Are You Really Team Natural If You Wear a Protective Style 95% Of The Time?


Now, this is only a question, as some are raising their eyebrows or giving this post the side eye, assuming I am here to insult but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m merely asking a question about protective styling that turns into more of a crutch or a staple than being protection for your hair.

I know we’ve seen Kermit all over the place so when I saw this meme I giggled at first because all the Kermit memes make me laugh but I also giggled because I knew this would strike a nerve with a few folks. Naturals are a rather touchy group, aren’t we?

We’ve been fighting for the right to wear our hair anyway we see fit in the workplace, out in public and even at home. We’ve been criticized by strangers, parents, lovers and bosses yet we manage to still be here and the community continues to grow at a stunning pace. I’m proud of that fact as most naturals are, so when we start seeing our unity busting at the seams it makes most of us a bit skittish. We don’t need the internal strife, but yet we have it and in some not so surprising ways. For instance:

Curl envy

Length envy

Who has been natural longer

And now the ‘are you really natural’ campaign that is getting louder and bigger. It used to be an issue discussed in small groups but with memes like the one above, it’s getting out there pretty quickly. It’s not the only question being asked of some so-called naturals but it’s the newest and actually it’s not getting nearly as much grief as other questions surrounding the title of natural.

With that said are you natural if you wear a wig, weave or braided style year-round? I understand that you do not relax the hair growing from your scalp but it only comes out when you are getting ready to add more hair as a protective style. I remember when a protective style meant protecting your ends from the elements, clothing and over-manipulation but now, to some, completely covering your hair is the only protective style!

The thing is, isn’t that just covering it up? I get if you want to change up your hairstyle and go for the weave, wigs or braids from time to time but if your hair is under added hair 95% of the time that’s not a protective style but rather just your hairstyle of choice.

When I was still relaxed but wore braids from time to time I didn’t relax my hair when I had them in of course. I would keep them in for almost 7 or 8 months on some stretches only taking them out to add new braids and although I never relaxed my hair during those times I never thought of myself as a natural woman.

Granted, this was over 15 years ago and the term natural didn’t even exist like it does now but I cannot see the difference between what I was doing back then and what women are doing now who are proudly shouting that they are team natural.

Originally posted 2014-07-02 15:00:32.

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About Sabrina Perkins

Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at

About Sabrina Perkins

Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at


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  1. Terry Norman
    Terry Norman

    Duh natural isn’t whether you wear it or not. It’s just that your hair isn’t chemically altered. Because perms can cause health problems.

      1. shameka

        so is it ok to call yourself team natural if you wear braid extensions 95% of the time or is that also not a natural since its not all my hair? So my kinky twists make me not team natural… or are we reserving this exclusion for weaves only? seems a bit arbitrary don’t u think!?… cause that same weaved up head, can take down her weave and you couldn’t say she was not team natural could you? so is she team natural for that one day she takes down her weave? I mean this just seems like such nonsense. #TeamNaturalNazis

        1. Deirdre

          I agree with Shameka,

          So are we saying that women who wear braids are natural when most of them actually use synthetic hair? That is not natural to me. I have gone from natural hair to braids, to weaves, to locs, to natural…I switch up and I am tired of people assuming that all women who wear weaves hate their natural hair. I for one don’t hate my natural hair but I do like variety. Besides, the black community has more pressing issues to contend with. A sista could have natural hair and be the first to turn her back to the issues within the community, yet a weaved up sista may be right there on the front lines ready to contend to the more important issues of our communities. We really need to stop fighting with ourselves and focus on relevant issues.

  2. Chala M. Brooks
    Chala M. Brooks

    As long as you take care of your natural hair, you can protective style all you want and whatever way you want.

      1. Joy

        You said it beautifully with “do what you want, who am I to tell you what to do”.

        Whether Chala feels it truly is a protective style should not matter to anyone but Chala. Same goes for anyone else. I know the “but that’s none of my business” part of the meme is a little tongue in cheek, but it is the glaring truth that many people miss. If someone else has some sort of crutch with weaves, wigs & protective styles, it really is none of my business. Maybe she’ll work through it, maybe she won’t, not my problem and every second I spend thinking about how someone else is living is a second wasted. I just can’t allow others to police how I identify or label myself. They’re free to think what they want to their hearts content, but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it.

