How Hair Vitamins Can Help To Promote Healthier Hair

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Having a head full of healthy hair is something we all desire. However, that is not always possible as poor eating habits and poor lifestyle choices often ruin our chances of that right from the get go.

Many of us often fail in maintaining a proper diet and this is vital to not only our overall body’s health, but also to the health of our hair.

If we make unhealthy dietary choices (burgers anyone?), our bodies lack the necessary vitamins needed for us to grow a head full of long healthy hair.

Our daily lifestyle and our diet are key factors in the overall state of our health. If you are a healthy individual but are experiencing problems in growing longer healthier hair, perhaps hair vitamins may be the answer.

Having hair that doesn’t grow can be avoided with proper styling routines along with maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring your vitamin intake is met in the food you eat daily.

I know that can be a very difficult task so for many of us, hair vitamins will become a very important and necessary addition to our daily diet plan.

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Hair vitamins play a vital role in your hair health, protecting it from external damage and keeping your hair healthy and strong. Here is a list of some vitamins that you need in your daily diet that can help the overall state of your hair’s health.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A works against the oxidants and helps in protecting your hair from damage. It is also responsible for maintaining the oil levels on your scalp. The balance of these oil levels helps in keeping your hair moist and looking shiny and healthy!

Vitamin B Complex – All forms of vitamin B helps your hair in their own unique way. Basically Vitamin B3 is responsible for maintaining a thick and strong hair shaft, while Vitamin B5 helps in preventing graying of the hair.

The other B complex vitamins – Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 help in the prevention of hair loss. It is clear that these vitamins are very important in the health of your hair.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is responsible in preventing hair discoloration. It also prevents hair loss and aids in blood circulation throughout the scalp and keeping it healthy.

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About Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson is the brainchild behind It is a website created for those with curls, offering information, tips, product recommendations and recipes to assist individuals in caring for and growing long, healthy curly hair. The site welcomes all curly hair types and textures!

About Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson is the brainchild behind It is a website created for those with curls, offering information, tips, product recommendations and recipes to assist individuals in caring for and growing long, healthy curly hair. The site welcomes all curly hair types and textures!


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  1. Marsha Denise Willis-Howard
    Marsha Denise Willis-Howard

    I had a sew in for the first and last time and it snatched my hair bald in some places. Didn’t grow back fire months…Then recently started taking hairfinity and is finally growing back

  2. Aeysha Young
    Aeysha Young

    Just took my hair finity pil. I have been talking them for 1 month and I notice my hair is thicker and some growth. I am a fan.

  3. Veronica Sherman
    Veronica Sherman

    Hairfinity is awesome. I’ve promoted them to people almost everyday. Love them. Drink plenty of water, a nice diet and stay on your hair regiment you will be amazed.

  4. Rebecca Tribeca
    Rebecca Tribeca

    Took Biotin with plenty of water through out the day for a month. The break outs were unbearable. I know people say you can avoid this with such and such a remedy, but everyone is different. Don’t buy6 moths worth, just to stop after two weeks. Do a fortnight test and see if it agrees with you. And don’t believe everything you read on the internet. It’s not your GP.

    1. Sunshine Caroline Saunders
      Sunshine Caroline Saunders

      Wow! This is so true! I have experienced the same thing because I suffer from hair loss that has not been diagnosed. They don’t know what is wrong and I have tried so many things but to no avail! Thanks God for 60 seconds!

  5. A
    A'Drienne Francis

    I got Hair Finity 4 days ago…im taking both hair finity and Biotin 10,000mcg a day…so I will see how it goes 🙂

  6. Marquia Chanel Hayes
    Marquia Chanel Hayes

    I take mine daily and had new growth after 3 weeks. My edges are also thickening as well. With at least 54oz of water, and a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables (the normal with any supplement) you’ll definitely see results. I haven’t seen or had any breakouts and I have extremely sensitive skin. Hope this works!

  7. Renee MizMonroe Harding-Thomas
    Renee MizMonroe Harding-Thomas

    Been take hairfinity for almost a month haven’t seen the progress because I put seneglese twist in my hair. Only thing is my hair itch like crazy. I have took biotin before and seen good results with my nails lol but my hair did grow a little. With hairfinity it grows your hair from the inside out and. I cant wait to see my hair as soon as I take these twist out and I have another bottle as well.

  8. Schanice Wilson
    Schanice Wilson

    Gnc has this great shampoo and conditioner set $15 that has no harmful ingredients and has all the ingredients hair finity says you need for growth. I’m still interested in trying hair finity. So much people say they have great results

  9. Jamie Carter-Bailey
    Jamie Carter-Bailey

    I tried it and wasn’t impressed but I switched to using the GHE method with cold pressed castor oil and have gained 2 inches in a month while also incorporating the inversion method in my yoga

  10. Brigette Datcher
    Brigette Datcher

    I’ve taken hairfinity for nearly two years and excellent results! The key ingredient is msm aka sulfur;) our hair goes through 3 anagen phases..drink plenty of water with msm and biotin and you’re on ur way to a healthy head of hair… #teamhealthyhair

  11. S Dot White
    S Dot White

    These vitamins are not FDA approved…that fact alone scares me…but you know…to each it’s own & like someone else said earlier, don’t always believe the hype and do your research first! They also had Keshia Knight-Pulliam endorsing this product when she has always had long thick gorgeous hair. That’s false advertisement…just sayin

    1. Elizabeth Fathers Promise Pendergrass
      Elizabeth Fathers Promise Pendergrass

      Thank you for saying that!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. She has always had thick long hair. Some are buying this a swearing by this. I heard that it causes Cystic acne. I don’t think that it’s any different than taking Biotin.

