Bleaching Gone Wrong On Natural Hair – Don't Do This [Video]

ALWAYS Go to a skilled colorist if you want to lift color from your hair safely.

This video was uploaded SPECIFICALLY to show you guys what I did wrong in my bleaching process. I had intended on showing you guys the steps I take to bleach my hair and color it, but with my lack of knowledge lead to this video. I hope you all enjoy and find this video useful in some way.

** DISCLAIMER** I am in no way shape or form a professional hairstylist or cosmetologist. I have bleached my hair in the past with no issues, but apparently my hair has gotten tired of my experimenting on it and these are my results! lol!! PLEASE just learn from ALL mistakes and take note on WHAT NOT TO DO!!



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  1. August Godwins

    why cant u just fall inlove with ur black kinky hair..and save ur Money..i seriously dont get it

  2. Gina B

    Thanks for being brave enough to show this…wow, I hope that it has gotten better.

  3. Jenny JackJack

    So folks go natural, brag about it…then use chemicals anyway lol . Plus she had the nerve to dye it this dreadful color. Smh

    1. Desiray Ward

      She doesn’t “brag” about going natural… She just stated that she likes her hair short. Besides she likes her hair color so what’s it matter to you what color she dyes it?

    2. Sarah Spears Wilson

      I like the one that say “I’m natural but…” And then proceed to tell you they chemically altered their hair color, which is the same as chemically relaxing it.

    3. Lucia Yassin

      They’re probably talking about their natural curl pattern. Not color. As in rocking the curls instead of chemically making it straight.

    4. Kemirah Godwin

      I don’t believe you can call yourself natural if you was burn with black hair and now its honey blonde. You were not born with that color so you are no longer natural

  4. Kiona D Beard

    Please ladies, if you’re not a professional licensed cosmetologist, do not do your own color. Regardless if you’re natural or relaxed, when you don’t know the chemistry of color and hair, your hair will come out!

    1. Kiona D Beard

      Yes, I’ve been a licensed Cosmetologist for 20 years and I always see this. We’ve studied chemistry, bone structure, hair and what it’s made of and what we should use to strengthen a clients hair when they’ve chemically damaged their hair. Just because you’re natural doesn’t mean that you should put all types of color on your hair, that doesn’t make you natural anymore than I am. You’ve used a chemical (color) to change the color of your hair, so nine time out of ten, your texture will change as well.

    2. Soli Gagnon

      Wow! That’s good that she posted her video to show that mistakes can be made if your not a professional. Saving a few bucks and doing your own chemical services at home is not worth the risk all the time.

  5. MsPlatinum Pus

    I bleach my own hair all the natural..its all on the product u use n how long u keep n believe bleaching can go wrong from a professional as well

  6. Alycia M. Ward

    I have only permenantly dyed my hair twice both times no salon professional and my hair didn’t fall out or break off. I did however alway work my relaxers root to tip which damaged my hair making it super thin. Dying hair is not the same as relaxing bc if it was the dye would make it straight which it doesn’t. Natural doesn’t mean no chemicals it mean no relaxers. But OAN how can one lighten there hair (not permenantly) to get a brighter hue from a color? Suggestions? I’ve heard lemons won’t permenantly lighten. Idk.

    1. Jessica Agnew

      Same here I been using box dye since high school and my hair never ever fell out or got damaged from it butttt when I bleached my hair it really damaged it I had to cut all the bleach out and grow my hair back out. I wouldn’t recommend bleaching it’s cute but not worth the damage and maintenance

    2. Alycia M. Ward

      Bleaching just sounds so harsh that I never even considered it. I want to dye again it’s been 10 yrs but I want to lighten temporarily to get a brighter color.

    3. Shāy Ponts

      Natural doesn’t simply mean that you’re not relaxed. Many people choose to interpret the term that way, but natural is when your hair is free from chemicals that can alter your curl pattern. When color is added to your hair via a chemical process, that causes an alteration of the curl pattern, though the degree can vary (as it also can with relaxers).

  7. Kierra Harris

    Omg i would so be in tears all my dedication lol . My hair wouldve been choppped off again for what lmao

  8. Jazz Harrison

    She’s right about bleach changing your curl pattern smh. After I bleached my hair, the curls were like wirery instead of tight like they use to be. Gonna dye it back black and see what happens.

  9. Amina Brooks

    I’ve been bleaching my hair for 10 years only broke off 3 times in 10 years you most definitely have to know what you’re doing

  10. Belkis Linnette Torres

    As a professional cosmetologist we do not need to keep using terms such as dye. That is for clothes or Easter eggs. And for anyone’s information color developer has ammonia which in terms thin out the hair. Because it has to open the cuticle to deposit that color. If you use a high developer chances are it will make your hair straight. Relaxer have thio which does the same thing in a higher potency to relax hair completely this is why u shouldn’t keep coloring hair with store boxes. U don’t know what level of developer is in that box nor do u know the content nor the real ingredients. Be safe. For natural hair demi or semi color is best. Specially if dealing with thin hair. Never bleach and relaxed. If bleaching natural hair lower the developer because it will alter the curl pattern because it is a chemical.

