K. Michelle Working Her Recent Big Chop

@thepeopleiusedtoknow They be like that bih fake and lately I heard she been bleaching. I just look at the hoes like y’all still reaching? #lyrics



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  1. Dellisha Johnson

    That’s so GROSS. I HATE seeing women look like that. That’s 2 MUCH BUTT, HIPS & THIGHS. So it makes it being 2 MUCH SHOWING. Need 2 COVER UP. It’s like THEY’RE NAKED.

    1. Michel Barnes

      Did we miss something Ms. Dellisha…. K Michelle did have her butt implants removed; EVERYTHING else is all natural…. she did get her hair cut, I kinda like the fresh crop hair style…. All the weave is gone… BE GONE WEAVE. But I’m still trying to see what did we miss here. Do tell ma’am. Just asking a question.

    2. Dellisha Johnson

      I truly know she’s BEAUTIFUL & GORGEOUS, but I don’t like that she’s got that MUCH HIPS, BUTT & THIGHS. That’s WAY 2 MUCH FIGURE & 2 MUCH OF it REVEALED. leave SUM things 2 the imagination. She looks like she’s NAKED 2 me. Cover sum of that NAKEDNESS UP. ????????????????????????????????????

    3. Kim Jay

      Not much about K Michelle is natural these days. She did get her butt implants removed, but she likely got a Brazilian butt lift which is also why her stomach is so flat. Her boobs are fake, she’s done something to her face and her teeth.

    4. HLynelle Wilcox

      Kim Jay….she really went too far with altering her Face…she looks nothing like herself anymore… If it weren’t for the Captions I would not even that was her by the Face alone

    5. Michel Barnes

      As you can see she is a hippy woman, she’s not straight up and down….. Butt lift…….. Hmmmm hard to say since we can’t see it. She truly doesn’t have big boobs…… I don’t see it. And for her face and teeth I’ve never see the before face and teeth to be able to say yeah she did a face lift….. Cannot knock her for working on her mouth, we all need some type of dental work. But clearly she does not look naked standing there.

    6. Jekia Dowdell

      But she’s wearing a bathing suit. What are we supposed to wear to the beach or pool? Unless it’s part of one’s religious beliefs, people are not going to cover up at the beach.

    1. Michel Barnes

      Ugly is a strong word…… Not everyone can rock a crop style…… I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on her. Why do SOME women knock another woman for change….. What happened to UPLIFTING if even its something you won’t do but be supportive. DAMN.

    2. Yanna Smiley

      So what your basically implying is woman who wear veils aren’t as beautiful as woman who don’t, correct? Smh ignorance must be bliss

  2. Nai McGee

    She looks beautiful… but outer beauty was not her problem so hopefully she has made some changes inside as well..!

  3. Holly McFisher

    I like her look with hair. Not a fan but glad to she her pursuing her singing career. Her skin is beautiful.

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