Shrinkage at its best!



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Lena Love

Now this is beautiful

Jackie Johnson

Beautiful hair

Mil Bacon Bleach

ommmg that’s beautiful hair!!

Rose Ocero

She has very healthy hair. Any tips?

Deztanee Garcia


Merelin Noor Capello

This is beautiful

Ericka Victoria Haile-Fletcher

Beautiful , healthy natural hair

Sherry Terry

Beautiful heavy looking hair.

Autumn Joi Brooks


Atoya Haynes

Beautiful head of hair

Lovie Patterson

damn I need hair like theses

Soraya Rijkland

So jealous. When I straighten my hair it doesn’t stay straight

Shana Everson

Looks like 60% shrinkage…I Luv shrinkage…So when you do finally straighten it you see your haters mouth drop…

Andre N Christrina House

Lol. Especially when they talking trash about how you aren’t taking care of it.

Cb Sampson

Love My Shrinkage

Danielle Payne Alexander

Yaassss! I used to hate shrinkage but, I love it!

Michelle Nesbeth

And some got the nerve to ask “is that a weave?”…lol!

Linda Herring

Yes Shana! The shrinkage adds volume…so I dont mind.

Brea Trager

Shrinkage is the devil.

Brittney Holland

I bet she got a lot of haters.

T'Nisha Nichole Ragland

Hair goals

Deanna Phillips

Thick, healthy,long and beautiful ❤️ it

Heather Fontaine-Youngs

That’s my goal

Heather Fontaine-Youngs

That’s my goal

Dadou Haiti

Shrinkage is a headache for me

Dieh'l Martin

I know the feeling!! Smh

Tamara McClure

I love her hair. This is my goal for my daughter’s hair.

Serena Hill

Just Beautiful praying my hair get this long

Danielle Payne Alexander

This is so me! Shrinkage is the master of surprise!

Nichelle Nyki Tarver

Wow, gorgeous

Arlene Reynolds

That’s. To pretty

Chalese Cousins


Stephanie Ovaspenda Lamar

Cant wait till my hair get this long!!!

Loving Kaya

That is so BEAUTIFUL !

LaTynia Mitchell Taylor

Mine is just like that ..not that long but lots of shrinkage. …but that means it’s healthy. girls n i are natural n we have MEGA shrinkage. ..but it’s good..we can go stright or curly. …

Yung BoiToo Trill

I need her hair

Tiffany Jenkins

Love it!!

Toy Tonge

Haha my bestfriend can lay them hands on some hair. Look Brandi. Love you girl! Keep doing ya thing.

Gina Ramirez

Hair goals.

Britianella Washington

That’s so pretty. I’ll get there soon lol

LaNisha Saine

That’s too much hair

Roslyn Hinton

Love it

Kay Murdock

Just gorgeous.

Nadine Maret


Crystal Fair

I love her hair

Acreativemind Creative

So nice

Amanda Mechelle Tappin


Tereser Williams

My hair is just as long but I can never keep it straight for a long time….

Lilus Kgb

So beautiful..I love shrinkage.^^

Tonya Clarke


Katina Notforco-workers McCleod

Definitely gorgeous hair! It makes me want to stray away from that creamy crack!

TaRae MissMay Maye

OMG I would love for my hair to get like this!

Brittany Jenkins

O yes … future goal!

TaRae MissMay Maye


Mwape Kaunda

Is this real hair if not i fall for it if so she has beautiful hair want some for myself.