    1. Tiff Wilson

      Chillle…these ppl kill me with thinking they can do it themselves by saving money and watch YouTube.

    2. Belkis Linnette Torres

      You may use bleach with Olaplex. That’s the only way it can guarantee but Olaplex it’s only sold professionally. So you need to go to a salon where they use Olaplex.

    3. Whisheika Chissell

      I’ve never had my curl pattern altered by developer and lightening packette. Never. I’ve gone up to 40 volume. Personally I think some hair types may be more vulnerable to lifting than others. The thickness or porosity of the hair needs to be known as well which a lot of people don’t check.

    4. Belkis Linnette Torres

      overlapping in most cases cause the curl pattern to be altered. If u have strong healthy hair. It may not. But just as u said. If the hair is damage already chances are it’s going to snap where is weak at.

    5. Drina Phil

      Like I said early… They need to just go to a pro because 9 times out of 10 they still don’t know what u r talking about

    6. Belkis Linnette Torres

      I personally hate it. The only way to rid your hair from it it’s to cut it. You cannot mix with any other color or chemical process. If u like permanent colors go for it. My experience and opinion of course.

  11. Drina Phil

    This insert I tell people DON’T BLEACH YOUR OWN HAIR…. My hair actually turned out orange and breaking house

  12. Leona G MsForemanifyourenasty

    I bleach my hair whenever I have about 1 to 2 inches of new growth. I don’t use the whole pack… Just 1 tsp. I add 2 oz of 40 developer (because I’m impatient and it works faster! ) and half of a Clairol 2 oz permanent dye… Usually blond or a shade of brown. That’s when I add the bleach (7 stage). I apply it to my ends first, if I want an ombre look… Then to the rest of my hair with an application bottle (no brush). Work it thru with a wide tooth comb, then wear a cap for about 15 to 20 mins. Then rinse out. Follow with deep conditioning. Never had an issue. My curls are still here (at times nappy!) and I don’t have any breakage.

  13. Tameka Brown

    Color doesnt lift color. So start fresh on virgin hair…. U can always use your tone of choice with developer 20, 30, 40. If your hair is a level 5 (Virgin) you will be able to achieve a lighter color 3 to 4 levels up without lightner.

  14. Indigo Blu

    it’s orange because yellow and red make orange. and your hair is straight because you over processed your hair.

  15. Hjordisdawn Jones

    Well I bleached my hair that same color on my virgin roots it was fine until about 4 mnts later I thought it was cool to go ahead and use perm ….Wrong ! All my hair came out !! Now I’m start back at 1.. so Please ! Please ! Listen an go Professional

  16. NaTasha Washington

    Girl! A mess! But I did the same thing on my locs about 6 inches of the tips. Took 2 years but I finally had to cut them in half because they stretched apart from getting straight. Went from almost mid back to top of shoulders. I was sooo mad.I will never lighten my hair again. I thought because I was natural it would be ok….NOT!! And I did it like 4 times lol. Back in good shape now right below the shoulder. Lessons learned!

  17. Ariane Smiley

    This is why the Professional cosmetology Industry is going downhill! All of these YouTube channels with these “kitchen beautician” I wish people would stop being cheap and pay a professional. I know this video is what not to do and as an Instructor as well as stylist I saw so many wrongs after the protective cream application… I’m say NO NO NO the entire video… And did I hear her say she was apply Lavender ? Then why is she applying toner ?? We CANNOT lighten and color then relighten like other races… Our hair usually only has 2 layers cuticle and cortex…what we are missing is the medula which is the center… Once you lighten our hair to the this level blonde the cuticle which is used to protect the cortex is usually chemically burned off and only one layer left the cortex which has the pH risen extremely high is the cortex… The hair at this point is at the breaking point literally. I lighten my blonde placement with a 10v and patience. Never use anything higher than 20v if I’m in a hurry

  18. Erica Farrar

    There should be more videos like this…. I appreciate her being able to learn and share. I color my own hair only because I was taught professionally how to do it. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t do it! You can’t just read directions and watch videos when it comes to chemicals. You must know what you are doing!

  19. Barbara Jones

    I agree with Kiona, in addition, you always apply color/bleach to the back of the head first, the hair is more resistant an the back and more porous in the front. So more time is needed. You clearly had the front processed first. It’s the main reason why you got a different color in the back. I’ve been a licensed hairstylist for over 25 yrs, seen this mistake happen many times in my career. You where very lucky your hair didn’t fall out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Niya Owens

      That was the first thing i noticed watching the video.. I’m like omg she’s doing the front first

  20. Jashjuana Fox

    Its over processed. She put bleach on top of already bleached hair. Hair cant talk all the pain. She needs to cut the old bleaches hair off or go lower. Bleach is not for anybody hair. Then she uses a 40 developer. That poor hair was frying like chicken.

  21. Drina Phil

    Plus I see so many different opinions on here… Lol it’s funny… I wouldn’t listen to anyone but a beautician CEO in a beautician school. Some beauticians honestly don’t know what they be doing either especially if they just learned how to do it. Gotta go through many trial and eras to know how to perfect it

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