Is Texture Discrimination Still Relevant Or Are You Choosing To Subscribe To YouTubers Based On Content?

Texture discrimination

My natural texture is a little strange, well maybe not that strange, I have looser curls in the front and back, coily curls on the sides and the middle is the kinkiest portion of it all. When I started my hair journey, I wanted to find someone who had hair like mine.

I was just getting into YouTube and blogs because I had no idea what to do with my own head of hair, and I wanted to see what other girls were doing with there own kinks. If I had to rank who I followed the most, I would say Curly Nikki back in 2008 because I felt at that time that her hair was just like mine.

She did a lot of writing back then and I learned plenty about her hair but I still felt I needed to learn about mine. Fast forward to a year after that, I started to focus on hair education, not just blogs and video tutorials but really getting to know what made my hair tick.

I am still learning, ain’t no shame in admitting that, that’s why I continue to follow blogs and YouTubers because I am interested in their own struggles, techniques, and successes some of which I can apply to my own journey based on the knowledge I have gained.

With that said there has been some interesting commentary going around in the blogosphere, it started with popular Youtuber Jouelzy and the video she put out called So Over the Natural Hair Community & Texture Discrimination. “ I watched the video once and I nodded yes throughout the whole thing, then I watched it a few more times and I nodded a little bit less, and I am going to tell you why.

Here is what I agree with, there is discrimination generally, it started a long time ago when a little black girl would look in the mirror and say, I want my hair straight and long like mommy because she believed that she was not pretty enough and neither did main stream media.

We saw in one response where a commentator mentioned that there are still some colonial minds out there that don’t like kinky hair even when it is growing from their own head. We have the example in the picture above on our own Facebook images where a woman with a three strand twist out on 3c type hair got ten thousand plus likes and three thousand plus shares versus another woman with the same hair style same length but a kinkier texture who received three thousand plus likes and only two hundred plus shares.

In reality, it might be easy to just say the numbers don’t lie, ‘they shared her more because she was light skinned and her hair looks like baby hair”, but is it that simple? If you look at each woman’s fan Facebook page, the kinky haired woman (Hodge Podge Files) has eight thousand plus likes while the woman with the loose texture (Alyssa Forever) has about thirteen hundred.

What validity does the kinky versus curly argument hold now? We do not perpetuate any idea that the natural hair community generally holds any texture as better than the other. As a community our self, our website does not see texture as a measure of competition or as a measure for success as a brand and we can also safely say that for some other members of the of the media and content community as well.

Originally posted 2014-05-14 15:00:26.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Ms Marcy

      That was the first thing I noticed. I loooooooooove color. As a 4C, thick, dense, kinky haired woman with color in my hair, I notice color first. I think you need another example to compare the 3C lady’s hair too.

  1. LaToya C.
    LaToya C.

    Content I follow all hur textures as long as their information is helpful and their hair looks healthy!

  2. See Jay
    See Jay

    I would rather follow with someone with longer hair so I know they can maintain healthy hair.

  3. Jacqueline Vreux
    Jacqueline Vreux

    I like both…but my color is brown and also they are different styles… Both hair are healthy and nice… come on…!!

  4. Courtney Gray
    Courtney Gray

    I know there is texture discrimination. People like looser textures and that elongated look. They like looong hair. But if a person with 4a with tons of shrinkage no one would really like it. Not knowing that that 4a hair girl has waist length hair !!!

  5. Ca
    Ca'metra Willis

    They are both pretty, but God don’t make mistakes. Natural hair is what it is. Totally real and unaltered. Why find a flaw in something that is so pure as unaltered natural hair?? This topic shows continued lack in self esteem, why go through that whole process to still not like your hair that God created.

  6. Charlene Jeffers
    Charlene Jeffers

    Perhaps it was the different styles of the two strand twists, the way the tutorial was presented, maybe one youtuber has more subscribers than the other. To me it’s really hard to pinpoint, can’t just blame it on the texture of hair.

  7. Aaliyah Lites
    Aaliyah Lites

    that’s not a discrimination made more people are subscribed to the light skin girl or made the don’t like the way her’s came out

  8. Natasha Johnson
    Natasha Johnson

    I follow the you tubers with hair texture that matches my own, & that’s just to avoid disappointment. I love the styles type 4 women can wear, it just never comes out right on my thin, fine texture 🙁

  9. Rebecca Tribeca
    Rebecca Tribeca

    I don’t often sub to hair channels. But when I do, they have my hair texture- 4c. I just think it’s pointless subbing to lots of channels, you never watch them all. I choose ones which areuseful to me. A 3a girl is probably a lovely lady- but she’s no good to me. I sub to people for texture, styling tips, maintenance tips. I don’t often ‘like’ or ‘share’ videos either, so I don’t show my support that way.

