Pretty flexi rod set



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Monique Thickandjuicy
Monique Thickandjuicy

I like

Bre'Onna Hebert
Bre'Onna Hebert

Dawnette Greene

Huda Elzubair
Huda Elzubair


Nicole Priest

So pretty wish mind would look like that

Andrea Coneal

Got to get me some

Carnithia Ratliff

Love the hair…

Tyarra Dixon

What do I put n my hair to make the curls stay

Crystal Beatty


Manique Ladyslim Bland Verdell

Pretty pic

Kadedra Ladydajour Artis

How was this style created?

Sarah Musau


Nia Pow


Astrid Young

Did this before it came out just as good

Kiwania Roshia

I love it

Gabrielle Moore

Can I get them at Wal-Mart

Renata Mitchell

This cut I like the curls.

Beonka Hunni B

Mine never turn out like this

Goddessweaves Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

The best way to curl your weaves without the heat damage!!!

Joyce Isalegendinherownmind Williams

Simply gorgeous

Donetra Cain

I used to use them before I chopped. They work and easy to do.

Sonia Rivera

This is cute

LaTanya Blackisbeautiful Lee

Hello…Jasmine Watts, was your hair flatironed or blowdryed first!….and did you use any setting products? Its Very Lovely!

Alijah Jerry Jones

Do spray the hair with anytging before u curl it or u just put the rods in ?

Adhanet Zerai

I like the curls !!

Jessina Stokes

Love it, Work It!

Shāy Ponts

Fierce curls!! She reminds me of the Mowry twins.

Sheila Pruett


Rina Cooper

Lequetta Linnen, look at you boo!

Lilian Ejovwoke Ukeni

IG: liiaann90

Francine Woodson Burriss

I like it but it looks like it would take awhile to roll it….

Lequetta Linnen

Thanks ladies and thanks Rina Cooper for letting me know

Chantel Williams

I was just about to tag you. Yes this is!!!

Bianca Palmer

I would rock that style!!!

Bianca Palmer

Oh wait I’m rocking it right now lol. I do love it though

Shakesha Thames

Mine would never turn out like this

Natasha Holt

i’m going to get me some today!! i’m determined to learn how to do a roller/rod set on my hair! i can never get my rollers to stay tight :(! if anyone has suggestions, i’m open!!

Denise Walker

I use those too, and the smaller ones

Cee Cee Hye

Yassssss! I luv it. Too cute.

Wendy Brothers

I love this!

Sabrina Hayes

I agree she should!

Esther Williams Jordan

I just did the set. Love it but my wash and go is just too easy

Tangela Cobb

Very pretty!!

Faith Moore

Loving the hair!

Anissa Crim


Lequetta Linnen

Thank you for the feature

Sophia Porter

cute cute cute

Shalonda Pradier

O lord??? Yeah ONE DAY!! Not this yr lol

Esper Mammon

Love this! Definitely gonna try it. :3

Porter Novelli

Okay- I’m a hater now. I can’t get my hair to look that gorgeous.

Melodye Martin

Way cute