How to Put in a Sew In Weave on Yourself: Most Natural Looking [Video]


How to install a partial side part sew in weave by yourself with leave out. Easy. How to sew in your weave that looks natural yourself on your own head. This is a step by step self install tutorial from start to finish on how to put in a weave on your own hair yourself at home. This versatile sew in can be for beginners, short hair, or long hair and is done with out cutting the wefts/tracks which are sewn under the braids around the perimeter inorder to hide the tracks. I have found this to be the best braid pattern for side part sew ins. For a sew in that you can put into a ponytail or a high bun, just leave out hair in the back so you can put your sew in into a high ponytail or bun. Since I don’t like to wear all of my hair up, I did not leave out any hair in the back.



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