Woman awarded $75,000 Settlement After Cop Forcibly Cut Off Her Hair

Woman awarded 75,000 Settlement after Cop Forcibly cut off Her Hair

I had a variety of thoughts when I saw this story, most of them surrounding, I wish a woman [Insert word here] would grab me and cut my hair! And then I had thoughts of what I would have done, how I would have felt and how disgraceful our justice system can be at times.

This story took place in good old Warren Michigan, you don’t hear a lot about that town but then again whenever anything atrocious happens you always find yourself saying that.

Charda Gregory was arrested and booked because she had allegedly trashed a motel room in Warren MI and she also kicked the police car. tsk tsk That’s fine, you do the crime you do the time right?

What happened to arresting the woman, removing the things that by law you should remove and putting her in a holding cell? These are all things that are considered normal.

That went out of the window on this day, she was forcibly placed in a chair and a female officer proceeded to cut her hair in a manner that looked like hacking if you ask me.

Take a look at the original surveillance video:

According to reports Officer Najor, the aggressor claimed that she had to remove the weaves because they could be used to harm her or damage property in the jail. Well then, cant blame a girl for wanting to take the proper ‘precautions’. SMH

This incident has a somewhat happy ending though, the city was able to view the video and after seeing it, decided to settle out of court to the tune of $75,000 and the over zealous officer was fired because of good samaritan/scared coworkers who agreed her actions were excessive and Charda was absolved of all charges.

This is what the city had to say afterwards.

We all agreed mistakes were made by a Warren police officer. We wanted to do the right thing. We wanted to address those mistakes head on. When (officers) are right, we’ll fight as long as we have to. If we’re wrong or one of the employees of the city was wrong, we’ll do the right thing.

Share your thoughts?

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Wanda Shields

Good for her Amen

Tramaine A Blakely

She should’ve gotten more than that

Charlie Burgess

Good for her

Lakita Covington

That ain’t enough if u ask me…

Kimberly Davis Wesley

That’s not enough money!!

King Que

Cops are so dirty nowadays . She should have gotten a higher amount, especially from the city for being abused by a city employee. Smh. But no amount of money can cover how she probably feels from this experience, yes she may have done wrong, but having your hair forcibly cut off isn’t a pleasant experience. Sorry for her.

Malayisha G'nell Simmelkjaer

She should of got 100,000

Dione Alexsaundra Carter

And the should have fired every cop who sat there and watched it happen wtf

Doris Walkins

Crazy! Glad she got a settlement but it never should’ve happened in the first place.

Crystal Blessedclp Hobbs

75 racks she can buy some hair and rock a sew in til it grow back

Terry Norman

Man why the hell would he do that though!? Some cops are evil as hell I swear to God ugh smh

Terry Norman

That just makes me cry smh

Alvera Barnes Mcknight

These cops are getting way out of hand they need to be screened before putting on a uniform

Monique Hairaddiction Outlaw

I would have wanted way more this is outrageous

Tawana Miller

So what of it was a weave ! Look at the way he was cutting it out . He still probably cut some of her hair ! She should’ve held out for money just to f°*k with them , like they did her .

Shanna A Fields

That was ridiculous!!!

Thee Anjel Malone

OMG !!! This has me feeling some type of way!

Timetre Pratcher

They so trifling

Tee La'Cara

The story says the officer cut off the prisoner’s weave…. I didn’t know that they removed women’s weaves in jail.

Tabitha Nicole McCollister-Steele

Yah, never shouldn’t of happen, but I know she’s glad it did. 75k

Jennifer Lyric Lindsay

Ok so let’s say it was all her hair twisted up in a pony…what then? Do they cut all long hair? I don’t see a real reason here.

Tianna Jarrett-Williams

Doesn’t matter whether it was her own hair or not. It’s unprofessional, disgusting and brings the police force into disrepute.

Foodie Travelnista

That’s it!!?!

Sherri Lovemewhenithurts Jackson-Sanner


Melissa Newman Bojang

the cop was mad cause his ugly ass didn’t have no hair. i am starting to dislike cops more and more each day.

Pb Kanes


Shirley Winters Harris

It was a woman who cut her hair. A Black Cop!!

Sometime Soon

That was a female cop. It was a sew-in, BUT they cut her natural hair along with the weave. Totally uncalled for. The female officer was reprimanded.

Alisa Stevenson

Only a certain people seem to be glad about this.. old or not.

Mary Victor

some is better than nothing at all…

Peace Osayi

I hate cops

Janice T. Johnson

Just 75k. Crazy

Khadija Garrison

All I know is all this sh** the police been doing making them look very bad the police been doing some not necessary sh**. I dont even feel safe around the police I wouldnt even feel safe calling them If I was in trouble they might just beat my ass for know reason

Takeisha Jeffrie

That is some b******* that got me mad,

Alvine Vaughn-Ledbetter

$75,000…is that all?
For the torture, verbal, emotional, mental abuse and public humiliation…and the post traumatic stresses that she will Suffer for the rest of her life…her medical bills will absorb that…she had a sorry attorney!

Sondra Rudd


Audrey White

yup….poor attorney…should got more this is disgusting. Can’t cut some bodies hair.That was just the cops excuse to be mean and inflict pain on the women( the cop knew cutting a females hair is traumatic to a women)…She abused her power.

Serresa Rider

Too much they shouldn’t have done all that

Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

Not enough for what happened

Felicia Inmyhappyspacedonotdisturb Captain


Angie Jackson

Warren Michigan has a lot of racism there. They don’t even celebrate Martin Luther King Day there either. I would never move in that city.

Nisha Collins

Wow smh…

Estefani Rodriguez


Amanda Bradley

Ooo I’m reallll close to Warren I need a hair cut by officer friendly cuz I’m taxin that ass oml ima be like he was screamin racial epithets nd er’thangggg bahahaha sooo uncalled for but since ya wanna show ya ass ima show mine too js js

Yamirah Saleem

That was awful. I can’t imagine someone cutting my hair against my will!

Rose Freeman


Andrea Tasy

She needs to be awarded way more than that.

Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

Trying to humiliate her was cost enough glad she won!!

Terreka Chandler

What has happened to the world? Are we ever going to over come racism?

Regina Robinson

I was mad when i saw that video. .but I’m also glad she won her case!

Tee Brown

They all shldhv got fired this was just awful.

Angelika Johnson

Id kill them if they did that to me