I know we want longer hair buuuut…..




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  1. Sakina Pecchillo

    I was in my local diner eating with family the other day. Saw a woman with hair down to her feet. She kept flicking it around and playing with it. I was so grossed out. Happy to be at a table nowhere near her. However, those who were around her looked pretty annoyed hahah.

  2. Jewel Marshall

    Just imagine my 4c hair at this length …not a good pic what about wash days ..lawd have mercy no thank u…lol

  3. Keneshia M. Merriweather

    NOPE! I spend enough time detangling mines as it is and it’s only at the point where you connect your bra strap. I say I want it a little longer, but honestly I don’t know if I could cope, lol

  4. Dawn Williams

    What can you do with hair that long? I see uncomfortable sleep for me, struggling to put it in a ponytail, my gosh washing all of that will take all day and the weight. Neck tension and back straining. Buuuuut maybe not. It’s not for me but it’s for someone.

  5. Johnna Williams Nash

    I’m too messy,careless for that length… I would have some creatures living riding, caught in the door while driving, close in the washing machine, in the toilet, this would be a death trap waiting…if I could grow it, it would be to sell or donate

  6. Sherrae Henry

    That’s just too much hair and also uncomfortable buttttttt they can also sell it to make wigs and or weaves.

  7. Debbie Meeks

    Now that much hair really does require a “real” wash “day” unlike some of you all with your ridiculous wash day routines!

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