*Update* BET Suspended The Producer Behind Insensitive Joke About Blue Ivy’s Hair


Today we published a story sharing the drama with Karrueche Tran making an insensitive joke about Blue Ivy’s hair live on 106 & Park this week. Feel free to read the last story here.

Realizing the amount of bad press they received because of the blunder, BET decided to made a public apology about the incident on Twitter, and has suspended the producer who changed the words on the Telepromtor last minute that Karrueche read. President of BET Stephen Hill released the following statement via Twitter:




Recently BET also announced that the show 106 & Park will be suspended for a week or two. This was before the incident, so it is considered unrelated. However, you can’t help but wonder about the timing.

While we do not blame Karrueche completely, we do think that she can’t just read or answer just anything on the air. She will need to be trained to be able to read and decipher if something could be bad for her or others, especially if she is made to be the face of it.

It is important to be able to think  on your feet, which isn’t easy when you are on a live show. We all make mistakes, so it is a lesson learned, and  hopefully she knows now that networks do not look out for you; it’s all about ratings.

All in all we are glad that BET took full responsibility, and did what they had to do with the person who thought it was cute to make fun of a toddler.

Well there you have it. Comment below, and let us know what you think about BET’s twitter apology. Do you think it was enough? The blogs are saying that the damage is already done, and considering there is now a petition on Whitehouse.gov asking for Karrueche’s deportation, people are still pretty mad about it.


About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Joyce Haynes Sample

I like Blue’s hair. Leave that baby alone.

Missy Smith

I wish people would leave that baby alone!!!

Regina Phillips-Thomas

I’m over it!!

Khadijah Hunter

Her hair is done its a natural hair style don’t see the problem

Myra Singlelady

What did she say about her hair?

Essie Edwards

People has nothing else to do but put their focus on this beautiful baby hair. Get over it already and leave the baby hair alone

Melisa Sidonnie Thompson

She is a child let the she be one and enjoy her childhood .her hair is natural how God intended it to be

Zavine Mckenzie

I wish people would just stop talking about Beyonce and her people for once I am so sick and tired of seeing Beyonce all over Dammit

Michelle Smith

It’s sad, these are adults, making fun of a little girls hair, you expect this behavior from kids, I wish they would leave her hair alone

Adlee Tonya

I wish our black women will step back in the past and remember where you came from…Embrace your coils, curls, and nappiness.and stop making the Korean/Chinese Rich by buying their weave to put in your hair, People will spend $200.00 0 hair but don’t have a matching sheet set on their bed, I r tissue in their bathroom, or towels in their linen closet ….This little girl parents can afford any hairstyle she wants, #LeaveThisInnocentChildAlone.

Priceless Michelle


Sabrina Houston Scriven


Shayla Hicks

You said it!!!!…. It is truly ridiculous how many black women wear weaves…. and on a daily basis!!!!…. Wear your curls, learn how to take care of it!!!! Stop wearing these weaves/wigs!!!!!…

Adlee Tonya

@Shayla Hicks weaves/wigs is part of the monthly bills for some of these women, and that’s one bill that always gets paid.

Gwen Plumkisses Dennis

I totally agree. Love the hair you were born with

Angelique Pickett


Ash Ta Ji


Adlee Tonya

@Ash Ta Ji ….I must have stepped on your toes…Yes I shop at White owned stores because There are not enough Black owned Business, Because of the Lack of Black supporters to keep them operated, But I always Bless My Black Business. Truth Always add Fire to the Flame…

Jeaneen Alise

Preeeeeeech!!!!!!!! Wearing another woman’s DNA… Smdh

Thais Blessbythebest Wilson

Beyonce and Jay Z must give them money on a regular basis to do something like that!!! If her hair looks messy it looks messy!!! I don’t give a dam if you are a celebrity or the Pope!! You are going to be talked about!!! I’m just saying!!!

Shawntray Erasenuout Horton

Her hair natural I do agree that they can do a lil better but she a baby and cute as a button leave them alone damn before she buys bet lol

Nikkie Yearwood

can’t believe people so hang up on a toddle’s hair.

Cheyanne Chiffon D

I agree with everything written in the article ,exactly what I said,Mark of a great host is their improve ability

Tonia Clifton

Why have people resorted to talking about a child’s hair in a negative manner. We gotta do better!

