Designer Edges Are Trending For Everyone – 11 Times Edges Were Just Doing Too Much [Gallery]

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  1. Debbie Rowe

    Looks crazy. I can’t understand all these 4c hair types wanting 2a or 3a hair line. Hello!!!!!!

  2. Natasha Nicole

    I’ve said it many times but I’ll say it again. I will never understand the need to fabricate edges. I’ll be seeing girls who comb over half the front of their head talking about the time they spent on their hair…

    I’m like you should’ve just stopped @ combing it out & left the vaseline, edge control & whatever the hell else alone, lmao….

  3. Keshia's Daughter

    Its still amusing to me that we [blacks] have been seen as “ghetto” or “hood” still to this day but [our] looks and styles are now considered “high fashion”

  4. Mistress of the Mid-Afternoon

    I like 1 and 2. If it were up to me I’d bring baby hairs back into style that way my forehead wouldn’t look so big when I work my bun

  5. Marlene Ferguson

    Wouldn’t that eventually take the hair out? I remember many did that back in the day, and eventually went bald around the edges.

  6. Jamila Kelly

    i think its kinda cute ^_^ . Better than having messy unkempt edges…or no edges to even be able to attempt these looks at all ^^;;;

  7. Markisha Homer

    designer? we been laying baby hair since the 80s. STOP IT. as matter of fact since we were babies…

    1. Michelle Gause

      Right…All most of this is is finger waves on their foreheads. Ain’t nothing new about any of this accept for the skittles colors. *shrugs* ????

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