CRINGE – Crimes Of Hair Fashion That You Should Not Be Committing

I hate the word ratchet, but when I see hairstyles that are a little tasteless that’s the only word I can think of to describe them. I’m sure at one time or other we have all committed one of these hair crimes (who hasn’t kept braids in for a little too long) but sometimes the crimes get so brazen that someone just has to say something.

If you hate the word ratchet like I do, then forgive me now because I may be using it more than once. You are in for a treat (or an eyesore) as I give you my picks for what I think are the worst crimes of hair fashion.

Visible Wig Line

Visible wig line Beyonce

The whole world and their mother wants to wear lace wigs these days but they simply don’t look good on everyone. It is all about looking as natural and seamless as possible when choosing a wig. Why then do some women want to make it as plainly obvious as possible that they are wearing one?

The wig line is that area of the wig that is supposed to mimic your own natural hair line, but let’s face it, some of the lower quality ones will never look natural. Having said that, how natural a wig looks really depends among other things on the skill of the person applying it. There are ratchet looking $25.99 and $799.99 lace wigs out there.

Rule of thumb, if you have a naturally low forehead/hairline no amount of talent will make a lace wig look great on you and it’s time to to admit that they are simply not for you. If you can’t make a lace wig look natural, pick one that has bangs where it is easy to hide the wig line. Alternatively a partial weave, a fall or a quick weave may be the best solution for you. They look a bit more natural and a lot less hideous.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. oh no she didnt

    I LOVE THOSE HAIRSTYLES … THE WACKIER THE BETTER! I love that you can find things like this amongst us black woman …Aint nothing about black woman is cookie cutter. Some like the pretty lil flower clip but then some of us like a lil fanstasy and whimsy in our daily lives. just to let the facts be known finger waves grow your hair. its a great protective style for some people. when you wear your hair in a hard gel style it can last for a week and for some people two weeks. my hair was 6 inches in length when using them hard gels styles. that was actually the longest my hair grew was during that time. care free maintenance and inexpensive. when you mix weaves with the finger weaves that’s when you can get into trouble or too tight ponytails. my hair was hard, inexpensive but beautiful. . if you want a soft finger wave to last you better go see Eva ‘s stylist cause she must be doing that every morning and most women cant afford that.

    1. Jumoké

      I was thinking the same thing almost. I honestly hate articles like this because they come off prejudice towards Black Americans. These might be considered “hair crimes” but why are they only targeted towards Black Americans? Honestly, as much we don’t like it, it’s their culture and we should respect it because at the end of the day, we have to stop this crabs in a bucket syndrome. Now much do you want to bet that White people will be doing this in the next ten years? Oh wait they already do but it’s looked as “trendy” and “fashionable” and “runway”. Black people wake up. Racism is staring us in the face and we continue to egg it on.

  2. Nisha Green

    Regis Seward I know u were considering one of the but FYI Noooo, don’t do it!! LOL

  3. Brandy Illuminated Booker

    I think these hairstyles showcase someone’s talent. While you may not think these hairstyles are “acceptable” you know where to go if you wanted one of them. I see precision cuts, perfect blending and excellent use of colors. Not everything has to be so negative.

  4. Tracey Jackson

    I don’t even like extreme for hair shows. I want to see something at a show that I would actually wear. I go to the circus if I want to see clowns.

  5. Whitney Abram

    Nobody but Seaborn!!!! Stop hating on that man’s creativity….. Not many stylist can think outside the box like this, and not many clients are brave enough to wear these styles…. Round of applause to Seaborn HairStyles

  6. Kai McIver

    Bottom right is not bad. The rest are creative, but not something I would rock. But I’m down with people expressing themselves any way they want.

  7. Kinda Hunter

    It’s not just these four styles, it’s an entire article/slide show from bad lace fronts to tiny ponytails.

  8. Tyshawn Mccray

    Yeah these are a bit much for daily wear. If u are a part of fashion week or u are walking dwn the run way these are a uhh uhh no dnt

  9. Novelette Phillips

    They look quite editorial but then again I have seen people leaving Celebrity Seaborn’s salon on Youtube sporting styles like these so I’m guessing some women like extreme styling.

  10. Chaneequa Anijs

    Praat eens ff met jullie zusjes dan Jaleesa Almeida De Gonçalvez Jussara Read Xiantiënne Daniël Magalie Markus

  11. Kimberly Powell

    These are beautiful in their own way and everything is not for everyody so if these styles don’t apply-let em’ fly. But…I bet most of the negative comments are from fat broads w/low confidence and jacked-up busted weaves anyway.

