Full Head Weave; Looks Realistic

weaves wigs and extensions full head weave


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Rachel Hudson

Unrealistic length.

Chyenne Ridge

Why is the length unrealistic? There are many African American women with natural hair this lenght.

Rachel Hudson

I agree, my daughter had hair that long. When she became a teenager , she wanted it cut to a more manageable length. She has never let it grow that long again. Unrealistic length.

Chyenne Ridge

I was prompted to ask because my mother had hair that lenght for years.

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

While we ALL know that Black women CAN have hair that long, let’s please stop pretending that it’s common. C’mon now.

Janelle Barrett

It’s not common, but it can happen, mine and my sister and my mom’s hair is long

Nickey Evans

Well my hair was that long until I became a stupid teenager trying to be with the style and cut it off. Now can’t get it close to that length.

Rachel Hudson

That weave is beautiful, there women with that length, I just don’t think it’s common.

Darien Brown


Alice Broadway

Actually it’s not unrealistic . I know 3 young ladies ( beautiful brown ladies ) hair is this length or very close to it . No make that 4 ladies

Alice Broadway

And why wouldn’t it be common ?

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

Alice Broadway, I’m not going to do this with you. Lol
Surely, you know hordes of Black women with hair this long. Good for you. *applauds and throws confetti *
However, in the multiple states and cities that *I’ve * lived in, I haven’t seen that many Black women with hair that long, IF I did, it wasn’t a “common” occurrence, therefore, it was “uncommon “.

No where did I say, “impossible “.

Again, if you “common”ly see Black women with hair naturally this long, I’m truly and divinely vicariously thrilled through you.

Reese Currie


Jamie Elaine Reed-Anderson


Rozena Loman

Love this hair it looks so silky and it’s long.

Brenda Ross

Who does weaves, that look so natural?

Maki Player

It looks “natural” in the sense it could be her real hair

Jhamal Walker

Fool me once shame.on……..fool me twice

Cynthia Crowell


Dale Watkins


Chyenne Ridge

Because I’m hating the big chop

Tonyal Hudson


Tia Hardy

Love the hair!

Kay Michelle

Yesss!!! I want it..

Charmion Gorden

Me too

HustlingAmbition Richardson


Carmel Liburd

Whos the stylist?

Nickey Evans

Love it. If I was into weave id rock this.

Tricia Foster

No it don’t look realistic. Tew much!!

Deborah Cooks


Angela Collins

My natural hair was almost this long so it is possible

Cookie Barros

Love this..

Nikki Mcconnell


Connie Rankin

It’s pretty, but to much hair and to long!

Nancy Stewart

It’s very pretty

Nichole Davis

Would look natural on a Brazilian