Crotchet Braids With A Bang Including Braid Pattern

Crotchet braids with bangs

We always post pictures of crotchet braids on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and the response is almost always favorable. It is a great protective style and a very popular alternative to regular braids and other types of weave, not to mention it is super duper easy to do yourself.

We found a great tutorial from MSPYT81 that included the beehive braid pattern and bangs which is below the post but before you watch there are a number reasons women like this style that you might want to consider.

The first thing that we thought was awesome is that your hair is protected in a way that leaves the edges intact (providing that your edges were full and strong beforehand of course). So many times we do protective styles involving additional extensions and expose our edges to damage; with crotchet braids you could eliminate that problem.

Another great reason to choose this style is again related to the health of your own hair because it allows you the freedom to moisturize and cleanse your scalp as often as you need to because you can part the hair and reach your scalp which is very different from some most weave options.

Styling is also very versatile, we often see crotchet braids in a curly style but you can use straight hair, kinky hair to create a ‘natural’ look or even do individual twists or braids. The benefit of this is that you can recreate micro braids without your hair suffering the same stress it would with regular micros. If you have a stylist who is great at crotchet braids he or she could replicate virtually any style you desire using this technique.

Additionally as with all protective styles that involve additional hair, we always encourage a little creativity, so if you want to try some color then go ahead and do it. Crotchet braids give you the freedom to do a bit of experimentation, you can go bold or subtle just enjoy the style once you decide to take the plunge

Convinced yet? Well if not, check out the tutorial and give the style a shot, we loved the bangs, it was the perfect touch!

Originally posted 2014-02-16 20:00:08.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Latia Horton
    Latia Horton

    Love ur style been watching ur tutorial on you tube and thanks to u I haven’t had a perm since August of last year and my hair had grown out tremendously. I love my crochet braids I have pictures of my styles as well good luck on ur journey to natural hair

  2. Lovely LiaLove
    Lovely LiaLove

    What kind of hair is that??? Please let me know. I have been looking for that type of hair for a long time!!

    1. LaTanya McDowell
      LaTanya McDowell

      I understand what you’re saying. But, it’ll never be over, because it’s not a trend. We have to keep encouraging our sisters who still can’t see the beauty of their natural selves. #DownWithWeaves

    2. Tosha Alston-Barnett
      Tosha Alston-Barnett

      Ever since going natural I will never go back… I agree just keep encouraging them the versatility of natural hair… without weave

  3. Sammie Time
    Sammie Time

    I really would like to have a bob style and can’t do it my self will look around in Brooklyn to see where I can have this done, the last time I checked they where charging $100.00

  4. Cherie Baker
    Cherie Baker

    It’s actually really easy to do. Just use free tress hair. )The kind that has no track) then you simply latch hook the hair onto the French braid. The braid pattern you use depends on how u want the hair to fall.

  5. Kevina OnenOnly Kennerly
    Kevina OnenOnly Kennerly

    Other salons outside of bk do this lol. I go to an African hair braiding shop on 125th St in Harlem and they do this. They’re called best braiders 44 west 125th St. I usually get my hair done by jamila. My sister and I have been going to her since I was about 12yrs old. She’s really nice very professional and does an awesome job. And charges a fair price. (718) 213-0915 this is her number.

    1. cathleen

      How much does she charge and what is considered a fair price?

  6. Kevina OnenOnly Kennerly
    Kevina OnenOnly Kennerly

    And just because a woman is natural doesn’t mean she can’t get a weave. It’s called protective styling. I’m natural and get braids, the occasional sew in and what not but this definitely isn’t a “trend” for me. I haven’t had a perm in over 5 yrs and definitely won’t be going back.

  7. Tasheen Lockridqe
    Tasheen Lockridqe

    And all this time I thought women were using their own natural hair for this style & it’s weave smh the deceit lol jk it’s cute nonetheless… Always wanted to get this style but I thought my hair couldn’t do this now I know I could do it this way! We chocolate sistas sure are creative!

  8. Nicole Butler
    Nicole Butler

    For all those who are crying it’s still a weave….what she is doing is called a protective style . During the colder months you because of the elements it can to harsh for our hair natural does not just mean no chemicals but it has to be healthy hair so to protect it a protective style is used…… This is a beautiful style and looks great

  9. Sugar Brown
    Sugar Brown

    I love this style. People can wear whatever they want to. Natural is nice and so is weave. I have long hair and I also wear weave a lot. It works great for when I workout. Weave to me is a great protective styling process for me. I also love braids as well. I believe she is just doing different styles and I definitely agree with you Kevina onenonly Kennerly!

  10. Terry Norman
    Terry Norman

    People can wear weave if they want to hell. Some people don’t feel like doing their hair, natural hair is a lot of work!

  11. Latoya SoBlessed Braxton
    Latoya SoBlessed Braxton

    I like it I never had a sew in but its cuz ima scaredy cat lol nd ma hair long nd thick nd I dnt want more but I wish I could let maself try it I only had perms nd braids ma friends/sister do weave nd what not nd I like it on them nd other women dat do it right but can sumbody skool me on what a protective style is nd how it works jus curious

  12. Salley Winter Baxter
    Salley Winter Baxter

    Anybody know good salons to go to in manhattan, Harlem New york to get crotchet braids?? I would love to get the style but I fail every time I try myself. Thank You

  13. Sarah Ragland
    Sarah Ragland

    I have long hair but wear weave it work for me because I’m a truck driver I like looking like a women out here and don’t have time for my hair I like braids also I love her hair I’m getting this done soon to my hair

  14. Elizabeth Fathers Promise Pendergrass
    Elizabeth Fathers Promise Pendergrass

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! You can’t be natural and wear a weave, wig, extentions…etc. YOU CAN’T WIN FOR LOSING!!! Her hair is fierce!!!! It so amazing how naturals can be hateful of other naturals because one choose to wear their hair a different way.

