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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. kai says

    AMAZING DETANGLING LEAVE INS ARE: kids organics shea butter detangling moisturizing lotion, texture my way easy comb, and beautiful textures tangle taming leave in

  2. Demiera says

    L’oreal’s Evercurl Hydracharge leave-in is one of the best leave-ins I’ve ever used… And I’ve been through a few of the ones on your list! One pump does it all. I can either pair it with gel for a wash and go or use it before blow drying for a super soft blowout. I’m actually going to the store for more today!

  3. surVIVEr28 says

    As I am leave -in or shea moisture’s transitional milk work well for me. Seal that with some olive oil and finish with the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Viola! Soft, moisturized, detangled curls til next wash day.

  4. S. says

    I love Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner! It is definitely one of my “hg” products. I have natural, 4b/c hair; it keeps my coils moist, and easy to maintain.

  5. Nonie OboliNonie Oboli says

    I don’t like Cantu…leaves my hair feeling like straw and I don’t like the smell. Number 6 and 4 are good….haven’t tried 2. Sorry, TMI…lol!

  6. IAm NykitaIAm Nykita says

    I use none of those..the leave in I use is from Shea moisture(smoothie nd milk)…I love their line. It leaves my hair smelling good, soft, nd doesn’t fizz up…I also use carols daughter

  7. Akilah SmithAkilah Smith says

    I use none of these at all. I use Eden Bodyworks coconut leave in. The best ever OMG!! I used to use cantu when I first big chopped but as my hair grew longer it didn’t work for me anymore. I always wanted to try Infusium 23 though

  8. Gigi McDanielGigi McDaniel says

    Shanice Candice Morales it is giovanni…iy makes your hair super soft.. my boyfriend loves it… apply that with olive oil and let it set for 20 to 30 mins… I wait longer but.. it works…

  9. Gigi McDanielGigi McDaniel says

    Shanice Candice Morales dont forget to use a bag to cover your hair after you apply it to your hair.. it cost 6 or 7 bucks… I got mine at the beauty supply store.

  10. Wendy Jean-LouisWendy Jean-Louis says

    I love cantu. Found it after sheamoisture had bad reaction on my hair. Hair was shedding and left painful boils. And my hair started falling apart. Am thinking maybe am allergic reaction to something in sheamoisture. But cantu came to the rescue. I want to try Giovanni but to afraid to stray away from my cantu.

  11. Lynette LynchLynette Lynch says

    I haven’t tried any I have been natural for almost two years , although I’m not mixed race I have been using mixed chicks my hair is fine it doesn’t way it down . Could anyone suggest another leave in that work wonders on fine hair? Mixed chicks is a bit expensive.

  12. Klarkak GochaKlarkak Gocha says

    it really depends on the texture ad well as if you have color treated hair. I have blonde in my hair. I also have medium to course hair. Wella professional products has done my hair justice.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 #3 was a”no go” on my hair but when I used it on my client hair with the same texture but not color treatment it did wonders 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Sabe MorganSabe Morgan says

    3 is definitely the best for your money that’s why people are staying by it. It’s the number one selling product. Number 2 and 1 Givonnai, are very good. I love them both. I never Went back to 1 though because it’s so pricey. I get good coverage and curls with Kinky curly

  14. Cherrice ArnoldCherrice Arnold says

    I use # 6 on my hair and my 3 daughters hair and it is wonderful… Each of us has a different grade of hair but this doesn’t leave a film on our like Cantu #3… I use it on wet and dry hair with no problem.

  15. Jordan Banks says

    Number 1 and 3… works amazing wonders in my hair 1 week in a half braid out styles… #3 smells wonderful

  16. Rashonda says

    I like Cantu. But it weighs my hair down. Another product I would recommend is Nutress Hair leave-in conditioner. It is the bomb! Its spray on so there is not a lot of product build up. This should have made the list . You ladies should check it out ! 🙂

  17. Nessa says

    My fave leave in conditioner is the Alikay Natural Lemongrass Leave In. I love the smell and the fact that its so lightweight.

  18. Sharon says

    I have been told by my braid stylist leave-ins make your scalp dry and not to use them what is everyone’s opinion on this ?

  19. Deadra Rahaman says

    Karen’s Body Beautiful sweet ambrosia leave-in is excellent and is a staple for my thick, course hair!

  20. Deitra says

    Karen’s Body Beautiful is awesome and smells amazing! I started out using Giovanni, and also tried Shea Moisture Curly Milk but Karen’s is the best for my hair.

  21. Alister Jacob says

    Giovanni Direct leave in dries my hair. Instead of adding moisture to my hair it sucks the moisture out. I have tried it numerous times and just ended up giving the bottles to my daughter. Cantu and kinky Curly knot today are okay. I have tried numerous formulas from Shea Moisture. I am still on a quest for a good leave in conditioner for MY hair.

  22. Nicole L. Mack says

    I’ve never had any success with a leave-in, so I figured they don’t work on my hair. Yet as I study healthy hair habits almost every article, book, blogger, YouTube guru mentions them. I’ll have to give it 1 more shot.

  23. Brittany Richardson says

    #3 should be replaced with the cantu argan oil leave in instead. Now that stuff is heaven. And #6 i would recommend it on relax hair, works like a charm but dont use on natural hair because it will dry it out. I will try the others!

  24. Sharon Yvette Scranton says

    I can’t use any of those things in my hair or even put in any leaving conditioner I don’t know what it is the different products I think it might be there my hair course is totally different is not thick is silky and all I can do is just wash it sprayed with oil sheen beautiful after I air dry.

  25. Vedejah Scroggins says

    I like its a ten literally one bottle has lasted me a year it’s crazy and that’s with me washing every week I may have missed a few times but my hair noticed it only takes a few squirts like 3 for your whole head to be covered

    • Tonya Jones says

      It’s the protein. When I was newly natural I loved Cantu as well, but I had to get away from it, my hair was dry. I think it would be better for permed hair.

  26. Trice Marie says

    I’m currently wearing a relaxer and cantu seems kinda thick to me. But good for natural hair. Personally I like Keracare leave in mixed with a little gloss serum by cream of nature argan oil brand. Always comes out silky

  27. Yoli says

    KJ Naturals Marshmallow Detangler & Leave-in, hands down the best leave-in for my hair! It’s lightweight but very moisturizing. I seal in moisture with one of her whipped butters or pomade. I stocked up on the leave-in so I am never without.

  28. Felicia Cameron says

    My hair is naturally thin and soft. Is there a leave-in conditioner someone would recommend or should I even use one?

  29. AASIF ASLAM says

    An amazing detailing for people who are confused to buy conditioners for their hair. Personally, I liked the Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner which I will buy much sooner.

    Thanks, Petra once again.

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