A Look At The Dominican Blowout Technique On Natural Hair

A Look At The Dominican Blowout Technique On Natural Hair

If you lived in any of the Boroughs of New York, chances are you have either been to a Dominican Salon or you have heard about one. I lived in Brooklyn for a minute and during that time I had my fair share of Dominican roller sets and the occasional blowout!

Isn’t it amazing how they can get your hair bone straight just using a blow dryer and a round brush? Honestly it took a minute for me to find the best salon, I was very cautious because my hair needed ‘healing’ at that time. I loved going though it was fast and cheap and when I left the salon make no mistake, my hair was laid hunty!

Below we’ve got two videos of women, getting the typical Dominican blowout treatment on their natural hair. Prepare yourselves because there is A LOT of heat involved so try not to cringe, they looked great after we promise!

Here’s the thing not all Dominican Salons are created equal, so if you’ve had a bad experience at one it doesn’t automatically mean they are all bad, here are some tips if you decide to visit a salon.

1. Know what salon is about going in – The best way to determine if you want to go to ‘that’ salon is through references, honestly trying a bunch of them until you find the right one might not be a great idea because you run the risk of your hair becoming seriously damaged along the way.

2. If you are natural and the stylist suggests that you relax, just pack it up and go – Most salons especially nowadays know how to handle natural hair and if they are really good, they know how to heat style your hair without causing any damage.

3. Know that they do not enhance your curls – Do not expect suggestions on keeping your curl pattern like a natural hair salon would probably be focused on. They are designed to change your curl pattern and get your hair straight, just not permanently. *wink*

4. Speak up – Be clear in distinguishing if you want a wash and set or a full blown straightening job. The Dominican salon can get your hair straight, they know how to do it, and so if you prefer a less ‘damaging’ option you can get a roller set with a blow out only to your roots, so that you get that straight look without the possible damage. If there is a language barrier, do not be afraid to demonstrate, they deal with the English language daily.

5. Bring your own stuff – If you like sulfate free shampoo you better have it in your purse, if you use a particular brand of heat protectant, have that with you as well. I have never been to a salon that did not accommodate my product needs and neither should you.

6. Proceed with caution – We have seen women do a traditional wash and set without the blow drying and flat ironing and actually retain length maintaining healthy hair. However if you are subjecting your hair to consistent heat, you will run the risk of heat damage.

If your strands are fine/thin then be warned that the amount of heat used during a Dominican blowout will likely change your curl pattern permanently so don’t even think about it!

The blow-dryers they use are very powerful with heat above 300 degrees at times, so don’t be fooled that because it’s just a blow dryer it won’t cause any damage. If they opt to use a flat iron after that, it can end up being too much for your delicate strands.

Honestly it’s a technique that I am not able to wholeheartedly recommend simply because of the amount of heat involved but perhaps seeing the videos will make it easier for you to make up your own minds.

Here’s the Dominican blowout on looser kinky hair.

And here is the same technique on very tightly coiled kinky hair.

Originally posted 2014-01-30 20:00:55.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Aisha Johnson

Damaging to your hair….

Precious Soadorable Cartwright

she is prettier with her natural hair

Grace Labelle

Dominican Blowout fried the crap out of my hair. Never again.

Nicola NikNak Bell

Grace, same here and my hair had a burned smell for a week. It broke my hair off!! Never again!

Still Standing

Now if your hair had a burn smell to it you should have wash it,immediately and wash you hair once a week usually when the burn smell is on your hair it has been straightened with hair products that,has been on your hair before it was ironed, hot pressed Your hair needs to be cleaned before you press or flat iron except for the conditioner you use on your hair!!!

Millicent Hobbs Harrison

You just confirmed that for me. I always been afraid to try it because it looks like it’s killing your hair. I said i would never try it. If your going to put your hair through that you might as well get a relaxer. look’s great but NO.

Alicia Johnson-Hawthorne

I can see how it would burn your hair from looking at the video. That’s a lot of heat..