  15. Shawnta Coleman
    Shawnta Coleman

    Natural extremist at every turn smdh, I’m transitioning to natural you can go kick rocks if I’m going to let you natural Nazi’s stop me from wearing a sew in.

    Girl rock it, it looks good on you.

  16. Angel Ayers
    Angel Ayers

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh S____________t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How gorgeous and I don’t normally curse but damn. Beautiful. What kind of hair is that?

  17. Ni-Ni Henderson
    Ni-Ni Henderson

    People can do what they want to their hair. Get over all of this my hair is better than yours and if you wear weaves, wigs, dye/relax your hair, or wear make-up, you aren’t natural or being true to yourself or “race” foolishness. There are important things to worry about in life, and hair is nowhere near dire to sustenance.

  18. Nicole L. Durham-Harris
    Nicole L. Durham-Harris

    Im natural and I have a crochet style in now..its a protective…some people..stop judging..this style looks nice, the hair is super cute

  19. Tami Ann Johnson
    Tami Ann Johnson

    Hypocrits be quiet bout aint natural or wat have u. U put products in yo hair every day. Think about, is that the ultimate naturalista?

  20. Charlene Taylor
    Charlene Taylor

    I had those in the early 90s they we’re called inter locks. Super easy and now I see more different styles. Cute.

  21. Robyn Willis-Baldie
    Robyn Willis-Baldie

    Gorgeous! I’m natural and wear crochet braids a lot. Get over it! Anyway, if you can corn roll, or know somebody that corn roll, that’s half the battle. Get your hair and a crochet needle. Just watch a tutorial once, and I promise, it’s sooo easy. If my 14 yr old can do it, you can too. It’s really hard to mess up.

  22. Angel Noonenobetta Vaughn
    Angel Noonenobetta Vaughn

    I’m sorry it shouldnt matter rather a woman wants to be natural, permed, weaved or wigs they are all OK & the woman is still beautiful. I’m so tired of this natural vs weave crap. People have a choice to do as they want… They style is cute & there’s nothing wrong with someone natural doing it. Smh

  23. Chisa Chanel
    Chisa Chanel

    I used freetress gogo curl and cut it in half twice, and my hair looked just like this when I finished. only took on pack for my big head butt

  24. Key Twodacity
    Key Twodacity

    Everyone knows that braid pattern is called a snake braid its been done for years. . I use the pattern on most of my sew ins

  25. MoneyHunny Smith
    MoneyHunny Smith

    Wow Alicia Mspyt Francisco you must be doing something right. You know you on when you have grown women hatin on you for NO reason. Black women need to learn how to uplift. I love this style btw 🙂 great job & great person !

    1. Alicia Mspyt Francisco
      Alicia Mspyt Francisco

      wow I didn’t know thanks for the tag MoneyHunny Smith ive been doing hair all day and I pay hate no mine chile and as long as they keep watching that video im getting paid 🙂

  26. Rielle Cristina
    Rielle Cristina

    Are the insults necessary? Yes you’re entitled to an opinion, but do it in a way where it wont be hurtful to others.

  27. Tecia Bangs
    Tecia Bangs

    To whom ever commented on my comment I cant find it too many comments ! It wasnt meant in a negative way ! I just said that her is nice also !! The hairstyle is nice !! Relax !!

  28. Cynthia Mixon
    Cynthia Mixon

    I have started wearing crochet braids, due to her tutorial. So many ways to do ur hair, and u can scratch ur scap instead, of beating ur scap. Its just more natural this way, and healthier.

  29. Lena Scott
    Lena Scott

    I really love this, but I’m such a newbie to this kind of style. How do you take the weave out when you’re done with it? Do you have to cut it short and undo all of the individual pieces?

  30. Roshun Daniels
    Roshun Daniels

    You know I love it Jeffrey Lewis. The bigger the hair the higher to God. Vonna’s hair still looks good.

  31. Brandy Cheung
    Brandy Cheung

    OK, What about washing synthetic hair? I usually use 1 of the hemp natural shampoos. But what about conditioning?? I do prefer human hair because it wears better when up keep products aren’t readily available. It’s getting better in Hong Kong, but not very. US stores are skitish about sending here. Have to rely on the African stores. Any Info would be a great help.

  32. Zenia Boyd
    Zenia Boyd

    What kind of hair is this and is it human? If not, do anyone know of a human hair brand in this style? HELP! SERIOUSLY!!!!

  33. Constance Shaneice Hayes
    Constance Shaneice Hayes

    Victoria Watkins I remember when you & your sister back in our high school days kept me with crochet braids. I had the baddest braids ever!

  34. Shalla Reid Barnes
    Shalla Reid Barnes

    I would want to do this but wouldn’t know where to start… I really want to do this… I wonder how much it would cost to have this done? Anyone?

  35. Doris Motley
    Doris Motley

    I did some last summer..easiest style ever! You can even get to your scalp easier too. Just google crochet braids and you will be bombarded with how to videos

  36. Tyleah McFadden
    Tyleah McFadden

    I like the parts straight back it looks natural and u can part it in different ways. You can get a bang but do straight braids close.

  37. Rita

    I love it I actually wear a wig in this style but would love to wear it like this for a more natural style.

  38. Erica Boyd
    Erica Boyd

    I tried with straight hair and I have to learn the closure process still. Think I’ll try curly next

  39. Sherna Schufford
    Sherna Schufford

    Marvis jones
    Sherna schufford
    I love this but with less hair. I often did crochet hair years ago. Looks like ill be starting again

  40. Endenezjia Graham

    I have tried this crochet braid hairstyle and I must say I absolutely love it! ❤❤

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