  10. Francesca Matthews
    Francesca Matthews

    I noticed that too on IG. They may like it but realistically most of us can’t achieve those styles…or if we do it won’t look like theirs does. I’ve learned to stay in my lane where my texture is concerned.

    1. Gabrielle Vivir Vida
      Gabrielle Vivir Vida

      I agree I watched a tutorial on the bantu knots out done by the first model.I decided to try it with the exact method and product but it was not at all the same texture is different.

  11. Melisha Johnson
    Melisha Johnson

    That’s not discrimination, people like what they like, at the end of the day you’re still stuck with the hair you got.

  12. Ty Butler
    Ty Butler

    Hair and hair styles, it’s up to you how you feel about your hair or style I can rock any hair style…

  13. Tia Lawson
    Tia Lawson

    I subscribe to channels who have hair types similar to mine. My hair type is about a 3C, but I also view channels to get info about my daughter’s hair who is more of a 4B. I get ideas of what products work their each hair type. Some things work in my hair that doesn’t work in hers.

  14. Daiquiri A. Holland
    Daiquiri A. Holland

    As a kinky/curly textured head myself, I mostly subscribe to or watch videos of people with similar texture(s) to mine. I have a few looser-curled peeps scattered about in my list, but I keep it minimal since a vast amount of them don’t carry much info pertaining to my texture. Very few are able to do so. I don’t care to “lust” after what another person has, all it will do is discourage you in the longer run.

    I can recommend people like MahoganyCurls or MoKnowsHair since they seem informative across the board despite having looser curl patterns, the rest, not so much.

    Also, what is this like/share information based on? A single page? Their own page(s)? A multitude of pages? I feel like different pictures will get different responses, depending on how many people are subbed to that particular page or happen to like the page itself. I don’t particularly think any texture is better than/superior to the other(s); they each have their advantages and disadvantages. All that matters is that you embrace whatever is happening up there, and just let it be. That’s what I do, at least. 🙂


      Daiquiri A. Holland what happened was a popular youtuber with 4c natural hair accused the natural hair community of being texture biased or having texture discrimination because her videos are not shared as much as women with a 3c texture. The article has a link to her video, we do not think it is that easy to just point the finger at the general community accusing them of discrimination. The pictures above show less likes for the 4C natural, but over all she has more likes on her fan page in comparison to the 3 c natural.. so that argument to some degree can be seen to have very little validity..

      1. J West

        That popular YouTuber seemed to be complaining more about not getting sponsorship from companies vs people in general discriminating against her hair. The truth is, she has attitude and her channel is somewhat controversial and maybe that’s why she’s not getting the sponsorship she desires. When a couple of people pointed that out on a post on Instagram, she came in and started insulting those people calling them, “holier than thou”. She also complained that other gurus in the natural hair community shun her; but she didn’t associate it with the attitude that she tends to have.

        My take is this, if companies don’t cater to the 4C hair type. Don’t spend your money with them. It’s that simple.

    2. Erica Porter Walton
      Erica Porter Walton

      Texture isn’t the only difference. I like the most liked photo because of the color and length. There’s nothing wrong with either girls hair but one looking more stylish, regardless of texture. If you had two comparable photo’s (same style, color and length) it might be easier to identify a possible texture discrimination issue.


      Kinky hair will shrink more though so their hair lengths may very well be the same. In any case, the post was more about the general trend. Afro textures get less likes/shares across the board than curlier textures . Still it may not be indicative of a problem with the community as a whole.

    4. Dee Sam
      Dee Sam

      This thing is causing seperation among afro/kinky/curly hair sistas. Why is that? Though I do indeed look at people with my 4c hair, I als view other hair types as well. I just believe some are taking this thing too far.


      True, that’s what we thought too. Personally I follow anyone and everyone I like. We can all learn something from ladies with multiple textures imo.

  15. Acreativemind Creative
    Acreativemind Creative

    I have 3c hair but find myself hitting the like button on what appeals to me regardless of whether or not the texture/colour matches mine. 4c hair chicks on YouTube are in my top 5 favorites. I don’t have the same hair issues that these ladies do but I still learn from them & generally enjoy what they say from their genuine research.

  16. Ameenya German
    Ameenya German

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if something appeals to a person that’s to their liking, it doesn’t have anything to do with what others like. You can compare any two pictures and there would be different numbers of likes between them… Is it discrimination if more people like Fantasia over Beyoncé? No it’s not, it all has to do with preference. It seems like to me the issue comes from comparing the pics when this is not a competition…

  17. Raven Marie
    Raven Marie

    I subscribe to the YouTubers that have similar textured hair as mine for hair tutorials and similar skin tones for makeup tutorials. Everyone’s entitled to their own preference.

  18. Leenayka Yulaykis Isaac
    Leenayka Yulaykis Isaac

    Sometimes I find myself not feeling 4c hair.. But yes it’s just a matter of what an individual likes. I just consider 3c-4b hair the best.