Naijah Ireese Nock

Natural better

Ta'Leah Kendzior

love both of them

Jamillah Davis

She looks pretty w/ both styles:)

Marion Storm Survivor-Saunches


Sdot Chambers

I looked at that and thought the same thing.

Jamillah Davis

I guess you all didn’t watch the video either? SMH…

Alexis Benton


Ceasarz Curlz


Amelia White

Watch the video black women have long hair tooo! Smdh


Watch the video it’s her real hair.

Vanessa White

Too much concentrated heat to get hair “bone” straight! Might as well use a relaxer, less damage imo lol!!

Tamika Birmingham

I don’t think I will risk it.

TaShuna Lattimore

Sooo…I am assuming Dominican blow outs aren’t good?

Still Standing

They are but not too much because it is definitely extreme heat you how to let them keep up with it and if not make sure your hair is getting condition once to every other weak cause all of our,hair needs conditioned to some degree!!

Still Standing

Read Sanai post you will see Im right but still everybody hair can’t take what the other person hair can so that how to be took into consideration too!!!

Rochelle Thompson

Her hair look good

Senai Ididthat

I love the blow out but that’s a lot of heat. I only get that every several months.

Latia Wilder

I like her natural texture on her better.

Still Standing

O do to!!!

Jaemela Dixon

I promise Atayia Shanice Menefee I thought this was you at a glance.

Emiliegh Alexandra

Not as much heat? Um your under a dryer for 30minutes and then have a blowdryer for another 30minutes.. that’s quite a bit of heat

Joyce Killedthemessenger Williams

She got a weave?

Shamira Green

Now the devil is a liar that’s weave hair added to the back smgdh

Jamillah Davis

Did u watch the video?


Watch the video Shamira Green you can clearly see her length as her hair is being blown out.

Jamillah Davis

Don’t u get tired of repeating that tidbit of info, BlackHairInformation.com?

Chiedza Rushwaya

Watch the video!

Shamira Green

BlackHairInformation.com my hair is this length when I take my braids out and wash it plus shrinkage but when my beautician blow dried my hair out three weeks ago my hair was not this length not even close so yeah I think they are weave pieces added

Shamira Green

You guys I haven’t watched the video but I’m about to and i’ll be back with my opinion


Oh my yes Jamillah Davis it’s exhausting! Even I’ve been accused of having weave in my hair yet nobody claims it’s a weave when it’s kinky and shrunken! My hair shrunk to my shoulders when I was APL and it still shrinks to my shoulders now at WL. smh

Florence Dntholdbackshit Francis

Shamira Green I do agree with you. That’s not all here hair. I watched the video just now and the length is not even close to the length we see here in front of us. Hair extension and there isn’t anything wrong with that

Ceasarz Curlz

I can’t stop laughing and shaking my head. She even played with her hair at the end. It’s really sad when we don’t know what our hair is capable of. I had someone dig their fingers in my head and pull while asking if my hair was real. Then said “oops, I’m so sorry I thought it was fake” while laughing.

Amelia White

Lol cuz yo hair lacking that aint all hers. Girl sit yo hatin ass down

Jamillah Davis

I can’t with is foolery! U watched the video and still said it’s a weave? Smh…

Ena Blue


Kimberly Dixon

Guess she’s still watching the video lmbo!!

Shamira Green

@Kimberly Dixon! Hunni I’m laughing all the way to the bank at your fish face ass still all the way on my comment from yesterday yeah I watched the video tutorial almost 24 hours ago;-) And my opinion is they added a few extra pieces to the womens head for extra length also fullness so go wash that make-up off your face;-) I have natural beauty no need for all dat hunni smoochish!