        Cheers! 🙂

  3. Cece

    Let them shoutout team natural. At least they are proud to be. It really shouldn’t bother anyone if someone is natural and wearing weave to cover it up. Maybe that’s there method of growing their hair. maybe they don’t like how short it is. Or maybe they don’t have the time to keep it up every night. Who ever made that meme is just bitter, but it’s whatever they still gone wear their weave 95% of the time and still proudly shoutout team natural.

      1. Nikki

        I stopped relaxing my hair in 1994 grew locs and lived with waist-length natural hair for 20 years. Menopause and lack of knowledge about how to keep my hair mosturized accurately caused severe breakage. Twenty years to the month 1/94-1/2014 I big chopped my locs and got microbraids. After a year my hair had continued to break off and come completely out at the roots other places. It became necessary for me to remove the braids and take to fully focusing on getting my hair healthy.

        I Big Chopped again this time shaved my head to remove all damaged hair and start from scratch developing the health of my scalp and growing healthy hair from the start. It was also necessary for me to focus on stimulating my follicles in place hair came out at the roots. From the time of the “bird-picked” head through now 1 1/2 month after shaving my head I have worn wigs.

        I do not work in an environment, nor do I wish to sport my bald head and newly growing peachfuzz. I do not feel I have anything to PROVE to any natural woman who believes there is weakness in wearing my wigs now. I was short and nappy working for the government of a southern red state before many of these hair eletists were even born. If I choose to wear wigs now for my own reasons, I say put in as much time natural as I have and then get back to me…..

        1. Bredget

          Exactly! I’m going through some medical issues and it has caused my hair to thin out. So I wear wigs to give my hair a break. I’m so tired of the judgement from other naturals as if they know my hair journey!

    1. Shanz

      Exactly! Having natural hair as in hair that is not relaxed or permed is natural hair. No one’s saying it isn’t. But, being #teamnatural is a whole nother ball game. If your hair is natural, but you wear fake hair as in hair that is not yours and does not have your DNA over it most of the time, such as weaves and wigs…….that’s not really TEAM natural. As in, that’s what you represent, wearing your roots and changing it for no one. It’d be different if someone wore weaves and wigs because they want to every now and then…just for the fun of it….but when you have to in order to have hair length or texture wise and it’s most of the time……. For example, you can’t really say that it’s team natural to have a TWA under a 22” Malaysian Wavy weave over it 95% of the time……

    1. Joy

      Do you! It’s no one else’s business.

  4. niqua

    Yes the meme is funnyv and yes ima natural and yea i wear my weave 95% of the time. I wear it because i eventually fall back into my old habits of taking care of my hair. My major problem is i cant keep my hands out of my hair. I love my hair, my texture, my waves so i will constantly fiddle with my hair. I aint hiding the fact that i dont relax. I dont want my hhj to be for nothing . So again yes u can be natural even though u cover it up

  5. Kyra Walker
    Kyra Walker

    I have noticed that many Black women have stepped away from the Creamy Crack (which is great) but still have a self hate mentality about their natural Black Afros. They still think that there hair either need to be strait or in a protective style in order for it to be pretty or “professional” looking.

    In a world that has taught us for so long not to love our hair, embracing your Natural Black Hair to the fullest is not just a fashion trend. We as Black people living in a White Supremacist/racist society, need to stop being so passive, it’s not “just hair” and it does matter how you wear it. They used our hair to tear us down, so we need to use it to lift us up. With the right consciousness behind it, Returning to Natural is a revolutionary act <3

    1. Theresa Loscocco
      Theresa Loscocco

      It’s their hair. It doesn’t have any self hating chemicals in it, let them wear it HOWEVER they please! Who said you have to wear an Afro in order to be called “natural”? ?? Girl please

    2. Kyra Walker
      Kyra Walker

      @Theresa Um I never said it wasn’t natural if it’s not an Afro and you clearly didn’t understand anything I have written. I suggest to reread it. I’m talking about the mentality that hair needs to be straightened and that Afros aren’t pretty. There are Black women who still have this Self Hate mentality even though they don’t use Self Mutilating chemicals. If you don’t see that as a problem then you need to wake up.

      1. Nikki

        Kyra, sorry that comment was connected to another’s post, but in an internet-based lag it appeared on yours…It was not directed to you.