  19. Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith

    Now days more people are starting to go natural and Reolize their texture is curly cause more people are mixed or just have straighter hair than the expected. When I first went natural I was shocked cause my texture came out to be straighter than I could imagion smh

  20. Weatha Morris
    Weatha Morris

    No Texture Discrimination is NOT relevant….Is this yet another made up feud? People can like whatever they like whey does it always have to be judge on color, texture, curl pattern etc…. I personally will follow someone closer to my hair texture and type..

  21. Jeri Smith
    Jeri Smith

    I was already subscribed to the first channel, and hadn’t seen the second before. Well I watched a twist out video of the 2nd channel just now and her hair came out great! I will say, though, that the 1st channel’s 3 strand twist out tutorial went more my speed (beginner). It could be that I didn’t watch the right video for the 2nd channel. Both have lots of content. I’m glad this article came out – I tend to watch many different techniques so I can get the hang of it. Now I have another resource. But discrimination had nothing to do with me not coming across the 2nd channel before now.

  22. Ruby Ann
    Ruby Ann

    I think the hair color has alot to do with it, it shows the beauty of the curls whereas the black curl equally beautiful doesn’t get so much shine

  23. Dante
    Dante' Nicole Miller

    I don’t think it’s discrimination. There are more women who have 3c hair on the internet and they seem to be more popular than people with 4b or c hair. The reason being honestly and this is my experience, Women are more likely to go natural and stay natural when they have 3c hair…so when it comes to viewers….they have a bigger audience than those who have 4c hair bc they didn’t look like their hair crush. This is what I saw my experience so I could be dead wrong and my hair is 4b…and It took me a while to figure some things out. In the black community theirs so much rift and teams..”team light skin team dark skin” “team curves team skinny” etc lets not have team 3 and team 4 because as natural we seem to be more joined..right now lets not have a rift.

  24. Danetria Davis
    Danetria Davis

    That’s just petty! The styles both are pretty. It’s just a matter of hitting a button. Sheesh

  25. Tammy

    I like both, but prefer the second picture because it is beautiful and more like my hair. I prefer the kinkier texture in twistouts because it reflects our heritage and the results are just beautiful. I prefer the first texture because it is easier to care for and beautiful.

  26. Miesha Cook
    Miesha Cook

    I think it’s more about the color and the length, not the texture of the hair. The color makes a big difference, at least to me.

  27. Shante Harvell
    Shante Harvell

    I agree there is discrimination but I saw both videos. The girl on the left just happened to explain the steps better. And my hair is nothing like hers. I’m a 3c/4a

  28. Kiki V Honey
    Kiki V Honey

    Naw I think this has a lot to do with hair color, the one one the left just seems like a fresh young style… My opinion tho

  29. Samantha Clark
    Samantha Clark

    I do the same as Tia Lawson. I generally try to find information from many sources to fit it to our needs.

  30. Chalonda Watkins
    Chalonda Watkins

    I like styles that I myself can achieve. My twist outs will not look like the first one so I keep it pushing to the ones that pertain to me. No discrimination here. I’m just looking for help with my texture. I love my hair and I love to see all the different things other people do with similar textures.

  31. Latoya Aaliyah Small
    Latoya Aaliyah Small

    I personally prefer to watch videos of natural women with 4b/4c hair texture because that is what I have. Products and styles that work on other textures may not work on mine so I prefer someone similar to me for a bigger chance of success. So far it’s worked for me. I think a lot of type 4 hair ladies aren’t satisfied with their textures. I personally love it and shoutout to my other type 4 sisters that also appreciate their texture and love it. All types learn to appreciate what God gave u.

    1. Ms Marcy

      Thank You!!! I love my 4C hair, and I am grateful to all the beautiful people who post videos. I save the videos I like, and I forget to like it too. I will do better.

  32. Samantha Bondez
    Samantha Bondez

    I don’t think its discrimination, everyone has different taste. Just like some people like pink and some like red, its just about preference. It’s not about one being better than the other, its just about preference and what personally appeals to the person.

  33. Daphne D-Truth Farmer
    Daphne D-Truth Farmer

    I tend to pay attention to bloggers with my hair texture or similar to mine. I mean that just makes since to do. However,I still view and subscribe to others with different textures and I do learn a great deal from them. I never bought into the 3abc or 4abc deal because it really boils down to what works for your OWN hair. If I had to guess my hair is a 4 something. Anyway, back in the days sisters and brothers was not tripping about hair textures. Black people styled, moisturized, combed, washed,and conditioned their hair specific to their hair needs or hair care regimen. Now it has turned into a circus in my opinion with all of this drama in the natural hair community . I just love natural hair period because my hair is happiest when it’s natural. Both of these twist outs are beautiful,however we must be mindful that we already live in society that believes European is the standard of beauty. We definitely should not polarize ourselves in the natural hair community with something as petty as textures. That’s just idiotic to me.

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