8 year old Tamari is all natural. What a cutie!



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    1. Nesheta Baker
      Nesheta Baker

      WOW. How does having sunglasses and long hair make a CHILD too grown? Please explain, I’m curious to hear your perception and how you came to the conclusion that she is too grown without knowing anything about her or her family!

  1. Cynthia J Wesley
    Cynthia J Wesley

    First & foremost, let me say that she’s a cute child with even cuter hair that’s natural without weave.

    On that note, it’s SAD & says a lot about a mentality when a female CHILD with long hair is considered “grown”.
    That’s the most ridiculous form of shaming concerning a child.

    I guess bald with twinbeads is life for girls under 13 in some households so that their mothers don’t make accusations.

    1. Nisa Heart
      Nisa Heart

      Most of us had long hair as kids. Our mothers made hair care top priority. Now when we started doing our own hair at 14 is a different story

  2. Bri Monae
    Bri Monae

    Wow okay. So I had long hair especially when I was young and wore all types of cool glasses. It did not make me think, feel or look grown. No if she had short short hair or bald, people still want to talk. Always other black females bring down other black females especially kids always thinking they grown because of something they wear. Dang. This world is ending fast.

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