When The Installation Of Hair Extensions Goes Horribly Wrong

Sometimes we just want to save a little money, and for some of those times it just isn’t worth it. A college student in Houston tried to save some money on her hair extensions, and it ended up costing her a ton of pain and hair loss.

Human hair extensions generally cost a pretty penny, but on the black market you can get the hair for a fraction of that cost. You can save even more money if you just get someone to do you a favor on the install. Brittney Dever who is just 22 years old told her local station in Houston that she took the cheap route and did just that with her installation:

“I went to someone’s house. She installed a weave-in cap in my hair,” Devers said.

She paid $60.00 and got some beach waves. Two weeks into enjoying her new hair, she had an infection:

“Two weeks later, I was lying down, and there was blood on my pillow,” Devers said.

When she started removing the hair, her real hair came out with it, and she said it smelled so horrible she was nauseated. She went to a salon for help because we can imagine she had no clue about what was really going on with her hair. The owner of Natural Resources salon Tamika Fletcher, who Brittney consulted with, said she couldn’t believe the pictures when she saw them.

“It seemed like the weave was pulled too tight and opening her scalp and exposing her scalp. I think there could have been a possibility of the utensils being unclean or unsanitary.”

Her hair had become filled with infection, with a sever abscess on the crown of her head. Now Dever is partially bald and never wears her hair out, and has been going to a reputable salon to get help with her hair.

The college student had a warning for her fellow weave wearers:

“Go to a salon, that’s sanitary, that’s clean. It’s worth spending the extra money because you get what you pay for. Going to someone’s home to get the extra service may not be the best idea. You can end up losing instead of gaining,” Dever said.

In this case it would seem as if the extensions were the cause of the problem – at least that’s how the news has reported it, but it was more about where she got her hair done than the hair itself. The warning is the same, make sure you get your hair from a reputable place, and get it installed at a reputable place. We say spend the money, or leave the weave alone!

Originally posted 2014-08-22 17:00:02.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Tracy McCoy
    Tracy McCoy

    I don’t think it was the hair either. It probably had more to do with unsanitary installation practices or the health of her scalp before she got the weave.

  2. Sade Coke
    Sade Coke

    That’s when I do my installs I treat my clients hair and don’t braid it extra tight a install should be comfortable and helping the hair grow and be healthy. In this case I read she went to someone’s house for the install so yes it could’ve been from sanitary reasons and hair being tight

  3. Mavis Butt
    Mavis Butt

    This sad but true. A lady died here after the hair extension she used was infested with body eating bacteria. It was that the hair was taken from a corpse. Be careful women.

  4. Peggy Seldon Harris
    Peggy Seldon Harris

    My hair is bald like thst due to me wearing a ponytail. Have een trying diffrent products and no results. Help!!!!!!

    1. Brena Grison
      Brena Grison

      get rid of the ponytail, wear ur hair natural if u can. Braids r even better. I just took my ponytail out forever. My hair was thinning on the sides too bad

  5. Christina J

    Thanks for the article Petra! This is great info to know…and this is really sad. Wow 🙁

  6. Mayia Barnes
    Mayia Barnes

    You need to CLEAN your utensils at home as well. U can’t use nasty combs, brushes, clips and pins and expect not to get an infection.

  7. Trew Williams
    Trew Williams

    Ladies, the so called human hair, is sprayed with various chemicals, when you sweat all those chemicals, get into your system through the scalp. Basically, it is a way to slowly kill you. My challenge is stop wearing weaves and synthetic hair. Wear your hair. Peace

  8. Jedidiah Vanhook
    Jedidiah Vanhook

    That’s the problem, these young girls who never went to cosmetology school don’t know how to sanitize and disinfect the tools or hands! They give us real hairstylist that still do hair from home a bad name!

    1. lilly Moore

      It is not just the young girls who this pertains to!

  9. Ni-Ni Patterson
    Ni-Ni Patterson

    I have been saying this for years. The process in which you install, apply, use, remove, etc products and weaves can all cause hair loss and create major medical issues as well. If you know what you are doing, there shouldn’t be any problems. This is NOT and never has been a problem only experienced by those of us who CHOOSE to relax our hair, which is the lie spreading like wildfire throughout the nhc community. Stop blaming everything else for why you have no edges, bald spots, and thin hair not due in part to your your genes, when your actions caused such an outcome.

    All in all, in this situation, it’s messed up that it happened to her and happens to others who trust their hair in the hands of others, whether certified professionals or not. I was informed when I first saw others posting this story that the weave was deep discounted selling on the black market. You have to be cautious buying from anywhere because it could happen to anyone.

