Would You? Waxing Your Hairline for Lace Wig Straps to Prevent Slipping [Video]



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  1. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    um HELL no! I have HAIR! weaves are just for convenience, not necessity! no way jose. Spent way to long pampering my hair to WAX it LOL.. wow

  2. Mary Louise

    So basically this woman has used a clear bra strap for a wig.
    Also who in their right mind is waxing their head? Isn’t the point that you’re growing/protecting your hair.

  3. Briana Thomas

    I didn’t watch the whole video but I mean it looks like its just the back of her neck. A lot of women even teens get that lined up back there. People wax everything else, why not wax that if you don’t want hair back there anyway?

  4. Isabelle Hlongwa

    WHAAAT!!!I’d rather forget da wig.I love my curly afro n I’m proud of it.
    I’ll kiss da wig gud bye…

  5. Jamie Carter-Bailey

    I am not nor have i ever been that comitted to a weave smh. It’s not that serious! !! The only hair thats genuinely versatile is your own!!!!

  6. Damiana Lige

    I love my Hair. So i would never do that just for a weave or wig. Is never not that serious

  7. Ronda Williams

    Are you for real? Look what happened to the actress from the Parkers, Countess Vaughn. Now she don’t have any hair because of too many bad weaves, extensions and tight braids. Go natural.

  8. Starlan Hoke

    No but there are people who shave their hairline in the front stupid If we spend our time and money investing in our self

  9. Chevy Genous

    Some people just get the back lined up. But to wax it off???? Wow. She is doing too much.

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