        I will share, however, that I am a Black women who has been doing psychological and behavioral research for over 10 years. Much of it related to issues of the black race in America (social, economic, employment, social mobility…). Self-loathing as a scientific construct is multidimensional requiring a factor analysis to extract aspects of what is and is not connected. What a black woman chooses to do or not to do with her hair MAY present as a secondary MANIFESTATION of a characteristic of self -loathing but it IS NOT a statistically significant identifier. To say clearly…going natural or choosing straight hair is not enough to scientifically determine whether or not one self-loathes. There are women who straighten who are fully assimilated about their Blackness and those who are fully natural who self loathe. Opinion is opinion, but science is science….

    3. Nikki

      No…women who gave up straightening their hair in the 1960’s and 1970’s were revolutionary. We suffered broad level social, political, and socioeconomic limitations for the choice to go natural. For you all today it’s a fashion choice that doesn’t come with nearly any of the significant challenges we faced from whites AND blacks. Yes some may disagree but black women choosing to go “natural” today…revolutionary??? not so much…/

  6. Mieshel Jett
    Mieshel Jett

    Where’s the beauty of being natural if you never show it? Too many using hair hats as a crutch.. Let them coils breathe they are beautiful! I’m not talking about long enuf to wash and put back in before anybody notices either!!! Lol

  7. Anna Ogonji Smith
    Anna Ogonji Smith

    Not in my opinion. You may have unaltered hair but it’s under fake hair. There are protective styles you can do with your real hair. Show some Black Hair Pride and wear it free of fake hair for at least a couple months out the year.

  8. Abbi

    They may not be “team natural” but they are still natural. In other words, maybe it’s not that big of a deal to them to be on a team. Maybe they just like their hair to be natural and to rock wigs over it. Simple as that.

    1. nubiennze

      This. I’m #teamme…I don’t care whether or not I can sit with y’all, lol.

    2. dy

      #teamnatural got wayyyyyy too many rules. I’m with you on #teamme!

      1. Joy

        Yes, Nubiennze and Dy, I’m with you! And just who is making these rules and why do they get to be the ones that make them?? Have I been missing committee meetings or something?

  9. Aundrea

    Wow. Some people read far too into the word. Being natural is simply not putting chemical straighteners in your hair. That’s it.

    I have a question to those that day otherwise. What if I wear the kinky weave with my perimeter out? Am I still natural then? My point is, so long as my natural hair is unaltered, I’m natural. Don’t judge my journey until you’ve traveled it.

  10. shameka

    this question is utter nonsense I really wish black hair information wouldn’t promote such divisiveness amongst people who are already more divided than any other group. Skin color, hair type, education, wealth… jeez can we give it a rest. What the hell, now we have to ask if a women is natural if she rocks a weave… come on now… just stop the BS

  11. Tina

    You can’t scream team natural and talk about how you represent when no one ever sees your hair unless you’re switching from one wig/weave to the next. If you are natural, then BE natural. Wearing wigs and weaves year around is not a “protective style.” It’s how you want your hair to look, it’s how you want to be perceived. You don’t want people to see your natural hair if you do that. You’re afraid of it. Because it’s not long enough, or loosely curled enough, or not thick enough. Part of going natural, or being a part of team natural, is the mental journey that you take to come to love yourself and accept yourself AS YOU ARE. If you wanna rock a wig sometimes or a weave for a month, cool. Lots of us do. But we take them out because we are not ashamed to show our hair. If you’re a busy mom and you prefer weaves cuz it’s easier but you don’t perm your hair, cool! But don’t rep team natural if no one knows you’re natural but you and your stylist. If you don’t want to take the time to style your natural hair so you wear wigs and weaves all the time, fine! But not perming your hair doesn’t automatically make you a “natural” by today’s standards. It just means you’re a woman with no perm.

  12. Jesslyn Magee
    Jesslyn Magee

    Just stop. Why are we always policing each other about how we wear our hair? If people wanna wear weaves, braids, other protective styling then let them. As long as it’s healthy, that’s all that matters. Natural hair Nazis are the worst! Smh

    1. Jesslyn Magee
      Jesslyn Magee

      Seriously, it’s as if Black people always have to find the most minute reason to stratify ourselves. I’ve never heard the same issue among white women when a brunette goes blond, or vice versa. Is it self-hate then?

      1. lilly Moore

        White women’s hair had never been mocked, discussed, disallowed in society like black women. White society has dictated to black women what is acceptable for their hair. No other race of women has been dictated too like the AA/black woman.

        1. Joy

          True, Lilly. All the more reason to shun division and embrace our respective freedoms.