Rene Newyorkcity Acosta

If she had different texture of natural hair ; ppl wouldn’t have shit to say !!! I love her hair !!! # team natural 100%!!!!

Monica Haynes

I agree 100% Adlee Tonya #teamnatural over here

Alix Gadson

Just because she doesn’t bling her baby into adulthood, the show wants to attack a child…. Thank you for not dressing her up like a circus clown… with 10,000 barrettes in her hair…. that is a ghetto mess!!!!

Angela Suzette Roberts

You say to respect their decision for their choice of style for their child’s hair, but then criticise another’s choice to use barrettes. Ghetto mess. WOW!!!!!

Alix Gadson

yes I did… and comprehension is fundamental….. I did NOT say using barrettes was bad….. I said 10,000… WOW

Monique Moni

I only watch BET when being Mary Jane and The Game are on. Wish they were on another network so I wouldn’t have to reluctantly watch Bet at all. I find it both disgusting and disheartening that a so called black network who has shows like Black Girls Rock would staff someone who obviously has a problem with natural hair and speak against a toddler who’s parents opted for natural hair. Yes we as a community have bigger issues to deal with but at the end of the day we must love and respect our culture and appearance before anyone else can. We come in all hues and hair textures and we can’t even appreciate that so why expect other ethnicity group’s to ? I love the fact I’m natural even when western society thinks its nappy unkept and not pretty. God didn’t intend for me to have bone straight hair. I have texture and it’s the healthiest it’s been since I was a child because I stopped putting chemicals in it. Rather you like or don’t like Beyonce and Jay-Z’s choice it’s never okay to talk about a child in a negative way. Most blacks are so brainwashed when it comes to the standard of beauty that even our youth have adopted this inner self hatred that if you’re darker or have natural hair you can’t be beautiful smmfh.

Glenda Sims-Cobbin

I love her hair. I am 2 years natural

Kimberley Marchena

People are ridiculous. Hating on a BABY, they ought to be ashamed. It is bullying. How would you feel if someone put your child down like that?
Her hair is beautiful as it is. Her hair looks done to me.
I’m beginning to see that some people think that people who rock their natural hair are not “done”.
Do you think it isn’t done because it is not braided, twisted, chemicaly straightned, weaved, or what ever? Everyone has the freedom to do with their hair as they please.
Don’t go putting down this little girl or her parents (or anyone else for that matter) for her wash and go hair style (looks like that to me), simply because you don’t see the appeal.

Francesca Jennings

It’s sad, people are so use to relaxed and weaved hair that they don’t remember how we all rocked natural hair back in the day.

Tamara Sherrelle

She so cute

Wyeisha Melyssa Bryant

Remember who owns BET…hint its not us!

Alisha Peele

Shawntray Erasenuout Horton what u mean they can do better? That’s their child…you can do better by taking that horse hair out of yours….

Shayla Hicks

Ooooooh, in her face!!!!!

Naomi Ambrose

People make jokes about celebrities all the fucking time. Stop fucking being up her ass. Like it’ll illegal to give her negative criticism… she’s not the first celeb to have her baby talked about…. people talk about north west all the time… no one was sued, suspended, or nothing. Like that’s terrible.

Ariana Rodriguez

right tho

Danielle QueenDani Johnson

What do people say about North besides she’s a beauty???
I haven’t heard NO hate about North.

Ogechi Onwubu

But a network that’s supposed to represent black people should support a black girl’s/women’s right to wear her hair as she chooses. I’m happy that the Carters haven’t changed Blue Ivy’s hair.

Wendy Jean-Louis

I have heard bad things about birth and she was way younger. But the whole point it’s just terrible to scrutinize a baby

Brown Sugarz Llewellyn

Steups …

Shameka Smith

Suspending the producer is not enough for me. We don’t need to watch BET for a good while, until they show us over and over again that this is unacceptable. I’m ready to drop them from my cable line up if I can! Mary Jane is on netflix anyway.

Cindy Amuneke

Dang mess with Beyonce. N u get punishment

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

So sad your missing the true point! Black Entertainment Television! Television for African-Americans then here we are making jokes about the hair of an African-American toddler. Part of their mssion is to make African-Americans feel represented in the world at large then to make fun of an African-American toddler demonstrates that we definitely still has so far too go as of 2014. It is such a sad statement and it makes me wonder just what in the world made this producer think that his statement was alright to put on the teleprompter period. If I were in control that individual would no longer be employed with my organization.


