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  1. Nery Perez

    Oh no I’m sorry my hair takes forever to grow I’d have a heart attack her hair is gorgeous wouldn’t nobody be able to tell me NOTHING with that length

  2. Aliyah Freeman

    So.. her hair isn’t nice anymore because she cut it ? It’s the same hair just shorter. What’s the big deal ?

    1. Aliyah Freeman

      I’m referring to her hair in general. It’s the same hair just shorter, there’s nothing wrong with her hairstyle.

  3. Sonya Moore

    Maybe her hair grows really fast and she just got sick of the maintenance of it being that long, that’s a whole lotta work to do every day!

  4. Nery Perez

    Well gessh her hair is beautiful short or long I’m just saying I wouldn’t so relax ladies her hair looks good both ways kuddos to her

  5. Valerie Johnson

    I think it looks beautiful…some people’s hair grows very fast…I trim mine all the time…it grows back quickly..

  6. Tracy L Adams

    No way! I’m sorry lol I would love to have her long beautiful hair, there is no way I would cut it, my hair grows very slowly! Love the cut, but no. Everyone’s hair doesn’t just grow back as fast, it takes some people, myself included, hair much longer to grow. Seems like my hair has stalled.

  7. Shonai Gatlin

    I had hair like you and have never grew back the same never. Cherish your glory” , a woman’s hair is her glory”. To eaches own

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