  13. Vivian Perry
    Vivian Perry

    Being natural is not dependant upon the “style” that you wear on your head. Being natural means your hair is chemically free. You can wear weave if you want to, its the state of your own strands that determine if you’re natural or not. Not “how” you wear it. Another thing we all need to make sure we are true naturals because products we use have chemicals in them lol let’s not judge one another, some of these comments are harsh over a simple question.

  14. Ogechi Onwubu
    Ogechi Onwubu

    I disagree with the “self hate” comments. I think wigs and weaves are often more about length than about texture.

    This opens up a conversation about beauty of long hair vs short hair (of course I believe both can be beautiful) but wearing weaves does not necessarily indicate “self hate”.

  15. K10

    I can understand why this was asked. I think there are different definitions of “natural”, it just depends on the particular individual. I believe if you are taking care of your natural hair (not perming it, listening to your hair, being conscious of what it likes/doesn’t like) and ultimately for the end result to be having healthy natural hair that you will eventually wear out, then you’re natural. But if you have no intention of coming out from under your weave, then perhaps that’s not really natural. I wear protective styles most of the time. Right now, my TWA is twisted/platted underneath a wig. My goal is to be able to wear my hair out, but for it to be as healthy as possible first. It was really damaged before. But that’s just my opinion.

    1. dy

      there are not DIFFERENT definitions of natural….it is only just one. what there is, however, are different people attempting to FORCE their interpretation of a SINGLE word with a SINGLE meaning unto others and falsely identify it as the REAL DEAL.

  16. Roberta Symmonds

    We must also remember that many of our women have had hair loss due to chemotherapy, lupus, and plain old mismanagement of their hair. They would like to wear their hair out but have bald areas that are covered with the wigs. We should not be judgemental when we see a woman wearing a wig.

  17. Timeka

    The problem I’m having with this issue is the same one I have with other major issues like religion or politics…why do we care so much and why do we feel that we have define what natural is to anyone else? Screaming “team natural” has become just another way for people to categorize themselves into this “exclusive” club yet you can only truly become a member if you meet someone else’s standard for belonging. It’s idiotic and whether people know it not it simply creates another way for people to be bullied, judged, and ostracized. Allow people to be who and what they are without judgement and focus on more necessary things. My god it’s just hair, it’s just a piece of who we are.

    1. Ola

      All I see here is hate, black women attacking each other, if leaving your hair out most of the time makes you feel special and part of an exclusive club for naturals then good for you… Put a sign up.. Have a party but keep it to yourself! .. I am so out of here, don’t want to be a part of this, detest labelling! I actually thought being part of team natural was about finally being a part of something special where black women can learn and get the support they need into discovering their own personal style… Everyone cannot be the same… Who made the rules anyways.. So disappointed.

      1. Bredget

        You are right, it is a shame where we as black women are more for attacking one another instead of embracing one another. I’m glad there are differences in reference to our hair because I can learn from other women on how they do their hair whether through weaves, wigs, or whatever, it really does not matter.

  18. nubiennze

    1) There are such things as natural-/afro-textured weaves and wigs.

    2) Wearing box/yarn braids, faux locs, curly/afro crochet braids, Marley/havana/kinky twists, etc. etc. etc. is not exactly “succumbing to a European standard of beauty.”

    3) There are plenty of naturals who would love to rock the styles of their favorite YouTube gurus but haven’t even mastered keeping their natural hair on their heads, much less styling it in a way they find aesthetically pleasing. For many, protective styling is the first approach to natural hair that “worked” so they stick with it in an effort to maintain growth and/or ease of maintenance.

    Porosity, pH, protein/moisture balance, etc. can be tricky, unintuitive stuff, and I imagine a vast majority of women who are taking care of a natural head for the first time in their adult lives are embarking upon their journeys with some element of trial and error. Conventional haircare has never considered our unique hair needs on any appreciable scale, so to some degree, we’re all learning what’s best for our individual heads as we go along.

    I’d be careful of casting divisive judgement on people who are trying, as telling them they have no place on #teamnatural due to their styling choices may be just the thing that discourages them enough to go back to relaxers. I think it’s far more important for as many black women as possible to relinquish the caustic chemicals for the sake of our collective health; I’m significantly less concerned with whether we choose to hide our hair in braids once we stop relaxing it.

    Just because you “got it” at your first attempt doesn’t mean it will come that easily for everyone, and protective styling – even exclusively – isn’t any less of a valid style choice because it isn’t *your* personal choice. Would the same be said of a woman who rocks buns or two-strand twists 24/7/365?

