Would You Date A Guy Whose Hair Is Longer Or Thicker Than Yours?

Would You Date A Guy Whose Hair Is Longer Or Thicker Than Yours

That was just one of the questions Wofgang Lisborg pictured below posed on his Instagram, in an effort to start a discussion on the subject. To be honest, I never really thought about it, partly because I am not dating, but even when I used to date, long hair was never a deal breaker for me. The question is though, if a dude had longer or thicker hair than mine, how would that have made me feel?

To be honest, I would be a little jealous; hey, I am just being real, especially if what he has is something I desire. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t hate on a brotha, but I would feel as if we would have to sit down for a second, and have a talk about why in the world his hair is so amazing, and what I could do to replicate his success and achieve my goals. I think it’s only human to want to know what I could do different, right?

In an interview when Wolfgang was asked what surprised him the most about being a natural male, he said that some women were very prejudice against him for having long hair, which might have sparked his question in the first place.


Wofgang Lisborg

The thing is, there is more to this story, more angles that we can really use as great discussion points. We thought we would expand on Wolfgang’s discussion with 4 similar, or extension questions of our own, in the hopes of continuing the conversation here.

1. The perception is that we have more women in the Natural Hair Community than men, yet men have always been ‘natural’ (apart from the few that permed back in the day), they never cared about natural hair spaces before so should we share the same platforms now?

By space we mean blogs, platforms and places that we learn and share our own natural journeys. The answer to that question is simple – it is absolutely yes. I personally love hearing the hair story of a guy, because for one, I am fascinated at how they do absolutely nothing to their hair; have the simplest regimens, and have the best hair ever.

We are definitely not partial on this platform, and hope that more guys who decide to grow their hair share their own journey as much as possible. The problem that we hear from time to time, is that we women have carved out a space for ourselves now, and they (men) could have done it themselves but didn’t, so why share now?

Those ideas are so ignorant; we can’t even acknowledge them half the time. We say: share, share, share. We all need to hear about the struggles, and the positive vibes. I just makes acceptance easier and broader.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Shawntay Phillips

Wuts wrong wit dat cuz he has long hair it dnt make a difference 2 me

Dani Adams

Why not? Hell, he could give me some tips. Lol!

Monique Lee

Hell yea so I can run my fingers thru it

Nena-Joelba Silva

Yes, and I’ve done it. And I couldn’t stop loving his hair.

Kgomotso Tivane

I would hate him

Latisha White

Ummmm yeah

Jennifer Lyric Lindsay

Been there. .will do again..lol

Victoria VirgosRock Hopkins

Yea it’s just hair lol

Nathalie Clusiau

Yes if well groomed.

Debbie Phillips

Yeah, why not!

Penny Luster


Minerva Stodghill


Shannon Misanthrope Means

Wow. These answers surprised me. I see why I’m single.

Torri Mitchell

I’m not I not men with hair

S. Latrice Berry
S. Latrice Berry

Once upon a time, my now-hubby had mid-back beautiful hair and i adored it. I always had a weakness for men with hair and when he walked into my life with his hair in a blowout and Yankees headband, I was like “Hey…”. I was relaxed then, but now that we are older and he has since cut his hair for professional reasons and i am now on my natural hair journey, I often fantasize about how powerful and inspiring we’d look walking through downtown, hand-in-hand, Froed out!!! I think we should embrace the natural, no matter the gender.

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

Unless it’s dreads, I wouldn’t date a man with long hair. Regardless of texture, long hair on men, unless in dreads, is so corny and lame looking to me. Unless it’s dreads, if it’s long enough to pull/grasp, it’s a no no.


Nice, short cut on a guy, please.

Amber Starr

I am now. Were getting married!!!

Solange Mayers-Samuel

I would be like babes what you doing that I ain’t doing lol so I could learn from him! No hatetade there !


Interesting article but the duplicate and triple posts of the same comment are too annoying to finish reading.

Alma Ruddock

It appears that a plugin went crazy Brenda, we have dealt with the duplications but hoping to have the main issue fixed soon 🙂

Ms Moneyca

My hair is BSL so no his hair can’t be longer than mine. I don’t even like guys with any length of hair to braid or loc. I like the low cut with the deep waaaaves! Lol

Yolanda Brownsugar Wilson

Yeah, he can help me out.

Dréa Chaka

We’d both have fabulous fros !

Jenne Green

Yes, but I’m not gonna fully commit to his damn hair.

Ashley Watson

I don’t have a problem with men having hair my dad, babe, and son have hair and its long I take good care of their hair all of them have more hair than me… my babe hair is like 4 times as long as mines and I have no problem with it he loves my short cut

Ericka Rena

Yes, we would make amazing babies with gorgeous hair!

Heather Wimberly

Hell yes. And I would take care of it lol

Basha Marshall

What does hair have to do with who he is… Its all about who the person is within … Hair can cut off and grow back but u can’t change a person for who they are …

Desiree Kelly

Yes as long as he doesn’t want me to braid it

Rosella Smith

Yes I can pull on it when we are having sex! Rrrrrrrr

Venus Coke

Yup.would love to play in it

Donna Dunkel

Yup I’ll have him lookin sharp all the time ooh soo sharp he’ll miss me when he leave n I stop

Nysha Newland

Yes he’s going to help me with mine so we can have thick long hair together.



Habiba Musa Usman

Yeah, at least I know the fate of my children’s hair

Ms Marcy
Ms Marcy

If he is getting paid for his long thick beautiful hair, then yes. However, I like the Obama look.


No. All that hair is maladaptive on a man. If he was in the jungle with all that hair trying to catch dinner and something/someone yanked him up by the hair….what he gonna do? I have dated both long/short haired men… I love a fresh clean cut…just not my preference. Oh and I am definitely not trying to do his hair, my hair, the offispring’s hair and men definitely expect their women to take care of all that.


Actually, I have been with a guy who had better quality hair than mine. I didn’t feel any type of way. I was actually able to comb the guy’s hair which is cool. In my country it’s the norm for guys to have long hair.


I love long hair and facial hair on a man. My man has long beautiful hair and I love it. I enjoy the quality time doing his hair and it fits his personality perfectly. I get more aggravated when his hair is a mess than he does. I would be so upset if he decided to cut his hair off.

Crystal America Jones

Nope his name is not Sampson and I am not Delilah


Sure. I don’t want someone making their decision to date me due to my hair, so I wouldn’t do it to the person I’m dating. Would I be envious yes, but that’s life. My hubby has gorgeous eyelashes, and I have barely there. lol, I didn’t date him for them and I won’t dump him for them either. People need to get to know the person and not worry so much about what’s on their head or not on their head.


Heck yeah..we can share hair products…