15 Braid Styles For Your Little Girl As She Heads Back To School This Fall [Gallery]

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  1. Sadie Hester

    Super cute but some of these little ones aren’t gonna have any hair left! Pulled back so tight 🙁

  2. Lucenda Tiffany

    What do we have for the boys who have to go back to school? I have a Son with long black hair lol. Some tips??? Please?

    1. Alix Auset Gadson

      only cut your hair if you choose to. Don’t except advice from weirdo’s talking about cut your son’s hair because he’s a boy. That is lame as hayl!

    2. Lucenda Tiffany

      I Will never cut my sons hair ?
      His hair is to beautyful and the girls like iT ? (lol)
      Raheezie-Yasha Olatoto you right, but if iT fresh then iT Will be nice anyways right? Hihi

    3. Chantal Alexander

      Or twists, layered cornrows. Zigzag corn rows , I’m going to try a faux Hawk with zigzag on the side for my son’s first day of school

    4. Nikki Stephens

      My sons hair is dowwwwn his back. Until he says HE wants to cut it, it will keep growing! Thanks for the boy styles!

    1. Landa Banks

      U say that now. Wait till she gives u a hard time. I used too question why some of these girls walk around here with uncombed hair… It not the mom trust me lol.

  3. Tahira Womack

    This looks like gel was used to slick her hair. It’s not tight just the magic of gel and heat.

  4. Lisa Brown Earl

    I think all the girls hair is super cute. I get my hair braided all the time and yes, it can be tight at times. But there’s no need to be ugly to each other about it. She you could be dealing with what we are dealing with. My grand daughter is 3 and she had a head full of long thick hair and around 2 her hair just started falling out for no reason, it was never braided. The doctors say that she has something called alapacia and her hair is always going to be very short or have bald spots and we have no idea as to what we should do. They have given her medication and it doesn’t seem to help. She is always asking us to make her pony tails and her hair is no long than my baby finger. So we make her afro puffs. We all have a head full of hair i just get mine braids cause I am lazy. I have been temped to cut all of my off to a short cut and tell her that we match. So people its time to stop being mean to each other and just walk away!

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