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  1. Chaquita Mccormick

    This what I was trying to do on laila head Lacandrea Lovin Zacandrea Kay Richmond but am going to do it to mines

  2. Kesha Draughn Wilson

    If you know how to braid, then you can do flat twists. It takes practice. I switch up between flat twists and two strand twists

    1. Ethe Mae

      It’s all in the care- I wash/condition and apply olive oil- after twisting I use the perm rods on the end or I’ll twist the ends into little knots and secure it with a bobby pin Untill I take it down- I usually twist my hair at night, blow dry for about an hour or 2, wrap it up and let it air dry through the night- it works- trial an error

  3. Shea Shea

    i get so aggravated when i see these posts. Hee hair is already curly. When i do this i get nothing but frizz and a bush!! NO CURLS!

    1. Sonia Gotay-López

      I used to get that same result, until I started blow drying my hair to stretch it and applying Curls control paste For more definition. seems like our hair needs to be manipulated via perm rods at the end of our hair, finger coils etc… maintain our style. Try my suggestion even if you only dry 80% of your hair And let me know how it works out.

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