Kimberly Dixon

Ms Green I saw your natural beauty bust wide open on your page. Sweat heart I normally don’t talk to insecure hood rats…and I won’t start today. Lmbo you’re too funny

Kimberly Dixon


MsVina Smiley

You have natural beauty but you have pics with your legs wide open? LMAO! #Tragic

Yanni AfroLatina W-b

Wooo that’s a lot of heat but it does get your hair straight as if I got a fresh perm straight lol

Jameen Sheppard

Im gonna need yall admins of this page to stop showing people with natural hair then “poof” whatever procedure she had done its long and luxurious. …like we don’t know what added pieces look like.

Jamillah Davis

But u do realize hair shrinks, right? And it gets longer when it’s straightened, right?


Why don’t you watch the video Jameen Sheppard? You can see her hair being blown out and it is definitely that long.

Erin Marisol Corine Johnson

Come on now. Shrinkage. Don’t be dense just because your hair doesn’t look like this. #pleasecalmdown

Alexis Benton

You’re so pathetic. I’ve seen so many people with tight hair so it looks shorter when curly. Don’t be mad cause you’re hair isn’t like that. Just plain ignorant.

Jennifer Olivaccé Pascal

That’s the way my hair is..

Ceasarz Curlz

It’s called shrinkage. If you stretch a slinky what would happen?

Amelia White

Im gonna need u special broads to actually read and watch the video

Antwanette Wiley

when I wash my hair its not longer then my pinky…but when straightened it goes a little past my shoulders..so I believe its her hair….and I watched the video, its hers.

LaDonna Lolo Foster


Ena Blue



okay so you sound confused, for one didn’t you just say the devil is a lie and stand behind me? and then go ahead and say some ish like this? Imma need you to make up your mind, whose side are you on? also I’m darkskinned with long hair, and the girl in the video is darkskinned as well, i have cousins who are even darker than me with long hair..there is no hate within one group (so stop generalizing)… some women, of all races, shades and sizes, hate when they feel uncomfortable with themselves….obviously you must be one of them I pray the Lord blesses you and helps you with whatever you’re going through…Lord please help them all.

Yolanda Brown

EXTREMELY HARD ON THE HAIR! Beautiful though! !!!

Anesha Rhett Berry

I’m glad the lady in the first video emphasized that she’ll only do this once every few months. That method looks like it’ll work only up to 4a hair. But, the lady in the second video had WAAAY too much heat applied. Dryer, blow-dryer, AND flat-iron? Tooo damaging. That’s the kinda of hair I hair, and I wouldn’t ever risk putting that much heat in it!

Jamillah Davis

I have EXTREMELY coarse, 4C hair and I did a blow out 1 time and it got mine bone straight. Now, there was a lot of heat used in the process which is why I won’t do it again, but that methods of straightening works on coarser hair textures too.

Anesha Rhett Berry

Thanks for sharing that! I’ve never tried it, but it always looked like it wouldn’t work on our kind of hair. Welp, you proved me wrong! lol 4C is tough to manage, but I love it!

Danette Semper

No thanks the last time I had one my scalp was sensitive for days, it almost felt I had gotten a perm instead

LaToya C.

Don’t do it!!!! My Dominican teacher told me that they sometimes mix relaxer n their shampoo!!

Still Standing

Ok see that right there just scared me thats why I wash my own hair now then go to,them!!! But I had no problem with them doing mines!!! But you did say sometimes!! Cause another girl on this page said her hair was irritated for days

Brittani Michelle

Now that is foul. smh

Anna Volmy


TaSheira Stenson-Cope

I get mines blown out and yes it’s alot of heat but it does come out pretty and last a few weeks

Arie Pretty'Eyes SuperCake

How else should I get my hair straight if perms , AND Dominican blowout arent good

Jamillah Davis

Using a pressing comb or getting a silk press.

Andrea Simpson-Jones

Design Essentials has a product that is sort of like a keratin treatment called the Strengthening Therapy System. It has no formaldehyde and no sodium or calcium hydroxide. It imparts amino acids and protein into the hair in a mousse for then when the hair is flat-ironed, it resists reversion. The good thing about this is, you don’t have to make a commitment to straight hair like you do with a relaxer because all you have to do is shampoo your hair to get your natural curls and texture back. Generally, it lasts for 12 weeks, depending on how often you shampoo your hair. It leaves your flat-ironed hair shiny and silky. This system is only available to salons who carry Design Essentials products.

