How To Create A Gorgeous 3 Strand Twist Out On Natural Hair

A 3 strand twist out on natural hair

My home girl, Alyssa Forever from YouTube demonstrates how to do a 3 strand twist out which is much different from a two strand twist or a regular braid.

Honestly she can show you better than I can tell you but the results are more like a rope effect giving rise to more of a coil pattern rather than the waves that you would usually expect to get from a normal two strand twist out.

In the video she uses two products to create her amazing definition. ORS Olive Oil Cream and Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel.

Here are 3 reasons you should try a 3 strand twist out:

1. The twists are tighter – If you have a looser curl pattern or if you just want to wear twists for a while before releasing the hair for the actual twist out, doing it in this manner almost guarantees that you hair will not unravel before it is time for you to separate them.

2. The twist out is more defined – Because of how tight the twists are the twist out will have a ton of texture, so if that is what you are after then the 3 strand twist is the style for you.

3. It’s cute! – Hey! I’m just saying, the style is really cute when done right, we would suggest trying it on both dry and wet hair to see which way gives you the most definition for your hair type.

In terms of making sure the style really turns out great we would suggest making sure your hair is very moisturized prior to doing your twists. Apply a water based leave in to your hair and try using a butter to seal instead of an oil.

Really great butters keep your twists feeling plump and soft especially if you plan to keep them in for awhile before doing the twist out. A holding gel is also a good idea to ensure that the style lasts for a good few days.

Ok that is enough talking from me; let me allow Alyssa to demonstrate exactly how she does the three strand twist out. Isn’t the result just gorgeous?

Originally posted 2014-02-01 15:00:06.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Soncerai Wootson Whittlesey
      Soncerai Wootson Whittlesey

      I agree with Sharon and Yvette I prefer braid outs y’all can keep this three strand twist nonsense. This person in the photo prolly has a stylist and I’m over here solo!!

  1. Gilda Adlig
    Gilda Adlig

    I just had a conversation with a stylist on yesterday inquiring about the 3 – strand twist. I’ve attempted to do it but, all I manage to do is tie my hair in knots…lol.

  2. Rahimah Wynn
    Rahimah Wynn

    Tried it and loved it. The first try wasn’t too bad either. There was more definition then I get with my two strand and it lasted longer. Also the twist themselves are kinda cute. So if I do them smaller I would pull them up and wear them that way for a day or two before unraveling.

  3. Khrystal Bethea NoLonger NinaArtis
    Khrystal Bethea NoLonger NinaArtis

    I love watching her videos bcuz my daughter has naturally curly hair like this and watching her helps me with ways to mange my baby hair ! Them lil hairs erk me to pieces ! My daughter is about to be 10 and still has baby hairs ! Smh !

  4. Sebrina Jackson
    Sebrina Jackson

    I learned by thinking of an airplane propeller. The strands never cross, they just go around like a propeller. That made it really easy for me.

  5. Markisha Walmack
    Markisha Walmack

    Deborah Scales try finger coils or two strand twists those are easy in my profile pic I did finger coils for the first time using eco styler gel and olive oil on freshly washed hair.try youtube I learned a lot on there

  6. uriel

    I love your hair and I was wondering if it was possible to do that on short hair and also how would you go about doing it

  7. Tabitha Battee
    Tabitha Battee

    Tried it on my daughters hair and it came out nice. Always have 2 of the strands in your left hand and the 3rd one in your right. Wrap the one in your right hand around the 2 in your left. Repeat 😉

  8. Leticia A. Campbell
    Leticia A. Campbell

    Tried this and just ended up braiding my hair, going to do it again hopefully I get 3 strands instead of braids. Lol

  9. Ikesha McGill
    Ikesha McGill

    Omg Soncerai I saw this article too and skipped right over it! I just learned from trial and error how to get 2 strand twists to stay in, but they aren’t defined unless I keep them twisted for a week. Soooooo I’m not even going there with these 🙁

  10. Dawnielle Colquitt
    Dawnielle Colquitt

    Honestly I have been doing 3 strand twists since I was a little girl and im not sure why she braided it first but she kinda made it look harder than it really is. (To ME, ijs, not hatting, her end result came out fabulous and when it comes to natural hair I’ve learned that it’s not always about the process but finish)

  11. Mamii
    Mamii'Is Honey

    I tried it and it came out absolutely gorgeous! Lasted 8 days. Though by the 5th day I had it pulled up to a puff. But it still had great definition. May have lasted longer but…. by that 8th day I had to co-wash. 🙂 (couldn’t take it. Lol!)

  12. Jaquitta Knox Burks
    Jaquitta Knox Burks

    I like it and concur with joann but I wanna see more natural natural hair styles for my texture of hair. Most styles thay are displayed are done on good hair textures that are naturally curly…great ideas but lets see more natural coarse hair styles for us that aren’t so fortunate.