    2. Common Baily
      Common Baily

      FDA approves poisonous foods They support GMO so when you see fda approved don’t take it to seriously it’s probably not safe

    3. Kimberly Dixon
      Kimberly Dixon

      Also Keisha’s hair was no longer thick and healthy as it was on the Cosby show. It was extremely damaged and she always wore a weave to hide how bad it was.

  12. Faith Chandler
    Faith Chandler

    Everything doesn’t work for everybody, but I love my Hairfinity pills. I have been taking them for 3 weeks now. My edges that were gone from a sew in are back now. Seeing is believing and I am a believer! Hairfinity does work!

  13. Brittany Cheek
    Brittany Cheek

    Everything doesn’t work for everybody. So the people that says don’t but into the hype seems to be upset that it hasn’t worked for them. It’s worked wonders for my hair. My hair already grows fast so to accelerate it makes me extremely happy. I cut my hair down to less than an inch for my big chop…….took Hairfinity for a month, with braids as a protective style and now have close to four inches worth of growth after just three weeks.

    People get your own experience………don’t let other people be the judge for you. You hear more good than anyway.

  14. Valentina Shepard
    Valentina Shepard

    I truly loved this product, I used it for seven months and then started balding in my crown. I did have hair growth I just dont understand why my hair started balding, can anybody tell me what could’ve been the problem. !!!!!

  15. Beautiiful Camille Berry
    Beautiiful Camille Berry

    These comments/reviews got me scurred!!! I don’t wanna be itchy nor do I want my beautiful skin to break out either…ugh….and the FDA approved thing makes me uncomfortable as well…..I hate taking pills/meds because once it’s in its in…doing whatever it wants to ur body think ill just pass……

  16. Iamme Whoru
    Iamme Whoru

    I’m on day two. I was taking biotin I achieved some growth but I’m a sucker for thickness so i’m trying to achieve this with hairfinity… wish me luck

  17. Blessedfrom Above
    Blessedfrom Above

    There r so many hair growing products out there… If this product don’t work try others…dht, hairomega, msm, saw palamedo, to name a few…hair oils, yes I have done hundreds of hours of research and have tried some that didn’t work however found some that do…hairfinity does work…always read what’s inside the pill…be patient and use natural pure hair oils…moisturize… Moisturize… Moisturize…

  18. Ca
    Ca'metra Willis

    I have them and they work but I did have a minor breakout. They are some strong vitamins so instead of taking two a day I take one or skip a couple of days. I hate breakouts and I know that was the only thing that I change in my regimen that did it. But they do work and it’s always best to do what works for you.

  19. Chiquita Sanchez
    Chiquita Sanchez

    I guess everybody react’s differently to the hair vitamin’s. I been taking them for year’s and have experienced a lot of progress from them. For 2mth’s I’ve been taking hairfinity and there really good plus I’ve seen other ladie’s that has experienced progress as well. I will be ordering my next supply any day now…”Thank’s Hairfinity”

  20. Vicki Steverson
    Vicki Steverson

    What us it about hair that make people spend money to grow it. Not FDA approved, sitting back waiting for commercial, saying if you took hairfinity call this lawyer. Snap our the thought that long hair is better and love what God gave you!!!

  21. Ebony J Jones
    Ebony J Jones

    I had someone ask me a question the other day. I was in awkwardness on how to answer it. The question was,”is your hair really tht thick?” NEVA had a something like tht asked of me. I just cordially answered,”I’m on hair pills.” Didn’t say what thoug but yea. Lol #itworks #Hairfinity #HairEnergy

  22. Loretta Childs
    Loretta Childs

    These Didn’t Work For Me. Just Finished My Two Months. Hair Kept Shedding Like Crazy And My Scalp Was Really Dry They May Work For Others But Not For Me.

  23. Sharmilla English
    Sharmilla English

    Prenatal pills actually work for me even before doing the natural thing…. I would just get prenatal pills from the drug store and take one daily…. my nails and hair always grow good….without wearing about side affects …shedding. .itching. .. so im going bck to taking them…. and they are much cheaper. … for more pills…lol

  24. Kewanna Adams
    Kewanna Adams

    Biotin you can get at rite aid CVS any pharmacy that has vitamins.. I use biotin and it’s good for hair and nails and multiple of other things.. My doctor put me on it. I am also gonna try hair infinity with biotin and see what happens… Biotin by itself is good too.

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