Interview With Natural Hair Advocate Wolfgang Lisborg


I AM AFRICAN, I AM EUROPEAN. Yet your apathy towards what I represent doesn’t effect me. For I stand transcended beyond your unacquainted appreciation for my culture.

Wolfgang Lisborg is that one guy in the back of the natural hair meetup cheering the loudest for all the women walking around rocking their natural hair proudly. He has been a part of the community for as long as I can remember posting dope pictures of his hair on social media and lending us little tidbits of advice in video format on YouTube and simple regimen talks on Instagram.

Additionally, Wolfgang is proud of his heritage and from the quote above he is very self-aware, which is a quality we can certainly appreciate from a young man.

In the below interview, we dived a little deeper with Wolfgang, asking him everything we could about his hair and regimen to the redefinition of manhood and his role as a natural hair advocate for women and what that means to him.

Check it out!

1. Can we talk about your hair, how long have you been growing your hair out and what is your weekly regimen like?

My goodness, it’s been so long since I’ve actually thought about that. It’s 5 years and 4 months of boomin’ growth since I’ve chopped my hair 3 times to achieve this look.

On a weekly basis, I’m washing my hair at least every other day or two days. Primarily because if I ever let my hair go over 8 days it’ll begin to get itchy day by day which totally kills me.

Usually, before I start anything I’m always incorporating strong hair stimulating oils such as; ORS Hair & Scalp Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oil, ORS Hair Serum, Eden Peppermint/Tea Tree Oil, TGIN Honey Hair Mask, TGIN Hair Serum, Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioners, Fructis Conditioners, and a satin scarf.

Of course, I’m not using all of these at the same time but, I’m using them in a rotation. Whenever I’m aiming for an extremely soft feel for my hair the TGIN Honey Hair Mask comes first, I’ll even add some Peppermint/Tea Tree to it.

Other times if I’m not using that, I’m co-washing often. Since I’m not too particular about how my hair looks all the time, I usually just rock a bun with oils on my ends and throughout my hair.

2. If you were stuck on a island and could only bring 3 products with you what would they be?

Alright, so I’m most def bringing that ORS Hair Serum because whenever that’s in my hair combined with raw heat my hair becomes “SUPER” soft. I’m not sure what the reaction really is but trust me it works.

Next is…….dang this is hard, lol! Actually, ORS Hair & Scalp Grapeseed Oil. Lastly, a good quantity of hummus and some Lebanese bread. It’s lit!

3. What’s your hair growth secret?

Funny thing is I really do have a secret, well it’s not gonna be much of a secret anymore after this. SIMPLY FORGET THAT YOU HAVE HAIR!? Wait, what? No, seriously that’s my secret.

Once the individual forgets about always being in their hair which we likt to call H.I.H.S(Hand In Hair Syndrome).

They’ll treat it like you would brushing your teeth, lotioning your skin, and eating. What I mean is simply, treat it like a daily task instead of making it something difficult.

Establishing this mindset is why my hair is so long because just as I remember to eat and drink. I nourish my hair’s thirst with a shower, hunger with oils, and keep it moving.

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