goddess braid ponytail



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Sharron Gatling


Idella Moore

That hairstyle look a mess

Angela Adjoe Phd

These stylist suck. Wouldn’t do my hair on any day

Teresa Atheba
Teresa Atheba

I think you’re completely wrong lady! You suck!!! Look at your ugly face before making any comment, everything is fake in you, except maybe the cocks you suck night and day.

Wendy Stewart

O.o …okay then!

NaKisha Harvey

This style gets 2 thumbs down

Latasha Lacking


Diane C. Dejean

The gel….

Onika Emanuel

Noooooooo just noooooo

Novelette Phillips

It’s like 3 hair styles in one

Jenine Hill- Harland

Lol!!! True!!!

Wendy Jean-Louis

Godess..? You mean flabouyant chicken. Jesus Christ no thank you

Starr Six


Ni-Ni Henderson


*Walks away smh*

ShaeQuanna Salley

No wonder she’s not smiling.

Chelle Ross

Ill pass. Looks real BAPS ish.

Nakisha Aaliyah Murray

No Bueno !!!!!!

Lo Dykestarhouse

I definitely like the idea, but it looks like (way, wayyyy) too much product has been used. I prefer hair looking soft and comfortable, this looks like superglue was used and she’s just realising that she might want a different hairstyle at some point in her life. Less is more. Enjoy your own hair pattern a bit more!

Kelly White


Bridgett Burt-Coleman

A ball of mess

Tiela Lewis

This looks ‘K’ountry!! Ugh

Vicki Brown-Glover

Too cute

Mina Newyorkadam

Ratchetness at its finest. Only ghetto people would put this type of fuckery in there hair. Smh…..and you paid how much for this mess ????!!!

Leigh Ann

Dafuq goin on here?????

Sheila Ward

Too much

Nikesha Drummond

No, not even close to presentable. I would refuse to pay and make her wash my hair and start over in the stylist chair next to hers

Amatunnuwr Grant

I can’t with all that damn gel

Janai Stewart

This is cute and unique I would rock this for sho ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

Oh no:(

Erica Ann Norman

I think the thought itself is cute, but all that hair plastered down isn’t. Let your hair be freeeeeeeee

Denesha Hansen

Its a lil too much going on..

Anya Jordan

Girl BYE!

Myiea Dunn


Theresa Marie Bryant

Too much going on for me

Endenezjia Graham

Not my taste

PrettiGurl KeyKey

Thanks for the motivation and tips!! Check out my journey!!l


Sommer Ragsdale

would be a cute style if it looked much softer and a bit more neater and less gel just too much

Armani La Toya

The amount of gel && type of gel is disgusting

Shana Pretty Black Hamilton

Up duu…nice and fluffy too…

Mikayah Williams

To many styles going on she to old for that crap horrible!

Jas Nikkinac Nicole

That’s not appealing. Too much hair product too much holding gel. Flakes waiting to happen.

Jah'nay Owens

Ugly looks real ghetto & RACHET

Tomeka Boss Styles Hargrett

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