How Do You Grow Hair Long – All Your Will Ever Need To Grow Your Hair Long

Step 3: Moisturize and seal daily

Time to de-bunk a hair myth here; oil is not a moisturizer! An effective hair moisturizer should either be plain water or it should at least have water as the first ingredient.

Oil is still very important in black hair care however, it is a great for ‘sealing’ moisture into your hair when applied straight after the moisturizer or water and it is great as prepoo (pre-shampoo) to prevent excessive dryness from shampooing and its also great for added lubrication that assists with detangling curly hair.

You may opt to choose the LOC method of moisturising which is one of the most effective ways of moisturising stubbornly dry hair or a variation thereof.

Scroll through the gallery below for some articles that will help you with your daily moisturizing routine.

Elongtress Hair Vitamins

Elongtress Vitamins are a high strength formula that helps you achieve healthier longer hair from within. The 2 per day formula is suitable for all hair types providing you with all you need to achieve your hair goals.

Elongtress Fancy Oils With Peppermint Essential Oil

Elongtress fancy oils are a blend of natural carrier oils and essential oils that include the potent peppermint essential oil. All these oils are specially blended with the single goal of helping to enhance and speed up hair growth. They come in 4 delicious fragrances and are suitable for all hair types.  

Elongtress Biotin Gummies

Long known as the beauty vitamin, Biotin has been used for decades to aid in the normal growth of lustrous hair and nails. Elongtress Biotin Gummies are a hair booster, that will help you achieve longer glossy hair, beautiful skin and stronger nails.  

Elongtress Whipped Shea Butter

Elongtress Whipped Shea Butter is made from organic raw shea butter, grapeseed oil to keep it soft, a touch of fragrance and vitamin e oil. That's it! Our organic unrefined shea butter is the most natural form of shea butter which makes it a wonderful and nourishing way to moisturize your skin and hair. All our whipped shea butters are handmade and packed with love to ensure that you get a high-quality product.  


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