Let’s Put This To Rest – Are Keratin Treatments Really Cheating On Being Natural?

Keratin TreatmentNatural hair is such a vague term that it sometimes causes unnecessary debates between Naturalistas in the natural hair community.

For some, natural hair means the freedom to wear one’s hair in a variety of hairstyles without the need for a relaxer. Whereas for others, it means only using natural products and only wearing their hair in its naturally kinky curly state.

This means no hair colors, heat, synthetically produced hair products, weaves or any hair extensions for that matter. It also means wearing one’s natural hair in its kinky curly state 100% of the time, or close to it.

So what if you miss having straight hair and want to straighten your natural hair for a few weeks? Would you still be considered a Natural if you decide to alter your natural hair texture? Would you be living a double life by crossing to the other side for a short while?

An extreme Natural who has a strict definition of what natural hair should look like will think altering one’s hair texture using a longer-term hair straightening treatment such as the Keratin hair treatment to be cheating on one’s natural hair journey.

Whereas, a more liberal, “everything goes” Natural won’t think of this as cheating on your natural hair journey. When asked why not, she might respond by saying that “Life is short, why not live on the edge once in a while?” Or, “Relax, live a little!” Or, “It’s just hair!, it will grow back!” Or, “I am not my hair, what’s the big deal?”. To each his (or in this case, HER) own right?

What is a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a temporary curly hair straightening system that keeps the hair straight for up to 4 months. Since the hair is mainly made up of keratin (a protein structure), this treatment forms a thick layer on the hair, filling up cracks and imperfections on the cuticles.

Women who have done the keratin treatment often notice a healthier, shinier and smoother hair with minimal split ends. They also notice reduced frizz and fly-aways. Though the treatment can last several weeks, it does wash off overtime, leaving your hair in its bouncy curly state.

A word of caution on Keratin treatments

Since this treatment requires an excessive amount of manipulation and alteration of the hair’s curl pattern and chemical structure, it’s advised that anyone with colored hair, damaged or highly porous hair should refrain from using this system or to proceed with great caution.

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About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".

About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".


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  1. Phoenix McGee

    It still amazes me that people think they have the right to tell someone else about her hair.

  2. Shana Taylor

    No. Everybody doesn’t want to look like they came out of a cotton field all the time. It’s your hair do what you feel.

    1. Lamaara Bhat Yisrael

      That was foul as hell, you right about nobody wants to look the same but why offend other in the same breath. You still black and when you forget your touch ups, the real you will show.

    2. Nefertari Azure

      Rather look like I came out of one than to have the MENTALITY of someone who came out of one, aka SLAVE MENTALITY.

    3. Mary Catherine Brewer

      that comment was funny as hell! if folks don’t have a sense of humor too bad! i get what you’re saying and your point is well taken.

    4. Nataucha Gray

      Not funny, no matter how your hair looks you still sounded like a slave who just came out the fields.

    5. Stefani Elizabeth

      Only ones offended by this are the ones who somebody done told them that’s what THEY look like. Hahaha. Stop hating on people with opinions. It’s why we have minds – diversity in thought. Only ignorant people hate on others’ opinions. Whether you agree or disagree, we’re all entitled to individual thought.

    6. Boompa Arashi

      Would it still be funny if a white man said it? No? Then it’s racist and bigoted. How dare you talk about my ancestors like that and not see anything wrong with it. This is truly disgusting to see from my sisters. Smh

    7. Shana Taylor

      Unless you’re Harriet Tubman or has actually picked cotton, I’m not apologizing. Have a blessed day.

  3. Nikki Nicholle Allen

    Yes it is, people can not accept who they are, and wonder why they are still having problems dealing with fake people, cause they are fake

    1. Ashley Alexandria

      How does a persons hair define who they are? It seems to me that only small minded individuals would call someone fake based on their hairstyles. I know exactly who I am and have always been confident. I am a new natural and I think it’s disgusting how natural women are so judgmental. You’re talking about somebody being fake when you’re tearing down women instead of uplifting them. Shame on you.

  4. Inonge Mubukwanu

    I’ve tried keeping natural hair for a year n frankly speaking im overwhelmed by how difficult it is to style it. I end up having weaves n braidsbin order to save time when getting ready for work. Kinky hair just isn’t for everyone so no one should tell another person that relaxing their hair makes them fake. Judging other people’s choices is what makes you fake.

    1. Trina Smith

      If a woman is fake for getting a relaxer I guess she can be fake for wearing makep or accessories.

    2. Inonge Mubukwanu

      Exactly… these natural hair vigilantes need to consider the fact that we all have different hair textures some are just too high maintenance for busy people no wonder some people resort to having dreadlocks instead of the daily struggle of combing through hair with major shrinkage issues.

