@razorchic calls it Edge-U-Cation. Quite Fitting

short haircuts



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    1. Dani Marie Clark

      They look like the same Queens, notice the earrings and the lighting and her hair is in a style where it’s covering her “no edges” now. It’s a nice transformation.

    2. Sade Towns

      Lol I knew they’d fool y’all with the lighting and earrings. Where’s the tattoo and the nose piercing? Why were they taken at two different angles? Lighting doesn’t make you that many shades lighter. Nor does it make your skin noticeably smoother or cause your neck and face to slim. Pay attention.

    3. Dani Marie Clark

      No need to be brash, this isn’t a competition. I just came to compliment and state that it may very so be the same woman. Ain’t nobody fooled here.!

    4. Vedejah Scroggins

      Lighting actually does do all that hairstylist well celebrity hair stylist style your hair to catch lighting on stages, camera flashes, and other environments so that your head, skin, and color of the hair are shown to its best quality lol if you have a little head they’re going to style it so that when the light catches it it will make your head look bigger she has probably gotten her makeup done too because she’s put on hoop earrings

    5. Ariel Goins

      Earings are the same. Hoop on one ear and studs going up the other ear.
      And the tattoo is lower than frame.
      Also you must have never taken a picture with flash and harsh bright white lights it makes u pale AF.

  1. Erin Gray

    There isn’t a camera flash in the world that can change my skin color from the before pic to the after pic!!! Those are 2 different women.

  2. Glenderlin Remey

    lolz it’s amazing how when she got her hair done her skin lightened by several tones … Loving the hair tho

  3. Patricia Slaughter-smith

    It looks like two different Women to me so I agree and yes what did happen to the tattoo design on the neck that is what’s making people think that is two different women wouldn’t you say so yourself anyway it’s a nice hairstyle

  4. Clare Dada Udoh

    Love the style but it’s beta we post real styles rather than combining two different pple in a make believe.

  5. Olivia Libby Edwards

    It’s the same person the lighting and retouching is making her lighter I think they tried to smooth her complexion. Her hair texture is because if the relaxer and the tattoo is not visible from the angle. Look at where the hoop hits

  6. Debbie Meeks

    That is NOT the same head, not even the texture is the same. These people must really think we are dummies.

  7. Tiara Nicki Livingston

    It is the same person different lighting you can see by the earnings and you not gonna see a nose ring if her nose not showing or a tattoo if the area where her tattoo is on her neck not showing

  8. Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Uhmm, if you notice the background is darker on one pic, due to the lighting being different.
    COMMON sense tells me that she’s going to look darker in the pic that CLEARLY is darker overall.

  9. Tanya Williams

    That haircut is beautiful but that is not the same woman. The lighting is different, why not take it in the same light? Her earrings changed and where is the tattoo? Most important, why not have the whole side of her face showing after the cut? Like Rev. Al says,”nice try but we gotcha”. Style is still beautiful though.

  10. Raquel West

    If you look the same after a makeover you are a ugly m########. Nice cut and great job on your client.

  11. Tiffany Johnson

    It’s the same person…the hair is covering up her bald edges…and the neck tatt isn’t showing because it’s at a higher angle

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