    If this conversation is directed toward women who avoid showing their natural *texture* at all costs (i.e. living under silky straight lacefronts or flat ironing their hair to death to “blend” with some Malaysian remy), that is indeed a separate matter. No need to villainize all PSers to address that, however.

    1. lilly Moore

      Freedom Of Speech/Freedom Of Discussion

  19. Anita

    Who cares. It’s your hair do what you please. I am representing myself. Team be damn

  20. Terry Norman
    Terry Norman

    Right. ^^^ that doesn’t mean it’s self hate??? People always think we’re hating ourselves. Crazy

  21. Sira Turner Sidibe
    Sira Turner Sidibe

    I agree it is more about length or even just being lazy since we dont really have to do much with a weave everyday. Self hate and covering up our hair has nothing to do with it bc i love to wear my hair out but i have a hard time keeping up with any style and it gets time consuming

  22. Ramone Semmoh
    Ramone Semmoh

    Natural means your proud what god has put on your head and wearing it out with grace ! If your hair is always or mostly coverd that means your not embracing it there for you are not a Natural !

    1. Shameka

      so I guess we all have to give up on protective styling since the natural nazis are coming for us because we cover out hair… What if your a muslim woman and you wear hijab to cover your natural hair… No grace their huh? What if you have a regimen where you protective style for 6 months out of the year and 6 months you wear your hair. Are you not natural then. So wait I don’t have any chemical or color on my hair but I can’t call myself a natural haired woman? What if your hair is more fragile and just can’t stand up to being worn out or on your shoulders for too long. Not to mention the fact that some of us have careers in places where some twists or braids as protective style is not cutting the mustard. Its fine if you work at Khamit kinks in brooklyn but if you work for the department of defense or goldman sachs… you might miss that promotion. The whole point being that we are all on different journeys. My journey as a natural is not yours. You don’t know where I live, who I live with, where I work, what my day to day life looks like… but you presume to tell me what I am or am not based on YOUR life… Come on honestly, to any smart woman this just doesn’t sound that intelligent.

  23. Sira Turner Sidibe
    Sira Turner Sidibe

    ^ not true the same can be said about wearing make up bc we are not embracing our face or even just wearing clothes and covering up our bodies bc its covered doesnt mean we are hiding it

    1. Nichole

      That’s only your opinion. I wear wigs through the winter to protect my hair and also when I just want something different and I still consider myself TeamNatural. Who are you to tell me what my definition of TeamNatural is? Each girls natural journey is unique to them so stop judging and start encouraging.

  24. Erica Williams
    Erica Williams

    If I did, it would be my business! Not worried about other peoples heads! I got two daughters, so I’m busy! Lol!

  25. Katrina Gilmore
    Katrina Gilmore

    This is BS. My hair is in the state between natural and chemically relaxed hair. It’s almost to the point where I can start cutting away some of the relaxed hair. I wear wigs during this transition. Secondly I live in a city that doesn’t have a lot of hair stylist that work with natural hair and I’m not great at doing styles on my own. Protective Styles help people in the transitional stages. That’s the point.

    1. kittyclaus

      I am also transitioning to natural, and I live in a city where there are not a lot of stylist who are willing or able to work with transitioning hair. But I am not about to give my money to some Asian conglomerate who thinks I’m nothing but a monkey with a purse they want to pick. I take the time to learn to work with and deal with my transitioning hair, and now I can rock hundreds of truly protective and cute styles with my own hair. I don’t have the time or funds to get myself a “hair hat,” and I certainly don’t want to be yet another representative of the fake-hair wearing stereotype that most other races have of Black women. Am I team Natural? Not 100% yet. But I will be, and it won’t be with the help of anyone else’s hair.

  26. Jesslyn Magee
    Jesslyn Magee

    I’m sorry are some of y’all getting a check from the National Association of True Naturals or something?! It’s just your HAIR!! Why do we have to internalize everything? If a woman wears a wig/weave big deal, your hair should complement who you are, not define it! This is exactly what India Arie wrote a song about!

    1. lilly Moore

      Why is it when AA women attempt to involve themselves in a mature conversation some of us assume that the issue(s) are an attempt to create division amongest us? This is a site about hair! Don’t be overly sensitive!