    3. Khaliah Sherman

      Heck I’ve been natural my entire life, and now that I’m in college I pefer crochet braids, and other styles so I don’t have to do it everyday

  5. Trina Smith

    I’m so sick of this topic. It has become way too deep. If a woman wants straight hair, she has low self-esteem, self hate, wants to be white, doesn’t accept herself for who she is, she wants damaged hair blahh blahh blahh. Not everyoe who is natural is doing it for the same reasons. Do what works best for YOU. Women with natural hair don’t want to be criticised for being natural well don’t do the same to someone else for going a different direction.

    1. Shaura Phillip

      Thank you!! If it’s not your head then why you worrying about it!?! They need to put all that energy into something useful like ending world hunger.

    2. Cammie Powell

      Your opinion is your opinion but don’t get mad because a woman wants straight hair. My hair is curly but at times I want straight hair its what I want. Im natural to. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone has to agree. No disrespect to you and your other followers.

    3. Jelann LtRipley Mitchner

      Thank u! They seem 2 forget its called “CHOICE” Everybody has their preferences but it doesn’t s not extend to how a person is inwardly!

  6. Robin Bunting

    I honestly Love ❤ the versatile in our hair! I wear my hair a million different ways and I’m the furthest thing from fake. We need stop putting each other down.

  7. Shanae Quinones

    I dont think its cheating keratin is a natural substance its no different than doing an oil treatment or a protein treatment which are things people with natural hair do

    1. Shāy Ponts

      Keratin is a natural substance, but the chemicals added to the straightening treatment (based upon my conversation with a licensed hair stylist) are not…

  8. Jamie Carter-Bailey

    Gheesh a relaxer makes you fake and you have low self-esteem? Doctors grab your degrees, we’re now diagnosing people solely on their looks!! Im natural but I’d never judge someone because they PREFER being relaxed nor do they or I feel the need for an explanation. If that’s the case getting your nails done, those eyelashes, eyebrows,makeup, and hairstyles make us fake. So @ some point we’ve all been fake . Relax (no pun intended ) honey its not that deep, next thing you know they’ll start splashing you with holy water singing old spirituals.

  9. Trina Smith

    Sometimes a woman wants straight hair, sometimes she wants curly just like sometimes she wants pink nail polish and sometimes she wants red. When I straighten my hair it has never once crossed my mind that it will turn me into a European woman. I get excited whenever I try a new hairstyle no matter if it’s straight or curly. I don’t know what it is about SOME natural hair women that makes them so mean spirited and all knowing on what’s best for everyone else as well as a therapist.

  10. Regina Geter

    I don’t care if your hair is natural or straight but please take care of your real hair like you do them weaves

  11. Anna Ogonji Smith

    I see both sides are being sour pusses over this simple question!
    Anyway keratin treatments are chemicals, even though it lasts temporarily, so yes it’s kind of cheating if you want to claim to be chemical free. They didn’t ask how you wear your hair or if you’re natural or not.

  12. Doris Hines Yamini

    I laughed at the comment that says ” ….and wonder why they are still having problems with fake people, cause they are fake.”……a fake person is not someone who straightens their hair…that’s someone who doesn’t want to look like Miss Celie. Some people are tender headed and can’t do the nappy natural hair. Not saying I’m ashamed of who and what I am. So that makes a person fake? Wow, the lack of knowledge of some folks.

  13. Samone Walker

    Its only because when you have a lot of hair you real don’t have much to do with it same hair styles get boring so we straighten it out.

  14. Milesha McDowell

    I’ve been natural all my life (no perm) but have been told by people who’ve jumped on the natural hair movement that I’m not natural because I straighten my hair….. and no I don’t use keratin. This natural business is so extra.

    1. Lakiasha Wilson

      Natural hair shouldn’t be a movement but a lifestyle, and with that I don’t get into the books, God didn’t write them. I’m natural bc I don’t get perms. When its straightened two months out of a year I’m still natural just like when it’s in its natural state. I definitely just live my life I couldn’t care less what the natural or unnatural community has to say. To me you’re natural if you already embraced and wear it regardless if you get it straightened you can do what you want.

  15. Dakota Gilmore

    The people that are calling people fake are the main ones to get upset when someone comments about us wearing our natural hair. Its the same fight so if you don’t like people putting down on you why would you put down on the next person for the choice of hairstyle they want to wear. You’re the fake one.

  16. Shawnta Coleman

    Lmbo only black women argue over hair and you wonder as a people why we are divide. Spending way too much time debating trivial things when we have bigger matters at hand.

    I have friends from different cultures and hair is the least of their worries…smh

    1. Trina Smith

      I was thinking the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Being a black woman is a challenge because we make it that way for each other. A black woman can’t do something that makes her happy without another group of black women passing judgment. Plus the issues we focus on have nothing to do with encouraging another black woman to be a better mother, friend or human being, but it’s about all the superficial things.

  17. Dee Hurry

    Arguing over hair lol my oh my that’s why God looks at the ♥ that’s what counts.everyone just do you.

    1. Shaura Phillip

      That is my question exactly! Seriously?!?! Because clearly you and your natural hair are in a committed relationship and you are not allowed to wear it any other way?!!

