Interview With Celebrity Stylist and Wig Maker Darnell Wold Part 1

Celebrity Stylist And Wig Maker Darnell Wold

Meet Darnell Wold a well-seasoned multicultural hairstylist and wig maker from New York City who has over a decade of industry experience.

He began his career and education with the Aveda Institute in Manhattan where he gained an intense cosmetology foundation, which allowed him to perfect his expertise in cutting, coloring and styling hair as well as skin care and cosmetics.

He has been trained with some of the industry’s leading professionals, such as Ted Gibson, Nick Arrojo, Ruth Roche and many more and has worked with the likes of Cherrie Martinez, Natalie Nunn, Christina Milian and Lil’ Kim.

In addition to this he has made his mark in the editorial and fashion world, where he was able to do hair for several fashion week events and editorial shoots.

Aside from his successful career as hairstylist, Darnell also began dabbling in areas of skin care and cosmetics, where he established himself as a top selling makeup artist and cosmetics manager for some of the beauty industry’s leading beauty companies such as Clinique, Sephora and Estee Lauder.

He didn’t stop there, he also developed a luxury wig and hair extension line where he completely customizes and hand sews high quality wigs for clients worldwide.

His clients are happy because he uses his master stylist expertise to create gorgeous wigs, using high quality virgin hair and applying custom coloring, styling and cutting to exceed their expectations.

We had fun getting a male perspective on everything from natural hair, to protective styling, healthy hair, skin care and make up; sit back and let Darnell tell you his thoughts on all things beauty!

Darnell, your work and education is impressive, what influenced your desire to work in the beauty industry and what are some of the hard truths that you have learned and that have kept you going in your business thus far?

Thank you so much; I have had a passion for doing hair since I was a very young boy. I remember being as young as four years old and being completely obsessed with any toys or dolls that had hair.

As I got older my passion for hairstyling continued and it only seemed right to pursue a career in an art that I loved so dearly. I loved having the ability to completely change and alter a person’s appearance and make them feel beautiful and confident.

Unfortunately, for me doing hair out of my mother’s kitchen was nothing in comparison to stepping into such a competitive industry. From the moment I entered cosmetology school I realized the hard truths of the business, not only was there a lot to learn in regards to my skills and education, but I had to grow a thick skin for criticism and competition.

As I mentioned earlier I was playing with dolls growing up and there weren’t exactly any box braiding or flat twists contests. Sports were out the question and the closest competition I may have experienced was a spelling bee. This new world was intimidating to me, but my passion to learn and develop my talent made me hungry for more.

I’ve never been the type of person to be easily defeated, I’ve experienced all types of boulders and disappointments throughout my path, but my passion is greater than my losses. The beauty industry is forever evolving and changing and I see this as such a great form of art and expression that I could never imagine myself doing anything else.

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