MsNekeira Batchelor

Nooo oooooooo stay away from that much heat at one time…..tried it once had to cut ALL my hair off it broke and shedded every where.

Jameen Sheppard

Love the sarcasm….
Uh duh, yeah , i know it shrinks and gets longer when straightened…thank you for clearing that up. But clearly all that hair isnt hers.

Jamillah Davis

And clearly, you didn’t watch the video which shows that it is all her hair.

Amelia White

Cough cough, hater lmfao!

Satarra Thrower-Jones

Jameen obviously you don’t know what added pieces look like because common sense would tell you her hair is gonna stretch after the straightening. You must not know much abt hair at all to not know what shrinkage is. Smh. My hair and my kids can coil up to my scalp if I wash it and let it air dry w/o brushing or combing it and my hair is past mid back length. That’s what HEALTHY hair does.

Gina Dubriel

Is this what they do to your hair in Orlando? Watch the second video in this link Ana Rodriguez-Evans

Marla Robinson

Good yr hair long

Shonda Diaz

Yes hat who do mine no perm they do it right

Christy Nobles Somerville

They use entirely too much heat for our hair…Well that’s my opinion..

Tameka Ferrebee

I hate the blow dryer I’d rather let my hair air dry any day then press it out or twist it. It make my hair feel dead.

MrsRacquel Blackwell

Nope that is her hair mines is just like that shrivaled to damn near scalp but my Dominican girl blows my hair out once a month my hair is long.
However if I wrap my hair and oil it long as I don’t get wet it stays an entire month.
week one and two bone straight and soft week 3 new growth is very visible still straight but they hair is heavier week 4 hair is heavier and roots very thick scalp itchy so its time to do it again. So its alot of heat that one time and my hair didn’t actually grow properly until I started going to her*.

Aliciajay Melvin

im natural now andi like dominican blow outs . yesh its alot of heat but there proctection methods such as wraping it up at night heat protector n its not like u do it everday

Aliciajay Melvin

and regular str8ner for my hair dont do shyt for me. my hair has grown scine going to them n ill continuenn i dont hav heat damage ty

Still Standing

I told them it depends on a lot of factors!7

Aliciajay Melvin

ok but everthing so negitive

Angel Missme Nelson

Look at the video Katrina Brown I wanna try this on you!!

Jameen Sheppard

Ok cool. Now lets talk about how good it is for the hair….

Katrina Brown

Not trying 2 do any heat on my hair Angel Nelson

Semendablessed Howard

Embracing my natural ! No heat!

MiSonia Moore

How do y’all know that’s not all her hair? I’ve seen people with shrinkage up to about 75%. The hair looks shoulder length when it’s wet and hangs far below the middle of their back when it’s straighten, without extensions

Angel Missme Nelson

Before u give a negative reaction… Read some of the positive comments above from people who actually getting it done Katrina Brown it’s not as bad as it looks

Latoya Mooney

Is nice to me

Jazmine Wideman

Looks nice …I love when I go to the Dominicans

Jamillah Davis

I’m yet amazed at all of the Black women screaming, yelling and bashing people for not embracing their natural hair, yet they refuse to read information or watch the attached videos posted on this page. They’re so quick to comment on somebody wearing a weave, when all they had to do was watch a video to inform themselves! WE REALLY NEED TO DO BETTER!!!

Judy Clement

I luv it! This would work 4 me

Donna Chesser

Same it a relaxer I don’t care what they say to sell you a product. Why do you have tooo wear gloves when applying the product. It chemicals, a relaxer, just a different name, and an improvement, of a relaxer. Period

Katrina Brown

I just don’t like heat on my hair everyone has different hair types I’m trying 2 grown my hair out without heat….Angel Nelson

Kenyatta Fox

Pretty hair! Shrinkage is tricking you!

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