  18. Erica Williams

    I’m natural! I’m concerned about my OWN hair and my two girls! Not my head, not my pocket book! Please miss us with this BS! We are grown women and we do what we want! Please post on helpful tips and resources not the stuff that causes drama!

  19. Joy McLaren

    HER HAIR looks absolutely beautiful in the pic and its what she wants that really counts if she loves it……Its the low esteem people who are criticizing other women for how they choose to wear their hair. All hair looks good as long as it’s well cared for and as for black hair is just so versatile. There is no need for a debate in my opinion…….. selah x

  20. Lamaara Bhat Yisrael

    Delete this thread, just another way for us to put each other down and some aren’t mature enough to state how they feel without being offensive. I love my textured hair, I’m actually locN up. If you straight or in between, do you until it resonates in you to change

  21. Uly Pittman

    I met a Chiny man once who burned his hair to achieve an Afro style. Was he fake? Cheating? Stop it.

  22. Lee Anna Easter-BerklinGaynor

    Interesting how we get wrapped up in these little topics. I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of our ancestral people of this country. I noticed every style imaginable from the cotton fields to the manor houses. Our ancestral ladies made their hair perform miraculously with what they had available from simple TWAS to pompadours and sleek bobs. I’ve marveled at the intricate designs/styles through centuries of living in this country and felt pride. I’ve traced our lineage back to the Original Land and found the same diversity of design/style, not the same ones, there too. So please people stop this continuous bickering about what/who is or isn’t natural. Sheesh!!!! I want information on Natural, or not, on hair products and remedies.

  23. Jamilah Tomiko Bridges

    Let peopleake their own choices! Whats good for one is not for the other! I say live your life do you! Just take care of your hair and yourself no matter what!

  24. Foodie Travelnista

    Blah blah blah over it, the only thing that concerns me is the perm being a link to fibroids. If thats truth then we need to stop perming our hair

  25. Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

    I’m not sure how to answer this question…if using keratin on hair is cheating, so is relaxing, protective styling or any kind of manipulation to the hair is cheating… I think that some people are over thinking being natural and what is done to the hair…feel free to do what pleases you with your hair…SIMPLE!!!!!

  26. Tashone Black

    Some!!! It depends on how strong it is, and what level you use it!!! Depending on the brand how often.

  27. FLisa Childress

    People do what they’re comfortable with. I know ladies that went natural and looked good on them but they rather work with relaxed hair. Some are true to the natural and are wearing it well. I see so many beautiful natural styles. Some like the option of being natural and can go straight if desired.. As a woman with naturally curly hair. We have the option to do as we please from curly to straight.

  28. Sherry Lowery-Vaughn

    C’mon People, Really? It’s only “Hair”! & it’s up to you how you want to Rock it! Our hair is so unique & versatile. Embrace it! I Love my Sista’s! I wish we would show more Love & respect for ourselves & eachother. Our flava is Fierce! We come in different, shades, shapes & sizes. We are innovative, intelligent & strong. People try to imitate & Emulate everything about us. Our hair, our lips, our butt, our breasts, hips & more! Everyone seems to see our beauty, versatility & worth except Us!…. Ladies it’s time for us to do better than this! We’re So much more than our hair. This topic is irrelevant & Petty!….. #BeYourself #RockYourSwag #DoYou!

  29. Antricia King

    Am natural and it stressful day to day even if I own a salon natural hair is high mentanance just as relaxed hair, plus u need someone to comb,part,un tangle or even help wash natural hair that is course, it no ones place to dictate what anyone should do with the hair,so u talk history! Oh please! Why wear the clothes u wear and not the why your four fathers use to? Why do man shave and groom them self ? Why use dedodaront? Why eat fast food and not what your for father’s eat? Why shower ever day? Why don’t men work and women stay home? Why don’t you plant the land? Why don’t you speak like your forfathers? Dance like them? Light wood fire? Cause you know why times have change and we don’t have to keep ourselves in mental slavery, remember they are 12 tribes its not black or white,so most blacks you see with nicer hair most aren’t Africa and not all white color person are white people cuz the are 12 tribes so stop being brain wash

  30. Stefani Elizabeth

    Black women are so trivial. This entire hair topic is as played out as jellies and friendship pins. are we REALLY still on this insignificant topic????? Let’s talk about salvation – like something that REALLY matters – vs hair texture hypotheses. Something…ANY thing but this again (and again, and again, and again) smh

  31. Boompa Arashi

    Someone really said our beautiful hair looks like slave hair and people actually laughed. -_- utter disgrace

  32. Tina

    Great article. I’m natural, but I may try the Keratin Treatment just for something different…but these comments are so backwards lol chill out. That’s why we stay separated…and over hair smh.

  33. Tina

    Great article. I’m natural, but I may try the Keratin Treatment just for something different…but these comments are so backwards lol chill out. That’s why we stay separated…and over hair smh.

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