      1. Joy

        Whether the intent to create division is there is one thing, but with statements to the effect of you’re not team natural UNLESS you (fill in the blank), that is divisive.

  27. Shaunda Harris
    Shaunda Harris

    Wow this is interesting. I say that bc I am natural but I wear alot of protective styles bc I am military. There are so many restrictions on what we can and cant do with our hair. Alot of the cute natural styles are not authorized. Cornrowns must b small and straight back, a fro can not be more than 2in, no bandu knots allowed etc….I dont think im any less natural because of it *shrugs shoulders*

      1. Shameka

        yes she does it for her job… but according to you and those who share your opinion she is not natural because her hair is in a protective style most of the time. That just doesn’t make any sense… This very website recommends protective styling to women who desire healthy hair, and now we are meant to feel some type of way (that is definitely the intent of this article before you go ahead and tell me its not) for protecting our hair. The reason I went natural is precisely BECAUSE I love my hair, my kinks and coils, its the reason I use protection as an insurance policy against damage MOST of the time… As a result I am not natural or I don’t love my blackness… I am beginning to feel like those white girls who want to be team natural but everyone says their not

  28. Erin Campbell
    Erin Campbell

    Hair is hair. I went natural because I wanted to achieve healthy hair and what I realized is you can have natural damaged hair just like you can have relaxed healthy hair. Be it you wear wigs, weaves, braids, wraps, or curls as long as you love your hair it will love you back.

  29. Territa Shantwon Garrett
    Territa Shantwon Garrett

    The protective style don’t change the fact that you have no chemicals in your hair. I have to wear protective styles a lot because of my hair texture ( it can be easily broken). I wear sew ins and braids a lot to protect my hair. I don’t understand how this question even makes sense because protective styles don’t put chemicals in your hair.

  30. Synamon

    Every ladies reasons for going natural are their own. Those reasons will determine how they choose to rock their hair. Reminds me of the parable of the sower,if you know your Bible.

  31. fruitbowlk

    I wear my hair in braids 1. Because my hair thrives much better than it does any other way. 2. because I get tired of doing my hair all the time and it gives me a break from the washing process, twisting process etc. We take this natural hair “movement” too far. it has become more of an joke than people making a decision to do what is best for there hair and the health. Why are we making laws on hair? There is so much to think about, write about and talk about than why people choose to do xyz with THEIR hair. Lets grow up and encourage each other than pulling each other down and wonder why other races say the things they do about us.

  32. Marie

    This is a great question. It, and some of the other comments here, has given me something to consider, because I have caught myself wondering the same thing!

    I think the natural hair trend is not just about hair freedom, but also about emotional and mental freedom. I think the agitation is present during these types of discussions because it SHOULD just be about personal hair styling preferences. However, unless you just joined us on the planet (Happy Early Independence Day if you did! ), you know that this nation (maybe even this world in this regard) is not quite there yet. That is so sad but it is true, and I know that AA and African women around the globe are tired of being constantly evaluated through the lens of other people’s ignorance or hatred.

    Our hair grows out of our heads the way God created it to grow. However, we have been so mistreated and marginalized because of our appearance in general (hair included) it is a wonder we still have any hair on our heads at all. Sometimes a discussion about hair is about more than hair. It is the same way a request for a cup of coffee from a black person at whites-only-counters in the 1950s was about more than a request for a cup of coffee. It SHOULD have been just about the coffee, but it was about much more than that. Therefore, there is some hope that one day the natural hair discussion will just be about the hair, and not about the history that is attached to it.

  33. syd

    This is ridiculous…. my hair is still %100 natural (completely free of chemicals) with or without weaves and wigs. I wear weave or wigs 95% of the time because I do not have the time to style my hair every few days and my hair does not like to be manipulated that frequently and I retain length best in wigs and weaves. I love my hair but I recognize my hair can not be handled often and to be honest, I dont like many natural hair styles, i dont feel like most look good on me, I just like how much healthier my hair is, so that when i do decided to wear it out, it looks good.

  34. Elvenlen BriteEyez Harvey
    Elvenlen BriteEyez Harvey

    There are more important things to worry about in this world than concentrating on other peoples hair! Natural is loving yourself regardless of how you decide to wear your hair, if its part of you being you and no one else, then flaunt your hair however you want…that is natural!

    1. lilly Moore

      Have you ever heard of agreeing to disagree? This is suppose to be an adult conversation. How boring would this site if we all thought the same? BORING!! I am not a follower of thoughts!

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