  10. Mocha B Williams
    Mocha B Williams

    It’s some holes in this story leading up to infection she didn’t feel anything a smell that will make you nauseous doesn’t happen overnight

  11. Phyre Naneeka
    Phyre Naneeka

    I’ve been natural 8 years and have hair 1/2 down my back….couldn’t pay me to do wigs, weaves, or anything that’s not mine….so sad

  12. Kelly Jamila
    Kelly Jamila

    hmm.. so pay $60 to get it done at someone’s house by someone who does this as a hobby OR go to salon and get it done by a pro who does this for their job and pay $200+++ ^^; eh..ill just stick to wigs or my own hair 😛

  13. Mavis Butt
    Mavis Butt

    Yes dead women. They took the hair from a dead woman to make the wig. Which is not suppose to happen. There are bad people in this world trying to take this opportunity to make money whether rain or shine. In the end the lady had maggots eating hair sculp. I will try to find a copy of that news paper.

    1. Ni-Ni Patterson
      Ni-Ni Patterson

      You have to be joking. There are scalp diseases that can seriously harm you. And if you are next in line to get your hair done after someone who has lice and some are in the same tools being used on your hair (if they haven’t been disinfected) there is a chance you can get lice too, especially if it’s the eggs.

  14. Brena Grison
    Brena Grison

    looks like they pulled the weave to tight, the scalp probably became red, inflamed cutting off the circulation of blood causing the skin to become infected and sores to form

  15. Anna Ogonji Smith
    Anna Ogonji Smith

    Who ever did that had no clue in installing hair! I’ve seen plenty of at home stylist that would never do that!

    1. lilly Moore

      Point being is that any tools used on our scalp or our must be sanitized. People can be unsanitary whether they are working in a salon or from their home.

  16. Sandra Dauphin
    Sandra Dauphin

    It’s just sad all around. It’s really disgusting the extent that some of us will go to just to walk around with some fake shit on our heads. Either it was some nasty hair weave that came from lord knows where, processed under whatever conditions and dutifully sent to her weave supplier, or it was sewed in too tight to begin with. Let’s say it wasn’t the weave and let’s blame it on the installation… You want this “look” so much that you will put up with an excruciatingly tight ass sew in? I guess the struggle is just that real.

  17. Carolyn Burnett Durham
    Carolyn Burnett Durham

    It doesn’t matter if the cause was the hair extensions, bad installation or unclean utensils, it’s just a bad idea to put someone else’s hair in your head. We need to stop this practice and wear and be proud of our own natural hair. It’s easier to keep clean and all the extreme amount of money spent in beauty shops can be saved for your child’s college education. We need to get our priorities in the right order!

    1. lilly Moore

      I totally disagree! It is everyone’s personal decision to decide what they want to do with their hair. Wearing weave hair does not mean danger to your scalp or your hair if it is installed professionally or properly. Whether a person chooses to wear hairweave, a wig or their own hair they must keep their hands, their tools, their scalp and hair clean to avoid hair and scalp infections. Furthermore, whether you decide to wear your hair natural, permed/relaxed or with weave you should pay attention to your finances. This is an important issue for people with children and without children.

    2. Ann

      People are free to do as they please .. Wearing weave wigs etc .. Doesn’t mean that their kids have no college money or what have you!
      It’s a choice! Just like some choose to not wear it that’s their business.. Don’t know someone because they do, prioritizing doesn’t only have to do with hair .. Some one could be spending on clothing,bags,& shoes so don’t just blame it on hair.
      Bottom line its a choice like everything else!

  18. Stacy Tucker

    Well the same thing happen to me in 1992 (freeze curls ponytail) n the weave was installed at a well know hair salon n my city. She’s right about the smell it’s a horrible smell. But if your stylist cut your hair right it can be covered and I wear short cuts just did the big chop last month

  19. Teekee Mack

    Tension applied to living tissue causes TRAUMA.

    Even light pulling causes gradual trauma… so why do we continue to rationalize the foolishness?

    Simple Science… for those of us who weren’t ditching class.

  20. Mika Sampson Rowell

    Scary…I wish woman didn’t feel the need for hair weaves. I do understand that woman crave change from time to time.

  21. Nikeisha Lovelace

    I like wearing weave but one thing I do before getting in anyone’s seat is I go in the shop and look around. I also stick with that one person. Research, Research, Research.

  22. Frankie Parson

    It’s all about the stylist the love and passion as well I don’t do weave I have people who come through that have not taking weave on time nor braids it’s all about how the client take care of it

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