  12. Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

    What Kimberly Powell? The comment you made was just plain ugly. So I guess you must be ugly as well. Oh see you just got mad at my comment didn’t you. If so I have made my point. Don’t give if you can’t take. Just saying.

  13. Lety Janzen-Macaay

    Nou we zijn nu compleet! Tayna 1, Glynis Hoost op 2 ik met 3 en Serena met 4… Nou Ro ik denk dat jij dan een combi moet doen of jij moet het voor ons doen!

  14. Brianna Ariel Scanlon

    I hope this is only for a hair show, I hate when people wear their hair like this in the streets. Smh. But at the end of the day it’s not my hair I guess, lol.

  15. Karabo Motau

    Well i like these hair styles especially the bottom left one with three colours very nice! Concept hairstyles like concept cars! the future is here people!

  16. Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Some of these have an artistic flair, like for a hair show. But the stuff regular chics think look like this , is usually just some mess you’d see in the hood on a chic trying to fight one of her baby daddies, other baby mama. Lol

  17. Lisa M Chambers


  18. Charity Faith

    Mannnnn for a show my a** b****** be wearing this s*** like its an everyday look! Lookn like a GOTDAM FOOL

  19. Pam A Jankowski

    I have seen worse. I actually like the top left. Lol. But thats just me. I agree the others should be left for a hair show. I like creativity and individuality.

  20. Toia Cousar

    The bottom right looks good but the color? No. Everything else is just downright tacky and they are hurting me..Lol

  21. Randi Gary

    Ya know… If they were going to comicon or some other comic related event….that would be hot stuff

  22. Nona Lori Brown Amoruso

    Why does art have to be called ghetto. Do they call white girls ghetto who have multi color hair? It may not be for everyday, but these artists have skills or skillz. Ijs.

    1. Lyreemel Malete

      They don’t call em ghetto they call em tacky & wild …. usually for rock stars & teenage crisis …. lol

  23. Kasher DivaStar Hair Minott

    I see weave to have an artistic side kind of couture no its not ment for every day but its artistic and creative well I think so anyway, they do crazy things with hair on the runway all the time

  24. Imani Malika

    Ratchet and ghetto are the only two words that come to mind. I don’t get why anyone finds it even remotely cute but whatever, just not my thing.

  25. Kris Casimier

    Hair to many is a form of expression. And the stylists that created these styles are artists and I love the work. Very neat and my favorite is the upper left corner, just beautiful!

  26. Tiffany Lindsay

    I agree Nona Lori Brown Amoruso Kris Casimier. Very creative and beautiful. Some ppl look at it as just hair. I look at it as art.

  27. Tabatha Cox

    It’s creative however it would depend on what you do for a living that matters ( if it’s working in an office, not appropriate) but if is in the field of art/fashion, it might not matter…

  28. Je'kiya Hill

    First of all black women are always put down n called ratchet n ghetto for wearing hair syles like these but when anyother woman who is not black does it she is seen as creative and cool and artistic. these hairstyle are unique and they are n fact art n they look dope to me and black women should be able to wear hairstyles like these without being disrespected.

  29. Ivana Spice Johnson

    Would u take your doctor, teacher, lawyer, real estate booker …..etc. seriously if they show up in any of these get up? Again a hair show, ueah. Keep it on the stage.

  30. Gina Taylor-Saunders

    those are hair style shows… that is NOT everyday hair. Its to show creativity and skill with the craft. Its easy to flat iron and curl, but how many can create that? #skill

  31. Marie Bush

    Everything has a place….these are fashion show…party type hairstyles…wearing this routinely everyday…would be just as ‘biazarre’ as it looked to onlookers! Everything has a place!

  32. Triana DiamondStylez Watkins

    Im in cosmetology school and these same hairstyles were shown to us. These styles belong to Very creative hair stylists who were in a FANTASY HAIR SHOW…NO ONE is rocking these styles day to day. Its all in fun and art. These shows are to show the creativity and passion for hair. I love my career.

  33. Mado Fleurentin

    I would rock the top left n bottom left! Nun wrong with them! I may not like the others but its fine!

  34. Patrice Jackson

    Tiffany McCauley, you betta not let me catch you wearing anything slightly reflecting this foolishness on your head, I will pull it off immediately!!! REAL TALK!! You either Krika Braswell!!!! LOL! EEEEWWWWA!

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