Sounds like it was a last minute change. Wonder why?

Pricedhigh MichCole

Hello self hater. Wake up!

Tina M. Williams

Bet Beyonce won’t be performing at NOTHING ELSE BET has!!! I know I wouldn’t. All these people insulting that baby & as soon as somebody say something about your child you’re ready to fight. It’s a damn shame how black folks are!!! One thing about it BLUE is RICH AS HELL if she chose to never come her dang on hair!!!!

Tiffany Ellis


Ernestine Johnson

I am all for natural may be some twist or something

Cherry Francis

Yes maybe a moisterizer or some olive oil. Nothing wrong with some product.

Thesia A. Baker

I’m pretty sure a lot of you on the negative don’t even have your own homes, a meal for tomorrow or your own hair on your head, but u are on social media bashing an innocent child……when will #weblackpeoplelearn?

lilly Moore
lilly Moore


Karla Skillern

A headband or something….

Nisha Coles

Why? We don’t require twist on white ppl or any other race…

Tammy Dennison

Nothing wrong with Blue Ivy’s hair being natural but think about Beyounce is doing this more attention we are just keeping her in the spot light. Think about she got her hair dyed blond and wears weaves if Bey is so natural how come she does not go natural to support pop

Melanie Rucker

She will go back to being natural when she go back to being a black woman….smh

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

She is still black! What a silly statement! She is an entertainer so she has to have a gimmick! When have we ever seen or heard any other race of people making negative comments about the hair texture or styles of their children? African-Americans can be so ignorant and place such value on the most ignorant things. Hair?

Vanice Mattews

It is sad that we as black people are thought to hate our beautiful natural hair……..Blue Ivy is beautiful….people learn to embrace who we are…..we come in all shades …hair texture…we are beautiful…

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

Amen! Do we hear negative comments about North West’s hair? No, we don’t! Black folks still this day 2014 still Hate themselves and their features.

Tracy Adams Franklin

Hope it was worth it.

Tyneisha Sunshine Morris

How About Suspend BET Period !!!

Tammy Dennison

To support her daughter. I like it’s all for attention. You can keep your child s hair natural but braid it no extensions. But there is no need to make fun of a child. We have to stop being ashamed of being black. We are the most copied people are skin is tan/brown other people tan, are bodies are shaped other people by breast implants and but implants. Basically it comes back to us loving ourselves

Cynthia Tucker-James

that was not nice to say about a child

Joanna Henrie

If u ain’t got nuttin good to say keep it to yo damn self ⚠️ . N leave blue alone

Saquantra Tangie Todd Davis

The girl only told the truth.some one could have done her hair for national TV, even though its natural……

Jessica Locke

Why are they mad that somebody finally said it on tv??

Monica Dunlap

Some people need to focus on their own hair before talking about others. Old saying sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.

Tana Hickman

Kids are off limits

Adriane Washington

It’s about a little girl being talked about by dumb,grown ass Adults!!! NOT about Beyonce,and who’s kissing Her ass

Kisha Warren

Im glad they suspended the show for that s**t……talking about people babies should be off limits….n can get you seriously hurt…….i dont know why everyone is f*kn concerned how someone chooses to do there childs hair……worry about your own kids……half these b*****s making comments dont even have custody of their kids or dont have children at all……….n yes people can say wat they want…i understand that but coming for someones child is a no no……….

Jamie Elaine Reed-Anderson

Fix your childs hair and you won’t have to go through the negative stuff in life……..sigh

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

Yes, just put a perm in it, a relaxer, a weave, 50,000 rubberbands, press it, dye it and hide it! You are another ignorant black person. Many white stars have adopted black children and have their own biracial children and very proudly let them wear their natural hair. How sad but typical of your comments. So sad your ashamed of being black. Hope you have no daughters or sons!

Jennifer Jackson

Big deal. I thought it was a detrimental statement. It’s just hair. If they would have done a count down on the speculation of whether or not Beyoncé was really pregnant with Blu Ivy then I could understand. Besides the statement made was number 6 on the countdown…I’d hate to know what number 1 was.

Nekabari Faithful Nwigbarane

She is a baby..some kids don’t want their hair touched nothing wrong with that..I would put some hair cream in there n comb it at least.. but its whateve..no big deal its just hair..

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