      I do not think that is a very fair statement Jaquitta Knox Burks the website and the facebook is not partial to any particular hair type, just go on the site and type in whatever texture you would like to see and you will see a list of information, styles ect. Additionally a 3 strand twist is not made for a specific hair type it can be done on all heads. That was just a tutorial. I also assume that by ‘good hair textures’ you meant all hair textures (smile)

    2. Nini Elam Begin
      Nini Elam Begin

      i dont think im unfortunate for having the hair i have… this ‘good’ hair ‘bad’ hair mentality is bad! but i agree, would like to see style for 4b/c/d hair textures!

    3. Latrice Saunders
      Latrice Saunders

      Lol It’s not to blame do a little more homework on your own type of hair on you tube or something dats folks problem IT’S NOT SO MUCH WHAT YOU SAY BUT HOW YOU SAY STUFF anyone paying for the info post GEEZZ inbox a request don’t BASH TALK

    4. Krown Of-Glory
      Krown Of-Glory

      I’ve always said that the term “good hair” is the most accepted racist term in America. EVERYONE that has hair has good hair.

    5. Daiquiri A. Holland
      Daiquiri A. Holland

      You didn’t just say “good hair” textures?? Naw. There’s no way you tried that one. Smh. There is no such thing as good hair or bad hair. You could have worded it differently, but you said “good hair” so as to imply that your hair texture, whatever that may be, is “bad” and that people with similar textures are also. You easily have offended people with that statement. Just because a few people agreed with you doesn’t make you right. It just means their mentality still has a longer ways to go.

    6. Conni Young
      Conni Young

      I have 2B hair and when it’s wet, it’s wavy but once it dries it’s an afro, so I think there needs to be more focus on 2A-2B hair.

  13. Deondra Davis
    Deondra Davis

    I think I’m going to do this, the more I see it the cuter it is…I had did this before, when it wasn’t popular and I was just playing around with my twisties, but I never thought of making it into a style…Lol

  14. Zasia Edwards
    Zasia Edwards

    That was cute!! Loved it! Ill be trying it soon…have no doubt that it will work on my more coarser natural hair.

  15. Bree Schweigart
    Bree Schweigart

    I have but I kinda messed it up. Lol I did it months before she put out this tutorial Joella Gunter. I might have to do it again

  16. Jaquitta Knox Burks
    Jaquitta Knox Burks

    Thx u Dana McBroom Manno. I just made a statement I’m sure many people have been thinKing. I however verbalized it. As by the likes of my statement should let u know some people do agree with what I said. I actually agreed with the person’s statement before mine. So please don’t put me on blast because I love your website and the hair information. #trulydisappointed


      Not my intention at all Jaquitta Knox Burks. I just think that a lot of ppl assume that black people only have kinky hair when that’s not the case. There’s a huge mix of 3’s and 4’s. We can’t exclusively post kinky textures. I had a similar comment from someone else when I posted two kinky textures in a row because she wanted someone with her texture featured. We try to find a balance but we can’t please everyone 🙂

  17. Lasilia Imnottheonenottoday Thornton
    Lasilia Imnottheonenottoday Thornton

    I did this before as an experiment on my 4a/3c hair. it came out looking just hers but shorter due to my hair being shorter. I stretched my hair using elastics then put it in twists. what helped me was using virgin coconut oil. kept the curls looking springy. all textures of hair are good textures, as long as the hair is healthy and you show it some love.

  18. Chastiti

    Wow in 2014 we are still classifying someone that has curlier textured hair as “good hair”?! Just because a person is bi-racial or/and has a curlier textured hair, makes the have “good hair”! All healthy hair in my eyes is “good”. Now I however do agree that I would like to see this demonstrated on a more courser textured head of hair if that link is available. I can also agree that SOME black hair sites that I have visited do tend to cater more to “curly” textured hair, but I cannot say the same for this site.

  19. Chell Jones
    Chell Jones

    Lol…wow…I watched that video today…that’s amazing how we think of the same things at the same time. I got you rose. Jonese Richie

  20. Khrys Robinson
    Khrys Robinson

    I tried this tonight. I do not have what some consider “That good hair” I have coarse curly hair that SHRINKS with a quickness but I am excited to see what they turn out like. I will post pics when I take them down Monday 😀

  21. Catrina Moore
    Catrina Moore

    Khrys I don’t know what you are talking about!! Your hair is gorgeous! I have you hair in my dreams. Lol

    1. Khrys Robinson
      Khrys Robinson

      Girl its manipulated!!! Twist outs and paper bag rollers!!! If I let this mess dry without anything it is a HOT MESS!!! Im thankful for my full head of thick hair though!!! LMBO

  22. Jaquitta Knox Burks
    Jaquitta Knox Burks


  23. Anita McGill
    Anita McGill

    complicated, but lovely…….still trying to master the two-strand and flat twist out…even the braid out!

  24. Kylah Maria
    Kylah Maria

    I watched it.. But she already kinda had curly hair so her twists came.out more perfect

  25. Aliyah Morrison

    Three strand twist is like braids because you use three strands to braid but whatever . I’ll keep perfecting my two strand twist out.

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