says

    O wow….what’s next….. Hmmm let me. O I know *snap* why don’t I relaxer my nostril hair or armpit hair becuz you know i cant have nappy hair!. ……that person has some serious issues. Women are paying for thicker longer curly lashes or using a eye lash curler and that’s what u do….. Ignorance. Well yall old saying common sense is NOT common is proved once again.

  34. Jaquita Tate says

    Hi, My name is Jaquita Tate an I have been doing hair every since I was just a little girl up until now.when I learned how to do hair chemicals which are colors and relaxer’s for all the professional hair Stylist we know how a relaxer can do the skin if left on to long.And clients might know that they have sensitive skin until you apply the relaxer to their lashes see the body is different from the face they may react differently depending on what you’re putting on your skin an I would have to disagree with this method because I see a lawsuit coming from this idea…

  35. Elizabeth DamasElizabeth Damas says

    I do not understand how a blog like BlackHairInformation.com could allow something like this to be posted. This blog exist to educate our sisters to be better and take better care of themselves, but instead it is exposing them to endangerment and promoting artificial look. I’m really deceived by this post and I will even consider to unlike this page.

  36. Keyana Vanessa WomackKeyana Vanessa Womack says

    U dumb raggedy ass females need to stop with the self hate mess …. really … A person putting a relaxer on her hair ain’t got nothing to do with self hate … Please find a new line ….. u sound as dumb as this lady putting a relaxer on her eyelashes …. smh …. make a person don’t want to have thing to do with these black pages … oh yeah I’m natural with extentions in case you want to know

  37. Tameka says

    She just needs to get her some 3D fiber lash mascara and call it a day!! It really would make her natural eyelash look exactly.how she wants it, without risking her sight. Youniqueproducts.com/tamekam

  38. Lynne Young IILynne Young II says

    PURE IGNORANCE!! You put relaxed in your eyelashes….which is already way pass stupid! But in your stupidity you don’t even have enough sense to put neutralizer on it…after the fact…,to STOP THE RELAXER FROM RELAXING!!! SMH!!! Ignorance can be a very dangerous thing!!!

  39. Ashley says

    What the f*ck? They put WARNINGS ON THOSE PRODUCTS FOR REASON! Her eyes could have been severely screwed if that perm would have gotten in her eyes and she has on contacts……. This video could have gotten bad real quick. People need to learn to start thinking. Why the hell would you want to do something like that? They have other products that can help that out in a more safe way…..smh.

  40. Spencer says

    We men need to read this mess and accept our part in contributing to mysogeny (if I’m using the term correctly). Shaving your legs, wearing 7 inch hills and ruining your feet, perming, waxing, painting, coloring, bleaching and now risking your eye-sight? All of this for what? To make you feel “pretty”? Feel good about yourself? And I hope to high heaven it ain’t to attract a man. Because it’s very likely, that same man who likes this ‘ish’ will be gone before the excruciating pain of waxing subsides. #behappywithgodsgifts

  41. Arielle says

    OH MY GOSH :O She can’t be serious!! Did she relax her eyebrows too because they are almost completely drawn on lol dis is just sad smh

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