Love this cut by @khimandi





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Angela B. Moody

Andrea KhamariNkhylon’sMommie Palmer I’m ready

Paulette Honore


Brandi Nicole Minter

yes Yes YES!!!

Anne Rodriquez

Love it

Dawniesha Amaya

Imani Jones do you like this?

Amber FirstLady Norman

I like.But I don’t wanna get my hair shaved

MzQuita Toyou

Girl i am, im getting it just like that pic i showed you. Thats why i deleted it cause i didnt want nobody to steal it lol

Jeanene Terry

Kewanna Taylor my next move

Tiffany Jackson

Quanesha Jackson…i. can see you for this style

Quanesha Jackson

I like this ????

Mia Amber Beasley

John my new hair cut?

Vette Hughes

Yassss! See that’s how I want the sides…I LOOOVE this!

Cheron Monique

Diasia this would be sooo cute on you

Diasia Turner

Yaasssss I’m working on growing my hair out. I was thinking about a color change too. Time to step outside my box!

Cheron Monique

me too! New year New Us! Lmao

Stephanie Long Mosley

Ireane Norton Jones love this but I’m chicken. Her tattoo. You know I will wear my hair that way. ☺️

Briana Lynette Smalls

This cut is lifeeeeee

LeAnn Perry

Cocoa Coleman this would be cute on you! I know how much you love purple!

Cocoa Coleman

This is SO cute! I wish I had seen it when my hair was shorter…I just screen shot it so I can live through one of my clients llol

Jessinia Torres

When my hair gets long but only the back cut off too

Mila Jae

Ayyye! I thought you would love this ✔????

Vette Hughes

It’s perfect! Can’t wait to play in mine some more

Chris Chrissy Stephens

Wow! What a nice cut!

Lew Lou

So cute

Keysha Moultrie-Stevens

I miss this cut

Taina Munn


Joi Millbrook

I’m loving this

Victoria Richardson

Nice cut

Sheri Morris

LaTocha Todd do you think I could rock this one

Rose Jackson


Shalana Johnson

Tiffany Tillett this would be bomb on you

Beebee Bradford


Milly Pretty

Samiya Abdul Mohammed idk how u cut your hair but this would be dope on u

Samiya Abdul Mohammed

I love it!!

Courtney Keyana

I ain’t cutting my hair no more????. Sees hairstyle half hair gone.

Kimberlee Reid

Nice! Mine not so drastic though.

Mary Robinson

So cute…chic.

Kandy Anderson


Bernita Fowler-Bee

Nice, cute, and chic.

La Shonya D. Stevens

Lakisha Terry this is so me

Crystal Waters


Bianca Blessed

Kacy Knight thought of you when I viewed this

Bertha Witherspoon

Thought of you Cyndi Butler

Mélissa Chatelain

Cynthia wow

Stephany Mkz

EricRuben Tejada I love this.

EricRuben Tejada

I like it too

Daniel R. Cruz

Cute as she wanna be. Love the tats too.

Sunshine Moore


Sherly Huang

You def pull this off bi! Bineta Ndiaye

Bineta Ndiaye

I love this look….

Elizabeth Gibson

I be so ready sometimes Phoebe Jackson

Phoebe Jackson

New year! Go for it!

Rick An Donna

Nice look

Demetria Clark

Don’t tempt me man ????????

Andrea Sims

Luv this cut

Melanie Brim

???????????? that cut is amazing

Freda P

I wonder how the other side look