Knotless Crochet Twist Out With Marley Hair Shared By Denise Killings

Knotless Crochet Twist Out With Marley Hair Shared By Denise Killings



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    1. Torrie Jackson

      I do like this but the up keep. You have keep them curled by dip them in the hot water after a while I heard.

    2. Loteresa Young-Gulley

      Oh really.
      I like this better than the other picture you were thinking about trying.
      It is hard to be cute,sometimes it take a little work. Lol
      I think it’s worth it.
      I think you would rock it, though. Torrie Jackson

    3. Torrie Jackson

      Naw, this is synthetic hair. It gets nappy quick. This lady I follow just post this same style and someone asked about the up keep. She said you do have to re curl. I’m a low maintain person, lol

      1. Alma Ruddock Post author

        You are right it will nap up however it looks and does just what natural hair would do. I recurled mine the second week and the curls come out a even better texture almost like getting a relaxer. And yes you do curl it by dipping it in hot water about 10-15 seconds. At night I just put a scarf on and shake it out in the morning. Hope that helps a bit

  1. Camile Jamil

    Make sure I get a pic! & I can’t receive texts or calls my phone being stupid Ny’Queenya Miller

    1. Alma Ruddock Post author

      Sorry I dont have one. I watched a few youtube videos. I will say its much better to curl the hair first. By wrapping the hair in the rods (white) then putting those in hot water, then installing. I wsh I did that.

    1. Alma Ruddock Post author

      I doubt it. If so it would have to be very low. However I have seen videos of people blowdry it to make it straight.

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