How To Moisturise Dry 4B / 4C Natural Hair (The LCO Method) [Video]

Struggling with how to moisturise dry 4b or 4c natural hair? Then the best way to moisturise your hair is to apply the LCO method, LOC Method or LOCO Method. The most well known one is the LCO method, but I’ll be using the LCO one, which works best for my hair.

If you don’t know; L stands for Liquid/Water, C stands for Cream and O stands for Oil. The benefit of doing this is it helps to prevent moisture loss, helping your hair to retain moisture for longer.

You should also apply these methods during the cold winter months, when the air is dry and tends to draw all the moisture out of your hair, so using this method adds extra layers to the moisturising process, helping your hair better retain the moisture.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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