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Dorothy Davenport

Now I love this.

Ty'Asia Lewis

That’s bomb

Tameka Smith


Priscilla Collin

Looking good
without all that makeup

Megan Gray


El Wilson

Omg I want to cut my hair now lol thanks pretty lady.

Debra Clemons

Beautiful hairstyle yes

Neffe Harris


Bessie Collins


Miriam Wiley

Is she gorgeous because she is light skinned and with makeup??? I’m confused

Dequita Childress

I’m gonna take a whack at it and say since this page is about her hair, her hair is gorgeous.

Kittycat Holley

If beauty is on the inside why are u pointing out her complexion? Or the fact she may have make up on. Either way she is a beautiful black woman. I’m biracial. Every one looks at me different because of that. My complexion doesn’t mean I am not black. Just because she is light does not mean anything. Her hair is beautiful regardless

Kittycat Holley

This is a page for Black women’s hair. We all come in different shades

Salama Afro Ladies Salon Dubai

She would still be beautiful in any shade!

Miriam Wiley

Obviously kitty whatever her name is can’t comprehend simple points lol. I said what I said. Society wants ppl to think a light skinned or biracial woman is beautiful just because of her complexion. Her hair isn’t that gorgeous. It’s just a short style. I have seen better. If you can’t understand simple English then that’s not my problem

Miriam Wiley

My initial comment was being sarcastic but I see some ppl can’t differentiate

Latisha Ware

Donna Myre “I Love It!”

Donna Myre

It is cute !

Ajah Foster


Sonovia Grant

I love it.

Alana Burns

I love thissss ????????

Tina Gray Poole


Derbia Williams

Absolutely Beautiful

Olivia A

Love the look

Erica Viola Atsons

I’d love to rock that

Kris Florentyna

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chasity Ledbetter

Yasssss ????????????

Lanette Acree

Janaesha Yarbrough this hairstyle

Janaesha Yarbrough


Latoshia Gipson

Very beautiful the hair and she is beautiful too