Knotless Crochet Twist Out With Marley Hair Shared By Denise Killings

Knotless Crochet Twist Out With Marley Hair Shared By Denise Killings


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Endenezjia Graham


Camile Jamil

Ny’Queenya Miller that’s cute & it looks real

Ny'Queenya Miller

Camile Jamil I’m bout to do my hair like this but smaller curls.

Tyra Hershey's Finest

This is adorable!!

Shaunte Harris

Stacie Bankston and Ashley Bankston-Bailey… these are cute

Jennifer Webster

I want this cute

Loteresa Young-Gulley

Torrie Jackson
I think this would be pretty on you!

Torrie Jackson

I do like this but the up keep. You have keep them curled by dip them in the hot water after a while I heard.

Loteresa Young-Gulley

Oh really.
I like this better than the other picture you were thinking about trying.
It is hard to be cute,sometimes it take a little work. Lol
I think it’s worth it.
I think you would rock it, though. Torrie Jackson

Torrie Jackson

Naw, this is synthetic hair. It gets nappy quick. This lady I follow just post this same style and someone asked about the up keep. She said you do have to re curl. I’m a low maintain person, lol

Loteresa Young-Gulley

I feel ya.

Camile Jamil

Your hair is going to be cuter Ny’Queenya Miller

Ny'Queenya Miller

Lmao I like her color tho. I think imma do color Camile Jamil

Minkah Allen


Camile Jamil

The red color???? Ny’Queenya Miller

Ny'Queenya Miller

Yes! How she got red and black. Imma try it with honey blond Camile Jamil and I texted you

Camile Jamil

Make sure I get a pic! & I can’t receive texts or calls my phone being stupid Ny’Queenya Miller

Stephanie Chandler

Lamekia Culbreath this is hot.

Carmen Banks

This would be soo cute on you!!

Zhane Clinkscale

It’s very cute. I’d like to try it one day

Zhane Clinkscale

One day I’ll try it lol

Alycia M. Ward


Tawana Williams

StrawBerri Williams I like this.. Time to learn

Whitney Horne

Antonio Manuel yay or nay

Sarabi Love

Can you flat iron Marley hair?

Wanda Williams

Love it! !.

Malka Batia

Cute shirt!!!

Kay Roge

Super cute

Terri Cropp

You are pretty

Toutek Jimmy

Nic i like you hair.

Dee Willis Turner


Barbara Jones